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All About: River Valley Civilization

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FC: All About: River Valley Civilizations By Dusty Mauldin

1: Mesopotamia- page 2-3 Egypt- page 4-5 Indus- page 6-7 China- page 8-9 | Table of Contents

2: -Mesopotamia has a unique spot sitting right next to both the Mediterranean Sea and a plain, which is where it gets its name. -The rivers in Mesopotamia consist of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers which are helpful for the farming and agriculture of this civilization. -The people of Mesopotamia believed in many gods which made them polytheistic. -The gods that the people believed in were thought to have control of natures forces. -Out of all of the gods that were believed in, Enlil was the most powerful of them controlling storms and air. | Mesopotamia

3: -Hammurabi created a code of laws that helped to unify the civilization of it's separate groups. -One of the most interesting facts that I learned about the Mesopotamia Civilization is that they created a system of numbers based on sixty that relate to the modern units of time that we use today. | -Some pieces of technology that were created in Mesopotamia by evidence were is the wheel, sail, and the plow. -The way of writing that was used throughout this civilization was cuneiform, writing with stone shaped tools. -The Babylonian Empire reached its peak in the reign of Hammurabi.

4: -The one and amazingly huge river that is found in Egypt is the Nile river. It is unique because it is the only river that flows northward. -The land surrounding the Nile river is basically the same as the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, it floods and leaves behind silt that fertilizes the soil. -Throughout Egypt, the leaders were called Pharaohs and depending on the location of where they ruled, they had different types of headgear. | -The people of this civilization had reasons to also question the Pharaohs. The Pharaohs were considered to be gods to the people. -The main piece of technology that was used in Egypt was found in the architecture field. They are the pyramids that were made with huge blocks of stone stacked up on one another. | Egypt

5: -The Egyptians, along with the people of Mesopotamia, were polytheistic believing in many gods. -In comparison with Mesopotamia, the Egyptians believed in an afterlife after you have passed away. -The Egyptians were buried like every other person, but the elite, and only the elite, were buried in a personal tomb in a specific pyramid. -One of the things that was originated in Egypt that is well known today is the calender. They used the same 365 days per year and 12 months that we use today. -The Egyptians also created something unique just like Mesopotamia did. The Egyptians created a system for mathematics for adding, counting and subtracting.

6: -There are two rivers found in the Indus River Valley Civilization and they are the Indus and Ganges rivers. -Both of the rivers combined cover an area roughly 1,700 miles across northern India which is called the Indo-Gangetic Plain. -Like the rivers in Mesopotamia and Egypt, the Indus and Ganges rivers will flood and leave silt in the soil for perfect farming. -The people of Indus had extensive knowledge on engineering and there-forth, the Indus people had built a modern looking plumbing system used for showers. -The main religion of the Indus people have been mainly related to the religion of the Hindu Culture. | Indus

7: -The larger cities that were in Indus were, and have known to be called the Harappan Civilization. -Trading was extremely important to the Harappans. The people of Indus traded mainly gold and silver. -The Harappan culture had a unique writing language similar to both cuneiform and hieroglyphics. there are nearly 400 symbols that make up the language. | -Around 1750 B.C., the rate of the buildings being built slowly declined and soon, the city began to turn into the ruins we see today partially. -One way that the Indus river valley is different that all the others is the amount of monsoons and unpredictable weather that occurs.

8: -There are two major rivers that flow in the China River Valley and they are the Huang He and Yangtze Rivers. -Only about 10% of China's land it nutritious enough for being able to support agriculture. -The Chinese religion is very attached to family such as Ancestors and spirits of these who have died. -In both current and past China, writing consists of symbols in which they stood for a syllable or unit of the language. -In China, feudalism was used throughout China. Feudalism is a political system in which if you use the kings land, you owe military service. | China

9: -One of the most used pieces of technology that we use today that was created in China are roads and canals. -One unique thing about China's religion is the way they believe in gods. They try and speak through to the gods by the use of animal bones and when they are finished, they get a priest to look at the cracks in the bone to interpret what they said. -The language and way of writing is extremely fascinating. In order to barely be a scholar you need to know 1,500 symbols and to be a true scholar you need to know nearly 10,000 symbols. | -Like all the other River Valley Civilizations, the rivers will flood at least once a year and leave behind silt. -Family is not the only huge thing in china being in a certain social class affects what happens to you and how your treated.

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