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Albert Einstein

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FC: Albert Einstein's Biography Author: Sahil Chhugani Date: June 1, 2011

1: Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879. He was born at Ulm, Wurttenburg, Germany. He died on April 18, 1955 ate the age of 76. He died because he had a ruptured abdominal aortic. He didn't want the treatment for it and said that he has done his share and it is his time to go. | Albert Einstein is most famous for building a better light bulb. He didn't make the light bulb he just improved it by a lot. Another thing that he is very famous for is for making the atomic formula e=mc squared. This formula helped Einstein make the atomic bomb which he made himself.

2: Einstein's sister Maja hada p.h.D. in literature and romance languages. His first wife Mileva Maric married him in 1903 and divorced in 1919, she was a physicist. Einstein had 2 sons and one daughter. His eldest son was a professor, his second son had schizophrenia, and his daughter was put up for adoption. His second wife was his cousin and already had 2 daughters. | The 2 stepdaughters names were Ilseand Margot Lowenthal. Einstein's childhood was filled with lots of interesting things. As a young child he was slow in learning how to speak. He also rebelled agianst authority, which led to getting himself expelled. HIs slow verbal development made him curious which most adults took for granted. He had a mild manifestation of autism or asperger's syndrome. At first most scientists didn't believe Einstein's work. | At the age of 12 Einstein had learned Euclidean geometry and calculus. He didn't complete high school and enrolled into ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. After he finished the mathematics program at ETH he struggled for 2 years getting a job. After that he got a job at the Federal Office of Intellectual Property where he continued his science.

3: One word I have to describe Einstein is that he is hard working. When he was young and many teachers didn't like him because of his speech problems he kept working on math and science by himself. When scientists didn't believe his relativity work he measured how starlight bent over the sun, by the sun's gravity.

4: Another word I would like to use to describe Einstein was that he was very curious. He was mostly curious about things scientists ignored like gravity or atoms. He was curious, because when Einstein was five and sick his dad gave him a compass and he studied the compass to see how it worked. Another Einstein was very curious about was how atoms were made and how you could take apart atoms to make very big things happen.

5: Another word describe Einstein with is that he is one of the most brilliant people in the world. One way to prove that is that he had finished geometry and calculus when he was twelve. Another way example of his brilliantness is that he had created the equation that helped create the atomic bomb and end World War 2. I mean, no normal scientist could have thought of that.

6: Some other interesting facts about Einstein was that he says that he would have never thought of half of his ideas if his father hadn't given him that compass when he was five. | Another interesting fact was that Einstein had failed one of his math classes when he was young.He failed his class, because he could do math of grades much higher than his but had forgotten the easy stuff that was being taught in his class. The third interesting fact is that Einstein had an illegitimate child with a fellow former student Mileva Maric. You would expect the 2 smart people to make better decisions than that.

7: The fourth interesting fact is that after Einstein divorced his first wife he promised to give her the prize money of his Nobel prize award winning relativity theory. The last interesting fact is that when Einstein started speaking( even though he didn't speak a lot) he had to speak very slowly and actually think his words out.

8: Now are the seven main topics of the time line of Einstein's life. In 1879 Albert Einstein is born. IN 1884 he gets his first compass and begins his quest to investigate the natural world. Around 1889 Einstein starts to study everything he can about science. | In 1915 after Einstein is done with college, high school, is married, and had his first son, Einstein finishes his General Theory of Relativity. In 1922 Einstein is awarded his first noble prize award for physics. In1933 Albert and Elsa move to the United States from fear of Nazis in Germany. | In 1936 his wife Elsa dies of a illness. In 1939 World War 2 begins and Einstein tells Franklin D. Roosevelt to put some more research on the atomic bomb and nuclear weapons.

9: Bio Poem of of Albert Einstein | Albert Born in Ulm, Wurttenburg, Germany Son of Hermann and Pauline Einstein Lived in Germany and the United States Overcame lack of speech at early age and having to prove everything he researched Worked as a scientist, researcher, and in a publishing office Challenged by nobody believing him and not getting good teachers that believed in him He is Curious, Creative, Hardworking, mentally strong, and Brilliant Always put his best in everything he did Never gave up on anything Best known for his e=mc squared formula and theory of relativity Einstein

10: Dear Journal, Today I just turned twelve and father gave me the geometry and calculus book I had asked him for. I have already gotten through the first chapter in the geometry book and am reading the first chapter in the calculus book. Mother says that if I keep doing math that is many grade levels above me I will forget how to do all the easy stuff. I told her immediately that 9 plus 9 was18. She said that I was just being stubborn and should review some of the things that are being taught in my math class at school. Father tells that as long as I don't forget stuff he will get me a physics textbook next year. Tomorrow I will read as much as I can out of the geometry and calculus books, so I can get that physics book. That will help me with the research I am doing about the earth's gravitational field.

11: Dear Albert Einstein, I am a big fan of you and love how you always tried your best in math and science, even thought you had autism or asperger's syndrome when you were young. I always wanted to be as smart as you, but you are way too good for me. I one day want to do something great like you did when you made your General Theory of relativity. I am also a fan of you formula e=mc squared. I like how you made the atomic bomb before Germany did in World War 2, so that we could win the war and make Japan surrender. I hope that if one of your family members reads this they will send me a real photo of you and sign it.

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13: The End

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