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Alex 2011

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S: Alex 2011

1: Papa brought home a baby calf that had gotten too cold. He called us and we came over to help warm the calf up with a blow dryer. You liked the calf until it stood up and started walking around. Then you thought it was time for it to go back to its' mama!

2: Fun in the Snow

3: Winter Memories

4: This year you finally learned to ride the bouncy balls at Grammy and Papa's all by yourself. You love to pretend you are riding a bucking bull, and fall off on purpose. You also make the people on the couch put up their feet until you say "Outside" so they can let the bucking bull out of the chute.

6: Hair Cuts

7: You and Sissy spent an hour taking turns, and pretending to cut each other's hair. By the end you were both soaked, but luckily no hair was really cut!

8: Today you ran to your bedroom and put on your helmet, so that you could play football. I am not sure why you didn't put on any clothes | You put your fingers in your mouth and screamed whenever you wanted to blow the whistle for a time out.

9: Today when you were barbecuing you told me you had to wear your hat so you didn't catch on fire!

10: Alex's New Big Boy Bed | Aunt Ashley & Uncle Jake gave us a new bed for you! It has shelves and drawers under it for your clothes and toys. You love that you can get in and out of it by yourself by climbing on your toy box. You have also been excited to show everyone who comes by the house your bedroom. No more crib for you, you have a big boy bed!

14: Spring Time Fun

16: This year for Easter you were not very excited that I woke you up early to look for eggs. You stayed in the chair sucking your thumb and made Daddy find all the eggs. You got more excited when you saw the basket the Easter Bunny left for you!

18: Licks of Love | One day you wanted me to take a picture of you with your favorite stuffed animals. It was fun to hear you tell how much you love all of them. You call your Christmas Teddy Bear your "Naked Teddy Bear"

20: You and Sissy had a lemonade stand to raise money for our vacation to Oregon. We were lucky because there were 2 yard sales on our street that day, and I texted everyone we knew to stop by. You ended up making $25 each to spend on vacation!

21: This summer Sissy was in the reading program at the library. You love going to the library with her to pick your own books. We made a reading tent and you both went in and read your library books.

22: Carnival Rides

23: This was the first year you were old enough to go on the carnival rides. You had a great time on all of them. You were excited about the train ride. The bouncy house was your favorite by far!

24: Street Races, Egg Toss, Parades, and Fireworks!

26: Vacation To

27: Oregon

30: For Your 3rd Birthday we had a Pirate Party

32: Make A Wish Matey

33: Sissy and I | Sissy & I made your cake out of cupcakes, cookie crumbs and Jello to look like an island with a treasure chest. There were even fish and other sea creatures swimming in the water!

34: Low Boy Truck from Grandma @ the Ocean $10 from Ma & Jim | Bubble Rocket & Remote Control Truck from Aunt Cheryl, Unlce Paul, & Ike | Slip & Slide and Mater Truck from Clay & Gina | Fishing Pole & Tennis Game from Susie & Dion Beanie Babies from Dana

35: Buzz Lightyear Tools & Pirate Shirt from Uncle Jake, Aunt Ashley, & Makenna | Cowboy Hat for you and your teddy bear from Grammy & Papa | Clothes, Mater Legos, & a Truck with a 4-wheeler trailer from Grandma Gloria & Grandpa Eloy | Roller Skates & Tub toy faucet from Mom, Dad, & Aliyah

36: Livin life to the fullest

37: Alex's Third Birthday Interview | Favorite Color: Green Favorite Food: Cereal & Grapes & Hamburgers Favorite Show: A Dog Show Favorite Movie: Buzz & Woody Favorite Animal: Puma Favorite Book: ABC Toy Chest Favorite Thing to Play: With My Farm What You Want To Be When You Grow Up: When I grow up, I want to be a cow when I grow up. Things We Want To Remember: All kids are your best friends. You call Gabe Ackerman your brother, and tell stories about what you do together.

38: With your new hat, you can really be a ropin' cowboy!

39: One day Daddy and I turned your whole room into a tent. You and Sissy had fun all day playing in it, and you both slept in it that night.

41: You like to tell spooky stories. You whisper and cup your hands around your mouth. You have two favorites... "One night there was a monster cow. BOO!!!" "This is the legendary of pink foot. BOO!!!"

