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All Quiet on the Western Front

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FC: All Quiet on the Western Front and the Monomyth by Jack Simpson

1: The Call to Adventure Paul Baumer’s call to adventure happens when his teacher convinces Paul and his classmates that it is a heroic thing to fight for their Kaiser. His teacher insists that they volunteer to fight. He would take the time out of class to talk about it. All of this talk excites Paul and his classmates and they all enlist. "Won't you join up comrades?" (Remarque 11)

3: Refusal of the call Paul’s drill sergeant Himmelstoss is very strict and sends them on what seem to be pointless drills. Although these drills prove necessary later on, Paul and his buddies show defiance to Himmelstoss. By showing defiance to Himmelstoss it shows that they are not yet ready to accept their call. “He had a special dislike of Kropp, Tjaden, Westhus, and me because he sensed a quiet defiance.” (Remarque 23)

5: Supernatural Aid Paul’s supernatural aid is his animal like instincts, all the soldiers have it. He lets it guide him to safety from the shelling. Although it seem that Kat might be his aid because he helps them through their first battle, I choose this because without it Paul would be dead. "By the animal instinct that has awakened in us we are protected." (Remarque 56)

7: Crossing the first threshold Paul crosses the first threshold when he is sent to the front for the first time. There he must do what he must to live while metal shrapnel flies all around him. “At the sound of the first droning of shells we rush back, in one part of our being, a thousand years." (Remarque 56)

9: The Belly of Whale Paul finds himself in the belly of the whale when he witnesses his first deaths. This shatters him and everything he has been taught goes out the window, it takes away all of his innocence. He now knows that he will never be the same again and there is no turning back. “The first bombardment showed us our mistake. (Remarque 13)

11: The Road of Trials Paul must spend many grueling days on the front there he is exposed to all sorts of terrible things, he sees people blown apart and he is attacked by gas. He is given very little to eat. These days test Paul and show how he can handle the rest of the war. “The dull thud of the gas shells mingles with the crashes of the light explosions.” (Remarque 68)

13: Meeting with the Goddess Throughout the story Paul uses the earth to shield him from shrapnel. He describes the earth as a soldier’s only friend, and mother. Constantly, soldiers slap themselves upon it for brief seconds of safety. Because he does not physically meet with a goddess this is not in order with the rest of the stages. Instead he uses Mother Earth to shield him throughout all of his battles on the front. “She shelters him and releases him for ten seconds to live.” (Remarque 55)

15: Temptation away from True Path Paul notices some French girls when swimming with his friends. They talk for a little and then at night Paul takes one of the girls and they make love. This women allows Paul to feel closer to home but also shows that he has taken a big step to manhood. “I want it all to fall from me, war terror and grossness, in order to awaken young and happy” (Remarque 150)

17: Atonement with the Father Ever since Paul has come to the front he has viewed Kat as a fatherly figure. He helped them through their first battles, and is constantly finding them food even though it is scarce. Eventually near the end, Kat is killed while scavenging for food. Kat was Paul dearest friend and when he died he realized that his destiny was to fight and die as a soldier. “And how you brought me out of the barrage when I was still a young recruit” (Remarque 288)

19: Refusal of the Return While Paul is recuperating in the hospital, an immense feeling of want overcomes him. He wants to go home but he refuses this want because he is afraid that there is no future for him there. Everything homely has been shattered and left him through the days of the war. He is afraid that he will return home as a living corpse because his human qualities no longer exist. “The years will pass by and in the end will shall fall into ruin” (Remarque 294)

21: A Master of both Worlds Paul decides that not everything that is human has left him. He decides that he is perhaps feeling only dismay and those civilian qualities will rejoin him when he returns. He urges the following months on because he thinks that he can lose nothing more. When he was finally killed his face read of happiness that the end had come and that he could return to peace. “But perhaps all I am feeling is melancholy and dismay,” (Remarque 294)

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