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Aero City: Book 1

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S: Aero City: Book One

FC: Aero City: The Hidden Souls

1: This book is written to show the world how hard it can be to know your place, and that all magic is not good and for the aid of those in need: It can possess a dark evil beyond the understanding of many. | Aero City: The Hidden Souls

2: Sheika: The Insubordinate Princess | Sheika is the one who thinks nothing of her actions, no matter how vile or ill-intentioned. She can be fickle and distrustful, often keeping to herself. She prefers to hunt and live in the shadow of Blackwood forest, though she is diurnal.

3: Kavalir: The Alpha | Kavalir is the Alpha of Calgary and Thindori Lake. The only heir he has is Sheika, his daughter born to Windsong, the Alphess. A born fighter with a heart of gold, he is fair and reigns over a peaceful land. He works tirelessly to keep his land safe and jails empty.

4: Windsong is fierce and proud, with a magic ability far beyond that of any other animal she could be comparable with. Her beauty is somewhat hidden, as if she deliberately hid her shy self and boasted confidence in its place. | Windsong: The Alphess

5: Dragonflight: The Knight of Glory | If there is any glory in fighting, Dragonflight possesses it. Graceful and deadly in the air, and swift and cunning on land, she is a powerful enemy that is feared by many other wolves. She has an air of confidence that many find enchanting. She has never stayed in one place very long, keeping homes for two or three summers, then moving to other regions of land.

6: Marikai is a devoted captain of the Knights' army. He takes good care of his soldiers and keeps himself in good health, always ready for battle. Youka, his younger sister, is like him in many ways, guarding her pups as he guards his warriors. Mariaki uses very little magic. | Marikai: The devoted soldier

7: Helios is a powerful magic user, god of the fire and sun he possesses within his fiery spirit and attitude, both of which have led him to near exile. He used to be an alpha, but was exiled and overthrown before moving into the guardian lands and dwelling there for a time. He now lives in Calgary, working as a merchant of magical goods. | Helios: The Eager Beggar

8: Bakfir: The Death Shadow | Bakfir is a weak magic user, resorting to pure strength and murder when nothing else works. She is the mate of Kailis, and alphess of Tsigrin Fayr. Advanced in controlling minds and necromancy, she is only educated in the darkest of magics and very poorly so.

9: Aplha of Tsigrin Fayr and a strong magic user, he uses necromancy and mind-control to distort his enemies thinking and to kill them with spells and armies, all prisoners and former captives guilty of the most bloody, cold-hearted murders and crimes. A former captive of Darsgrimth, he was tortured and beaten until his chance escape, now the murderer of Darsgrimth himself. | Kailis: The Demonic Leader

10: Aerolyn: The God of All | The first wolf of the sky, he was and is the father of all winged wolves that roam the earth today, good or evil, old and young.

11: MorningBlaze: The protective mother | MorningBlaze is a she-wolf who has mothered many pups that have grown into the most honorable, well-known warriors and leaders. She is eternally youthful and beautiful. The sister of Dragonflight, she is the opposite of her air-loving kin. She prefers to run in the breeze, and hunt on the ground.

12: Darsgrimth: The Born Killer | An evil, murderous wolf. He enjoys stalking his prey, other wolves, and killing them in cold blood. He is a cannibal and devours his meals in front of the next wolf he is going to kill. His own death was brought about after he trapped, tortured, and tried to kill Kailis as a pup. Kailis struck back and killed Darsgrimth. He is still alive in his Deathbane form.

13: Xangeiar: The Guardian of All | Xangeiar is the guardian of the Soul-world band. This area is where Deathbanes, Souls, the living, and Spiritlights can pass into other worlds. Though he appears vile, he is a kind being who keeps peace and order between worlds. Should anyone try to injure or trick him, they will be killed by an unknown entity that only Xangeiar knows of. He himself cannot die for as long as the planet Xorus is in existence.

