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An Expensive Adventure to Georgia

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S: An Expensive Adventure to Georgia

FC: Written by: Marian Cregger | An expensive Adventure to Georgia

1: An Expensive Adventure to Georgia | Written By: Marian Cregger

2: Copyright 2009 by Marian Cregger, Raleigh, NC.

3: This book is dedicated to my parents who can now look back on my mistake and laugh with me.

4: After days of begging our parents, they finally said yes. Hillary and I were going to drive to Georgia to stay with our two friends we had met on a mission trip. It was the summer before I went to college and the summer before Hillary's senior year. Since this would be the first time either of us had driven a substantial distance without our parents, they were not fond of the idea. We had to convince them we could handle the responsibility and promised we would not get in trouble. Hillary's mom, Mrs. Stewart, also had to call our friends parents in Georgia that we would be staying with. Finally, they agreed to let us go.

5: We would be driving my brand new car for six hours on Highway 95 the week of Fourth of July. This scared my parents. The day before we left I had to prove to my dad I could change my tire, even though I already knew how to. I had cleaned my car and bought lots of snacks. Hillary and I had both looked up directions on MapQuest and Google. We had a map and we were going to stop at each state's welcome center to get one of their maps. It was all planned and we were ready to go.

6: The drive down was great and there was not as much traffic as our parents expected. I drove the whole way. I drove 5 miles per hour over the speed limit on the highways and always decreased my speed when we went through a construction zone. When we drove through small towns I went just under the speed limit because they love to ticket, according to my dad. Nothing was going to go wrong with this trip. Our parents had trusted us to go and we were not going to let them down.

7: The three days we were in Georgia went by so fast. Hillary and I were having so much fun and we were excited to spend time with our friends. We took so many pictures as we packed the car. Finally, we had to leave because Hillary had to be home that night to babysit.

8: We got in the car with our new maps with directions to Raleigh and were ready to drive again. The first mistake we made was turning the wrong way onto a major highway. We drove for about 30 minutes until we realized we were not going the right way. We turned around and headed in the right direction. But, we were already running behind and the 30-minute detour did not help. I was no longer following my five mph over the speed limit rule. I also did not know that speeding only takes about two minutes off your drive...not worth it!

9: Driving in South Carolina down 301, a four lane highway with a median, I was the only one on the road. There were not speed limit signs or trees so the road was just begging me to go fast. I did not realize how fast I was going until Hillary yelled, “Cop” and I slammed on the breaks. As the police officer came over the crest of the hill I thought, maybe he did not see me...stupid! I was the only one on the road. Immediately his lights went on and he crossed the median to our side. My stomach sank, I had never gotten a speeding ticket and I knew all my parents trust in me was now gone. | As I stopped the car, no tears could come to my eyes, but I could not stop shaking. He asked me why I was going so fast and I told him I did not know where I was and I did not know the speed limit. He took my license and insurance and walked away. Hillary and I did not know what to do and did not say anything. He came back and casually gave me a little blue ticket that would ruin my life.

10: The second he left I burst into tears. I stayed on the side of the road for a while and called my dad. He was sailing with my mom, but I thought it would be easier to tell him first. When I told him I got a ticket he asked if I was okay and told me not to drive until I stopped crying. He told me to pull over and let Hillary drive the rest of the way so I could calm down. We drove to the next exit, got gas, and switched drivers. It rained the rest of the way and Hillary and I rode in silence for the remaining four hours home. | When I got home my parents were still sailing. I went in my room and got on my computer because I thought that would be the last time I would ever see it. I heard my parents come in the house and I started crying all over again. My dad came in my room and I handed him my ticket. He gave me the longest lecture of my life. Since he was not yelling it did not sound bad, but it was the worst talk of my life. It ended with him telling me he would call the insurance company tomorrow and see what needs to be done and that my mom was going to handle my punishment.

11: I was not allowed to drive until...indefinitely. My dad called around and realized we needed a lawyer and a lot of money. One of my mom's friends knew a lawyer in South Carolina and my dad called him and arranged the whole thing. I thought not being allowed to drive all summer would be my only punishment. | I did not hear anything else about the ticket, until the bill came. My mom worked out how much I owed them for the lawyer that got my fine reduced so I had no points on my license. Thanks to my summer job and graduation money I was able to pay my parents what I owed them.

12: My insurance went up and I now have to pay my parents the difference between my old and new insurance. Luckily, I learned my lesson and have not gotten a speeding ticket since then. Hillary and I going to Georgia was supposed to be a fun trip, but it ended up being the most expensive trip I would ever take.

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15: About the Author | Marian Cregger was born in Raleigh, NC in 1989. She has lived in Raleigh her whole life. In 2007 she started her college career at Meredith College. She knew for a long time that she wanted to major in Child Development and get her K-6 licensure. Marian loves to be with children and loves to be with her friends. Her family is the most important thing in her life.

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