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Adoption Profile

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FC: Nick & Jill

1: Dear Expectant Parent(s) From the moment we realized that it was the Lord’s plan for us to adopt we have been praying for you. The choice you have in front of you is unfathomable to us. We pray for peace and comfort for you throughout this process. It is so important to us to know you are being cared for and supported during this time. You are a child of God and you are also nurturing and growing a child of God and you have the immense responsibility of finding a family for this child. We are honored and blessed that you would consider us to parent your child. We cannot begin to understand the thoughts that have gone through your head in this time but we can understand God’s unfailing grace and love throughout this whole endeavor. We know that He has given us the love and compassion that we now feel for you. We both fully understand how incredibly important it is for us to raise a child in a home that is filled with the love and knowledge of Christ. And we promise you that this will be a certainty in our home. These will be times filled with laughter and joy as well as times filled with love and compassion. We hope through this book you will be able to get a little glimpse of who we are and the things that we hold dear. | A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.


3: about us | We were both raised in the same town and attended the same grade schools. We started dating in 2002, I guess you could call us high school sweethearts. We were attracted to each other because of our mutual feelings about the importance of family, our love for Jesus and our future desires and ambitions. We married on July 29, 2006. After completing high school Jill went on to college for a year. Nick completed a year and a half of college but then decided to get into a trade. He completed the electrician's apprenticeship in 2010 and is now a skilled journeyman. We've always wanted to have kids but didn't expect to grow our family through adoption. We discovered after 2 years of trying to conceive that we would be unable to without medical intervention. Rather than pursuing fertility treatment we decided to start the adoption process. We realize this was God's plan for us all along and we are so excited to see what He has in store for us. We are anxious to start our family and can't wait for the day we get to welcome a child into our home.

4: nick

5: AGE: 30 Occupation: Electrician Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting Likes to Watch: Sports Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Place: On The Water | Nick is kinda awesome. He's outgoing and friendly and is just fun to be around. He's my best friend and I am a lucky girl to get to call him mine! Nick has a servant's heart, he is always willing to help out a friend or family member. He is a great provider, he is incredibly hard working which makes him a huge asset to his employer and our family. Nick is also very handy, he's always fixing things around the house and learns how things work quite easily. Nick is an extremely loyal person and has a very protective nature. This is part of the reason he has been an incredible husband and will also aid in his ability to be a great father. He is so supportive and encouraging. He's also patient and enjoys teaching others and sharing his knowledge. Nick has wanted to be a dad for quite a long time. He has often talked about his desire to teach our children everything he knows about hunting and fishing. These two things are what he enjoys most and he wants to share the experience and joy it brings him with our kids. Whether boy or girl our kids will know how to fish, and Nick looks forward to spending time as a family out on the water. He also looks forward to sharing his secret of making the best grilled cheese sandwich. Something that started with his grandma, Nick has spent years perfecting his ‘recipe’. | NICK THROUGH THE EYES OF JILL

6: jill

7: AGE: 28 Occupation: Account Receivables Hobbies: Cooking, Crafting Likes to Watch: Romantic Comedies Favorite Food: Ice cream Favorite Place: Anywhere Tropical | Jill is and will always be the love of my life. She is an incredible woman of God and I consider myself infinitely blessed to have her as my wife. From the moment I fell in love with her I knew that someday I would get to call her my bride. She is the most passionate and dedicated person I know. She has an uncanny way of making me see the things that I cannot see on my own. | My weaknesses are her strengths and that is why I feel we are so well matched. She has a smile that brings joy to others and a kind compassionate heart that makes me swell with pride when I think about her as a mother. I cannot wait for the incredible values that she will teach and instill in our children. Jill is a very careful and planning person and nothing she does is done by accident. Her determination to do what is right is one of the things that I admire most about her. Her support and faithful patience over the seven years that we have been married have shaped me into the man I am today. Let me be the first to say that her skills in the kitchen are second to none. Her ability to completely make a meal from scratch is an attribute that not many have. Her creative nature and style are way more than impressive and her ability to envision things before she puts pen to paper leave me speechless. To sum this all up, I love her with all of my heart and I pray for the day that the Lord blesses this home with a new joy for her and I to love together. | JILL THROUGH THE EYES OF NICK

8: remmy

9: Occupation: Family Pet Hobbies: Sleeping, Playing, Hunting Likes to Watch: Squirrels outside Favorite Food: Anything that falls on the floor Favorite Place: Your Lap | Remmy is a 6 year old Viszla. He is a spunky, loving dog with tons of energy. He enjoys tummy scratches, snuggling, running, and never tires of playing fetch. His favorite thing to do is going hunting with Nick or joining us on car rides. He loves chasing kids around and especially likes licking food off their faces. He's great at creating mischief, will find ways to get your attention, and is always making us laugh. He just loves to be loved!