14: Juenna: The Forgotten Sorrow | Juenna was born in the reign of Aerolyn. She nearly died at birth, as her mother had no den to keep her in, and a fierce blizzard almost took both of their lives. She made it through the night and her mother carried her to a small cave near a caribou breeding ground. She was about three months when her mother attacked a caribou as she looked on. Her mother received a blow from its hooves and died. Alone, helpless, and hungry, she tried to follow her mothers example, but she, too, was claimed by the herd as they trampled her under their hooves. Her body was claimed by the spirits to join them. Her mother was a lone wolf, and thus, did not know about the wolf souls. Because of this, she could not ever see her daughter again as she lived in a spirit world for the lone wolves. The story of Juenna had been told for ages, but lost in time for its somber side.

15: Ji Nadaer: Deadly when Grounded | Ji Nadaer was born crippled, and so, has been grounded since birth. His body seemed to know this, and so, he has never molted, never felt the urge to migrate, nor wanted to fly from instinct alone. He had yearned to know flight since he discovered his problem. Since he never would get off of the ground, he became extremely temperamental, moody, and withdrawn. He has turned to taking out his anger on others in his packs. He has killed only one wolf, and was exiled from his last pack because of it. He has been in almost all of the packs, but he will never go to the ones he has not been in, as he is no longer allowed a pack to call home.

16: Ava: Born Princess | Ava is the Daughter of the Calm Winds Packs' Queen. She is definitely a princess, and she knows it. She takes advantage of others, treats those lower than her with utter disrespect for their lives, and ignores anybody who is considered a "pack member". She only acknowledges those who her mother tells her to, or those who hold power in the pack. Only if they have power through royalty. Nobody who has political power, or power through good deeds, popularity, or what have you. She demands sheer worship of herself and her mother. In her mind, the girls are the only important ones. Males have power, but it is only for show, and for the knowledge they UNDOUBTEDLY possess...why have them in the pack at all, otherwise?

17: Kyle: A warriors Son | Kyle, although an average wolf, is directly related to Aerolyn. At his first birthday, the Great King of winged wolves plans to announce this fact and give Kyle the title of King of the Winged Realm. This is the title that Aerolyn donned upon himself, and then his own daughter. It has been passed down until Kyle, who will be given the title he himself is not expecting. He will be trained as the other Kings before him by Aerolyn and his heirs and their families. Kyle is far more than merely deserving of this title. Much more so than Ava, whose mother is training her to take the title by using her likeness to Kyle and Aerolyn. Aerolyn, however, will expose her tainted bloodlines that tangle with evil in her mothers past, and use them to dethrone the Queen and her reign, and prevent Ava from ever tasting power.

18: Sha'eyeda Ey-hah: The Vigilant Mother | Aerolyn's mother, she watched from her own closing eyes as Aerolyn begged her to stay alive for him, and for his brother. She sang him a song to say goodbye before she died, telling him to be strong and that she would always love him and see him one day. Sha'eyeda Ey-hah was watching him from the skies as Shae tried desperately to reach his son. She knew that no good would come of it, and she was forced by the other spirits to punish her mate and take his voice when he was near their son. She also convinced the spirits to allow him to speak freely with their son when he became King of their race. She went with Shae when they talked to Aerolyn for the first time after their deaths. She never once broke her promise to her son.

20: Shae: Shadow of the Past | Shae is indeed a shadow from the past. Some say he is Aerolyn's long-lost brother, who was told to have died in The Storm that killed his family as a young wolf. It was said that when he emerged from the week-long storm, he had wings. The wolf spirits had given them to him to prepare him for the flight upwards to their skies, but he survived and kept the precious gift that would define the future of the race of winged wolves. Shae is actually Aerolyn's father, but when his son emerged from the storm, alive, he begged the spirits to allow him to be with his son. They refused his request, and he attempted to ignore their law and sneak back onto the earth to be with him in his time of need. The spirits had seen it coming, and made him into a spirit, so that he could be seen by his son, but not heard. The punishment for his disobedience was too severe for either of them to take, and so, his father left, making Aerolyn feel confused and betrayed. After his son's rise to power, Shae was told by the spirits that they had lifted his punishment and he and his son could now freely talk with eachother, although Shae lost the appearance of being alive that spirit wolves retained under normal circumstances. Shae has been seen whenever Aerolyn is in the area, but no wolves know who he is, or why he is there, watching over his son.

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