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all about me

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S: Seasons of Change

BC: Home is where there's someone to love, and someone to love us.

FC: The Book About My Life

1: of change | My life

3: The more you laugh the longer you live | My favorite team is Chivas.I began to play soccer when I was 5, I just played it for fun and I liked it.At the age of 8 I began to learn names of soccer players.In that same year I wanted to play like Maradona.When I was 9 I wanted to play like Ronaldinho.At the age of 10 I wanted to play like Messi.When I was 10 I played in a soccer team which was the Chivas.My team lost only 1 time and the rest of the games we won.We won a lot of tournaments that year.In my first year I only played defense, because my coach Rafael said I was pretty good.Rafael also said that one year I was going to play for his team and the next year I was going to play for a different team.He also had a son that played defense with me who is Bryan.In my second year, I played for a team called Silver Knights.We lost all the games and in that year I played defense and forward.In my third year I played for the Chivas.We only tied 2 games and won the rest.On the right side you see pictures of me wearing my uniform.Chivas is my favorite team and it will always be. I really want play pro so badly.That's why I always practice my soccer moves and I go running . I have hope that I will make my dream come true.''I Love Soccer''

4: ''As soon as I hit the ball, I know it's in'' ''I'm going to keep playing until I can't contribute any more'' ''I don't like to lose very much I'm a fighter. I will struggle to the end'' ''In order to succeed you have to fail'' ''Let yourself glow in the field'' ''Never give up'' ''Always play to win'' ''Nothing is impossible'' Juan's Quote = ''I don't need easy; I need possible.'' | Soccer Quote

5: My team was the best team in Sonoma.We had to play the final game against the Pumas from Santa Rosa.I went running the whole week before the game because I knew it was going to be a hard game they haven't lost.When it was the day to play the game I was nerves but it got cancel because there was no ref.So then they said we were going to play it on Saturday.When the Saturday came I had to bring snacks.When we got there we helped the coach set up.After that more of my teammates got there and we started to stretch ,so did the Pumas.When the game started I was nervous.I was playing defense and I was defending the best forward that the team had.The Pumas were winning us 2-0 In the first half.I was so sad that I was crying because I was playing in allot of pressure because the people from the Pumas were saying trash to us and we were losing.In the Second half My team scored 2 goals In just 10 Minutes.The 2 goals were from Bryan the coach son.My team were now happy. 5 minutes later I heard that the kid I was blocking was the coach son.When they started to say trash again to every one in my team we didn't bother us because are coach Rafael and the assistant coach Caesar told us to not listen to them.Just keep playing.When the Pumas coach and his wife were saying bad things about me he told them to Shut-Up.So they did.There was only 15 more minutes and Edwardo Know as ''Vanilla'' Scored a goal.It was now 3-2.Minutes pass and now there was only one more minute.The kid that I was blocking out speed me.I tried my best to catch up and when I saw that he was going to kick I slide .The ball hit one of my teammates and it went in.So the game ended up being 3-3.After the game was over I told the kid He is a good forward and he said I was a good defender.We than high five.That was the best game of my life.I will always remember that game.

6: is in the air...

7: My favorite players are Messi Maradona,A.De Maria, and S.Aguero from Argentina. Ronaldinho, Pele, Neymar from Brazil. Fabregas,Xavi,Puyol,Iniesta,Pique,Sergio Busquets,and David Villa,Sergio Ramos,And Fernando Torres from Spin. Chicharito, Guardado, and Hugo Sanchez, Rafael Marquez, Diego Reyes, Marco Fabian, Alan Pulido,and Aquino,Oswaldo Sanchez and Talavera from Mexico. I like Juan Guillermo Cuadrado from Columbia. If I was a forward I wish I could be like Fabregas, If I was a midfielder I wish I could be like Cuadrado, and if I was a defender I wish I could be like Rafael Marquez because they are good soccer players and they use my favorite number which is 4. Ronaldo,and Nani from Portugal. Rooney from England. Alexis Sanchez from Chile Samuel Eto'o from Cameroon Ribery.Evra,and Abidal from France. Robben, Cruyff and E.Van der sar from the Netherland. L.Suarez and D.Forlan from Uruguay Last but not least I like Laham and Ozil from Germany. Buffon from Italy. My favorite keepers are Buffon, Talavera, Oswaldo Sanchez, and E.Van der sar. | My Favorite soccer player's

9: My favorite numbers are 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 17, 18 because those are the numbers that the soccer players I like used. My favorite number is 4 because there are 4 important things to me in my life. 1.God 2.Family and friends 3.School 4.Soccer I like number 8 because Mauricio likes number 8. I also like number 17 because I have a girl who is my friend and her name is Hayden and she likes number 17.