10: hopes for our adoption | We think it is important to be open with our child about his/her adoption. We plan to make a book about our child's personal adoption story to try to make it easier for him/her to understand. We want our child to always know where their life began. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know each other before birth and growing a relationship with you. We are happy to send pictures and updates of your child for years to come. We are open to discussing further contact if this is something you would want but we also understand and will respect your decision if you would prefer a more closed relationship. | OUR Faith | We are members of a Reformed Christian church near our home. Nick has been attending our church for 30 years and Jill transfered over her membership before we got married. Our church has a passion for reaching the disconnected and is blessed to have an incredible group of leaders and members who are committed to spreading God's Word.

11: family | Family is very important to us. Our families are always there to support and encourage us. Everyone is very excited for the day we will welcome a child into our home. For Nick's side our child will be the first grandchild and on Jill's side our child will already have 3 cousins. | Holidays are a special time for us to spend with the people we love. We get together with family for dinner and to spend time with each other every Easter and Thanksgiving. Christmas Eve is spent with Nick's family where we stay up way too late opening presents, laughing, and enjoying our time together. Christmas Day we go over to Jill's side where we eat a huge meal including mom's special cinnamon rolls and bread. We've started a tradition with our friends which we've coined Friendsgiving, where we eat a second feast the day after Thanksgiving. We also celebrate Christmas with friends, and always have big cookouts on the Fourth of July and Memorial Day. | celebrate

12: FAMILY: where life begins and love never ends. | Nick's mom and dad can't wait to meet their first grandchild! | nick's family | Nick is #2 of five kids. Time spent with Nick's family is always filled with games and laughter, and there are always cheesy jokes to be heard from Dad. We get together for family dinners where we crowd around the table and spend the afternoon just hanging out together. Not everyone lives close by so we cherish the times we can all be together.

13: LOVE

14: jILL'S FAMILY | Christmas morning we head to mom and dad's in our PJ's | Jill is #2 of 4 kids. Jill is known as Auntie Beans on her side. Mom has a knack for giving out nick-names so each of us has our own special name. Aside from Jill's sister, her family all works together at the family business started by her Grandfather. We've enjoyed going on many family vacations together, all of them near a lake or the ocean. | Cherish your family for they are your treasure. A storehouse of riches. Wealth beyond measure.

15: Family is Forever

16: our marriage | We love being married! From day one we’ve been committed to each other and our relationship. We do our best to be respectful and supportive of one another. We made vows on our wedding day to love, honor and protect our marriage. With the Lord’s help we will continue to do so and grow in our relationship. We understand that God must be center of our marriage and it is through His love that we can show it to each other. We love spending time together and realize this is crucial for us. We see the great value of time spent together as a family. We understand what a huge responsibility parenting is and look forward to the tasks and challenges that will come with it. We know being great parents relies on the stability of our relationship. We had great examples in our parents growing up and hope to be that same model for our children.We will be dedicated to being involved in our children's lives. Since Jill works for her family's business she has the opportunity to choose her working hours and is also able to bring our child/children to work with her. We also have a fantastic network of family who will help out and guide us as needed.

17: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. - Cathy Allen | We love being near the water and take every chance we get to do so. Nick is a fisherman at heart, we love the smell of the ocean and we enjoy boating, floating in the water or just sitting on the beach. All of our vacations are planned near a lake or the ocean. We're blessed to live near a small lake community and many of our summer afternoons are spent on the lake with friends or family. | Our favorite things

18: our Friends | It's not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that counts - J. M. Laurence | Our friends are a huge part of our lives. We spend a lot of time together and we always celebrate the holidays with them. We get together at least once a week to watch sports, go boating, barbecue, have Bible study, or just to hang out. We are honorary Aunt and Uncle to their combined 6 kids and we look forward to watching their families continue to grow. Our friends have been a huge support to us and are so excited for us to start a family of our own.

