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Alpha Bio

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S: Meg's Alpha Bio

BC: This is who I am. (Well most of me)

FC: M | e | g | D | a | n | i | e | l

1: A | Art | I am very artistic. I show my art through my emotions. If I am sad I draw something that would look like a bit dreary and I wouldn't color it in, well I might but it would be black and gray. If I am angry the picture would show anger and rage. Also it would lots of different reds , oranges, and a bit of yellow. When I am happy it would be bright and lively. The colors would be yellow and other bright colors. If I'm bored it would be what ever I feel like then. The colors would or could be lots of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and purples.

2: B

3: Books | I just love to read. I can go any were and be any one at any time. When I read I feel like I'm actually in the book and there at the time. I just feel good when I read. Also if I am reading I tend to zone out and I can't quite hear anybody or see. Also I do feel really good when I read also I just feel really clear and and fresh after I read.

4: C

5: Camping | I love to go with my Dad. I just like to imagination that I am in a forest and we have to hunt for our food and drink from a river. Or if it is a clear starry night sky then my Dad and I see how many constellations we can find. If it is stormy then we have the cover over the tent and I just think to m self or go into my own little world and just think what would happen if something happened.

6: I like to show what I am feeling through dance too. I Dance a lot. IF I am really annoyed at a friend or some family member. Also I just do it for fun or if I am bored. Also if I am cleaning my room or the kitchen floor.

7: D | a n | c e | Dance

8: E | Expressive

9: A heart full of love | I am really expressive. I express my self through drawing and music. I draw lots of things that I feel like drawing. I draw some animals, music instruments, transportation, and costumes. Also when I play my French Horn and I play to the mood of the music or piece that I'm playing.

10: F

11: My Father | My Dad is really REALLY FUN! we do lots of fun things together. Like flying R/C airplanes, going to the EAA or Southern Wisconsin Air Show in Janesville. Go to Pewaukee Beach. Including the newest thing riding his motorcycle. At times my dad asks " are you my buddy?" I answer "yes!" and he is the head wine Eucharistic minister at my church. I tell him every time " I'm really proud of you Daddy," and then I hug him.

12: Gentle | G | I am very gentle and I have the caring touch. Just ask anyone I know they will say I'm very gentle. You can trust me if I have to carry 10 boxes of glass figures. And I am as gentle as the butterflies and flower

14: H | Hunger Games | Gale | X

15: I just LOVE the Hunger Games. They are the BEST books and movie ever. I at times think and dream what would it be like if I was in the Hunger Games. Also I at times I think a lot about the Hunger Games.

16: I

17: Imagination | Just ask my Mom. My Mom will tell you that I have a very creative imagination. I think of things that no one else will think of. Also I dream them too. I think and wish that there would be world peace no fighting , or war just peace and every one is one big happy family. If there was world peace we would have had a cure for cancer by now.

18: Joyful | I bring joy to a room and I can light it up with my personality at times and I just look at the up side of every situation that I am faced with now and future. I can bring joy to my friends, family, and teachers.

19: J

20: K | I LOVE to go kayaking with my Dad. It is a fun sport to do. I haven't gone in a VERY long time. Still it is fun to get in to that boat and just row the oar. Since it is just one big stick with a paddle on each end.

21: Kayaking

22: I can give this warm welcoming feeling to new friends and students at my school and not at my school. I can just welcome someone and be their friend right away. Once we are friends we act like we haven't seen each other in a VERY long time. | Loving

23: L

24: Makayla | Makayla my best friend. We have been friends since almost the days we were born I was born on January 13th, 1999 and Makayla was born on January 14th, 1999. Both of our Mom's are nurses. we both have a dog. Well are on our second dog. Both of our Dad's fly R/C airplanes and helicopters. Also we go to the same school and are in almost all of the classes together. I just like Makayla as my friend. I hope we will be friends for ever. | M

26: Name | N | Your name says a lot about who you are. My name well my full name is Mary Margaret Claire Daniel. Before you ask me my first name is Mary Margaret. Mary means Of The Sea. Margaret means Pearl. My middle name Claire means bright, famous, and clear. Well my first and middle name really say me.

27: Mary | Margaret

28: O | I really like to take in other peoples ideas. If I am working in a group I ask my group members how do they think we should go about doing this project. If I hear a few that I like I tell them what if we put together your idea and his/her idea. Most of the time the idea gets us a A+ on the paper.

29: Open Minded

30: P | I use my manners all of the time. I know that if I use my manners and when I grow up and one of my friends is someone going to hire me for a job they will. Also my manners is a part of how I am raised. If you were to ask my parents they will agree with me.

31: Polite | Please Thank you your welcome

32: I know I am quiet. I don't talk a lot in school. I do most of the time at home. Still me being quiet at school is a way I show my respect to whom ever is talking. | s | h | h | h

33: Q | u i | e t

34: R | Respect

35: A heart full of love | I respect EVERY thing. I respect the teachers. The wild life and non wild life. I respect plants. Also books, tools and most of what I use. | you are very kind

36: Singer | S

37: I have a voice like a angle. It is very beautiful. I am not to flat or to sharp. Also I'm not one who sings really bad. I don't know were my beautiful voice came from and my parents aren't sure either. One day I just sang and my parents asked was that you. I told them yes it was me.

38: T | Truthful | He did it

39: I always tell the truth. You can count on me to be the one who is truthful. I only lied once, but that doesn't matter now. I will tell who did something and if someone tells me a secret I will write it in my journal.

40: U

41: Unique | I am unique and everyone is unique. I play the French horn. Which by the way the French horn is the hardest brass instrument to play. I draw. Well you already know that. I dance and you know that too. I Sing. I told that already.

42: Vacation Planner | I help my Mom plan the vacation that we go on. I plan what to do on the days that we are there. Also I pack to what the weather is going to be like once we get to our place. Trust me you should have seen the map I printed out when we went to Disney World. The maps were what rides we were going to go on. Also I made I list of what I was going to pack.

43: V

44: W | When the teacher is talking for a while I can't sit still. At times I have a hard time sitting still. That is why I wiggle a lot. Also I am floppy when I am sleeping I don't turn easy I have to flop. So my Dad calls me floppy.

45: Wiggly

46: Just one of my favorite hero groups right next to the Avengers. I really like how it shows that they are mutants and just get along like one big happy family. Also most of the society thinks that they are freaks but still each one is a hero.

47: X-Men | X | Xavier's school for gifted youngsters

48: Y | One of my favorite T.V. shows. It has the Justice League. It mainly features their apprentices. The Justice League has their apprentices go on missions and fight crime. So Young Justice is like the Justice League but younger by a lot of years. Also the show is on its second season.

49: Young Justice

50: Z | Zip lining | This Was very FUN. I loved this. I do it every year when we go up to Door County with my Dad. You can see what I did in the pictures taken by my dad. This was scary at first but after the first one I wanted to go again and again.

51: / | /

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