11: I played soccer a lot and some times kids trip me and I fell and I bled from my leg some times.But in February 15 I had the worst soccer injury ever.I was playing soccer and then I jocked out the goal keeper and he kicked my leg and I fail.I was bleeding from my leg and the worst part was that I landed on my arm.The kid that did that just stepped back and he didn't say anything. I was really mad at him.I was not able to move my arm for one week.I then told my parents to take me to the doctor because I cant but my arm straight.So my Dad made an appointment for me.When I got there the next day I was bored because I had to wait for one hour until they got to me.After that they asked me questions, and I then waited 2 more hours.I then went to get an x-rays.After that the Doctor said that I have no broken arm Its just the pain that doesn't let me put my arm straight.They then said to drink Advil's for 1 week and then I should be able to but my arm straight.So I did.After that I was able to do everything I used to do.I was so happy. It only took 4 week for full recovery.In other words I got hurt In February 16 and I was back to normal on March 16,my sister's birthday.

13: I like all the shoes you see on the left side, but my favorite soccer shoes are the green ones.I want them so badly.When I went to Santa Rosa my Dad asked me if I want them, but I said no because I don't deserve them.He said really and I said yes.I told him that I will deserve them when I get better at soccer,and he said alright.I know that sooner or later I will get my favorite shoes.

15: Mauricio is my best friend. I have known him since 3rd grade.We get along pretty well.We always play soccer together every day.We even play 1 on 1 but he beats me.We also do crazy things together,since we both have a mentor.My mentor's name is Roland and his mentor's name is John.I have a lot of fun with Mauricio! | I like the movies you see here.

17: My second best friend is Jonathan,but I call him Johnny.Johnny Is a nice friend.He plays select.He is good at soccer but short.He is even faster than me.I have him for P.E. when we run I get 2nd and he gets 1st.He has a bad ear.Every time I go and ask his parent if he could go play at the park with me and Mauricio they say no.I think they say no because they want to make sure that nothing bad happens to him since god only gave them one son.But that doesn't matter we just play soccer in the parking lot with his cousin Luis.Luis is also good at soccer but he is lazy.

18: Technology is the best elective I took.I did a lot of cool stuff.I made everything you see.I learned how to type faster. I also made my first word document, Power-Point, my first book which is this one, and my first calender.I also got to write to celebrities. I got a poster from Barcelona, which is pretty cool.

21: I was born here and if I play pro I am going to play for USA.I used to like London Donovan but I hate him now,because when they were playing the finals in the Gold Cup he called the Mexicans chickens. That made me mad because my parents are Mexican and so are my 2 best friends.But then Mexico scored 4 goals and that made me happy.The final score was 4-2.Let's forget about that, and I want to say that my uncle Ricardo is the best cook.

22: "An open home, an open heart, here grows a bountiful harvest." - Judy Hand

23: Lasting Memories...

25: Ella se fue is the name of the song

27: These Are The Moments I Live For

28: All About Me | My favorite color is green,purple,blue and gray. I like to play soccer;I'm a defender. My 2 best friends are Mauricio and Jonathan.My favorite soccer player of all time is Hugo Sanchez.My favorite movies are the ones in the bottom.

29: ''Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.'' | ''Plan for the worst and hope for the best." | ''There is no bad life or good life, there is just life.'' | My favorite books are the ones on the right.

30: I like the books in the bottom

31: Team stand for together everyone accomplishes more. | Adidas stand for all day I dream about soccer. | Messi is the king of dribbling and he is my second favorite soccer player. | Hugo Sanchez is the king of bicycle and he is my favorite soccer player.

34: ''Nature first green is gold her hardest hue to hold Her early leaf is a flower but only for an hour Then leaf subside to leaf So Eden sank to grief So dawn goes down to day Nothing gold can stay.''

36: Credits

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