20: Nephews | Nieces

21: We promise to love your child and provide a safe and nurturing environment for him or her to grow up in. Your child will be welcomed into our home as our own. We promise to show him/her the love of Jesus and to teach him/her God’s Word. We promise to always support and encourage him/her and provide for every need. We are not perfect but we promise to continue to learn and grow in order to be the best parents we are able. | Our Promise

22: There is a stability in Nick and Jill's marriage first of all in the blessings that they have been raised in and each possess the same faith in God. Secondly, they grew up in the same community and school systems and therefore have similar foundations to stand on as they approach issues and decisions to be made together. Finally, the blessing that they are surrounded by a network of family and friends that hold them up in prayer and support. They know they're not perfect and their marriage is not infallible and are wise enough to address issues and seek counsel if needed. I think that speaks volumes. Those who are blessed to call them friends or family receive the same prayer and support when they have a need. Any children that enter their home will grow up in this nurturing environment. Seeing the way they care for and love on their nieces and nephews (whether blood related or of their friends) assures me of this. Matt & Erin -Friends | Three words to describe Jill and Nick Nick- Protector Jill -Organizer Jill and Nick together- Loving. They balance each other so well They are so respectful and loving to each other it amazes me.! They will make amazing parents.! Jill's Mom | what others say about us | As a parent ,my most urgent prayer was that my children would come to know the Lord and that they would be blessed with a mate who also loved the Lord. Not only has the Lord allowed me to see this prayer become a reality (by His grace) but He has matched the two of you so perfectly, you compliment each other so amazingly well. As you have faced this challenge, I have been so proud to see how you have depended on the Lord and how you both have grown. Continue this journey. Being a parent is awesome and scary, rewarding and demanding, an impossible task on a daily basis but possible together and with the Lord's help. Nick, I have always seen your sensitivity and gentleness with children and how you related with you friend's kids. The Lord is preparing a special child for the two of you, and He has been preparing the two of you for this special child. What amazing things are in store for your family. Nick's Dad | Nick & Jill are both extremely kind and loving people. I am so excited to see them as parents. The child they are blessed with will be very fortunate to call them mom & dad. They will go above and beyond to make sure this child has everything they need & more. They have a very supportive family that will make great grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins! He or she will constantly be surrounded by love & more importantly the love of Jesus! Sara - Sister

23: Jill is an amazing selfless person. always there to help even w/out being asked. the greatest sister ever!! Nick is a great protector, always watching over Jill and protective of those he loves. And their niece and nephew think they are the greatest ever. Janell -Sister | What I admire most about Jill is the way you educate yourself in all areas of your life. Whether it's healthy living, how to be a wonderful wife to Nick, or being financially responsible- you equip yourself with knowledge and in turn are such a blessing to those around you. As you prepare to become a mother, I know you are doing the same- researching and learning as much as you can which will be such a blessing to your new family Nick is a wonderfully devoted husband, committed to providing for his family and very loyal. Nick is a man's man- he loves hunting and fishing and watching football and hockey. But what makes Nick awesome is that he also has a side that is sensitive and caring. He lets his friends and family know how much they mean to him on a consistent basis. That gives me such a sense of security, knowing that our family is important to him and that we can call on him for anything.. Jeremy & Michelle-Friends | Nick and Jill will be awesome parents because they've learned to lean on the Lord for strength and guidance in ALL situations - especially through the hard times. They will point their children to Christ and lead by example. Although they won't be perfect, they will show them the Source of Strength and Salvation and will be willing to admit when they are wrong. They are both very generous and giving people - with time, talents, money, love & encouragement. They are both very loyal and trustworthy. They are also surrounded by strong networks of friends & family who will support, love & encourage them and any children the Lord blesses them with. -Nick's Mom | I would have to say about Nick especially, how devoted, loyal, protective and caring he is. How much he cares about family and that he wouldn't back down from anything in order to make sure the ones he loves are safe. And for Jill how great she is, healthy, financially smart, responsible and also how much she has helped Nick grow to the man of God he is today. Casey - Brother | I would say that Nick has a HUGE heart. Nick is the guy who will not just tell you he loves you, he'll show it. I've seen Nick express his love for his niece and it has brought him to tears. He will love any child he has even more fiercely than that. Jill, you are thoughtful and selfless. When your sister got sick, you researched that and shared all your findings. When I found out why we are unable to have kids, you researched that as well. You are just such a giver--a giver of your time, resources and energy. Your child will be in such capable hands because you will be the most informed and caring mother a child could ask for. Love you! Steve & Becky-Friends

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