43: Golfing with Grammy & Papa

44: Idaho County Fair

46: After we dropped Sissy off for her first day of school, we stayed and played at the playground. You pretended the tires were a cave and you were a lion. ROOAARR

48: Pudding Painting

49: Aunt Ashley had the really fun idea of letting you all paint with pudding. They came over one day after school, and you guys had a great time. It was just like finger painting only you could eat the paint. You told me that you were making a picture of a volcano exploding. Both you and Makenna didn't really like using your fingers, so I got out some paint brushes.

50: Fall Days Are Fun Days

51: Cooking with Grammy

52: Family

54: Lately, you have been giving us every excuse you can think of not to sleep in your bed! You have slept on the floor, the couch, and even on top of your toy box! My favorite was when you came to my room one night looking very sad and said, "I'm pretendin' to have tummy aches.My tummy hurts really bad."

57: Pumpkin Painting | This year we painted our pumpkins instead of carving them. You both had so much fun making your pumpkins just how you wanted them. You painted a sad face on your pumpkin.

58: This year you just had to be Mack from Cars. You got very upset if anyone called you Lightening McQueen. We went to the Trick-or-Trunk at the court house, to the Eagles to play games and, of course, Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood.

59: Trick - or - Treat

60: Alex Quotes 2011 | "I sucked my thumb...when I was a baby. That was Saturday." | "Solve my riddle. What is squishy and eggy? EGGS!" (You always asked us to solve your riddle like the Grumpy Old Troll on Dora) | "I'm a lion! RRRRAAAAAAHHHHH!"

61: October 17, 2011 I noticed you looking really closely at your feet. Mom: "What are you doing?" Alex: "I have a ball stuck in my leg." (pointing to his ankle) Mom: How are you going to get it out?" Alex: "No one can ever, ever, ever get it out. It's stuck." Mom: "How did it get in there?' Alex: "I ate a ball when I was a baby." Mom: "Why didn't it get stuck in your belly?" Alex: "Cause it rolled down and down and down and got stuck in my leg." Mom: "What about your other leg?" Alex: "OH NO! There is one stuck in my other leg too! I swallowed two balls when I was a baby!" Aliyah: "What about these other ones stuck in your legs?" Alex: "Those are not balls. Those are my knees!"

62: Festival of Trees

64: We did so many things to get ready for Christmas. You made a gingerbread house. You favorite parts were squeezing on the frosting and using powdered sugar to make it "snow" on top of your house. I thought that it was cute that you put all your candy on the roof. You and Sissy also painted glass jars to make candle holders to give to family for Christmas. You loved doing the painting so much you didn't want to stop!

66: A Season of Love and Laughter

67: For Christmas Eve, we all got to go to Church together! It was an extra fun year because we had Grandma at the Ocean visiting, and Sissy got to be with us both days! After Church we went to Grammy & Papa's to eat pizza and open presents. You got a car rug from Aunt Cheryl and Paul, pajamas from Grandma at the Ocean, sleds from Dana & Mason, a cattle truck from Clay & Gina and a Mack truck with Lightening McQueen from Grammy & Papa. We had a great time !

68: Sissy put notes on everything so Santa would know what everything was for. When we woke up in the morning, we saw that Donner had gotten into our fridge to get more carrots. | We put out milk & cookies for Santa. You & Sissy also wanted to put some out for Mrs. Claus and carrots for Donner.

69: Santa brought you a wagon, a puma, a gingerbread man, and some dinosaurs. | Mom and Dad gave you a zoo, a zoo truck, and games. We spent the morning playing with all of our new toys before we went to Grammy & Papa's.

70: We had a great day at Grammy & Papa's on Christmas. You played with your cousins, Ruger, Kimber, Spencer, Claire, & Kerry. We ate a great dinner. We captured all of our four generations photos. You also got to play games for the first time. We played Pictionary, and whenever it was your turn, you drew a snake!

71: A Christmas To Remember

72: The day after Christmas we had our celebration at Grandma Gloria & Grandpa Eloy's house. We got to eat very yummy tostadas, a& lost of yummy desserts & candy. Grandma & Grandpa did stockings for all the kids. Makenna got princess stuff, Sissy got a baton & a necklace, you got a slinky, some bouncy balls, & a pretend shaving kit. Of course, everyone got the usual banana & avocados! When we opened presents we all had a good time seeing what everyone received. You got a Mickey Mouse rocket ship & clothes from Grandma & Grandpa. Uncle Joe gave you a card with $5. Uncle Jake & Aunt Ashley got you a big blue dinosaur & a remote control bulldozer! We had a great afternoon!

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