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Ann Legacy of Memories 1981-2008

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Ann Legacy of Memories 1981-2008 - Page Text Content

S: Ann Marie's Legacy of Memories

BC: missing Ann Marie | RESURRECTION GROUND This is not the end its resurrection ground. We gather together to say our goodbyes to our precious loved one. Oh, how are hearts ache inside. Then we went to the place were they lowered there body down, some call it a grave I call it resurrection ground. Resurrection ground no more graves allowed we'll meet them in the air no more parting there with Jesus we'll be for all eternity. This is not the end its resurrection ground. We come her often were our loves ones lay it seems like yesterday we joined hands to pray. How sweet it would be if we were standing round when this cold grace turns to resurrection ground. Resurrection ground no more graves allowed we'll meet them in the air no more parting there with Jesus we'll be for all eternity. This is not the end its resurrection ground. This is not the end its resurrection ground. | Heaven Bound

FC: Forever.... Loved & Missed | Ann's Legacy of Memories 1981-2008

1: They say there is a reason, They say that time will heal, But neither time nor reason, Will change the way I feel. For no one knows the heartache, That lies behind our smiles, No one knows how many times, We have broken down and cried. We want to tell you something, So there won't be any doubt, You're so wonderful to think of, But so hard to live without. -Author Unknown | Ann Marie (April 6, 1981 - March 24, 2008)

3: I love you

6: I love you

8: September 9, 2006

10: Funeral March 28th, 2008 Pastor Dunn, Mr. Swain, Amy, Jesse, Benjamin | Pastor Craig & Pastor Dunn | Graveside service

11: Benefit Dinner | Memorial Service Pastor RBO Amy, Jesse, & Benjamin | April 10, 2008 | THANK YOU TO ALL who helped us through this difficult time, -Amy

12: To our Beautiful daughter, Ann, Whom God gave us for almost 27 years. We miss you with all our hearts. We love you so much! God gave you to us to enjoy all these years and decided He needed you more. You brighten our lives and our home. Ann we love you and miss you everyday and ask why? But the Lord had a reason as of now we don't understand. God chose our little girl to come home to Heaven, and allowed her to help others with her organs. Annie you are so sadly missed today and everyday. For there is no other like our precious little girl. She loved the Lord and her life gave all that she could. | We will cherish all the moments and memories we had together, forever. We will miss your wonderful smile, warm embrace, and beautiful face. Also we will miss our daily phone calls. Annie we will love you and miss you so much!!! Love Always, Dad & Mom

13: Wonderful Ann Absent from the body, Present with the Lord!!! Ann was born in Saginaw, MI to David & Barb DeCaire. She has one older sister, Amy. Through out her life she faced many health problems. Ann graduated from Bridgeport Baptist Academy and furthered her education at Crown College. Ann was a precious treasure to all who knew her. She was a loving daughter, sister, aunt, wife, and friend. Her smile and laugh brought all who knew her sunshine. Ann trusted Christ as her Saviour and loved Him dearly. She adored and loved her niece, Joanna, very much. Joanna misses her Nonny extremely!! Ann was married for a year and a half to Jesse. Ann was anticipating the arrival of her new niece, Phebe. Although we know Ann is in Heaven and we will see her again someday! We miss her humor and unconditional love. This has been a great loss for our family, and Heaven's gain.

15: Best Buds!

17: Phebe Annmarie...I was named in memory of my Aunt who I will meet one day in Heaven!! | I know you must have been a cool, fun, loving Aunt the way my family talks about you. Mom tells me how you would rub her belly anticipating my arrival. | My Nonny

18: Y | You left my life the other day, So sudden, I did not know what to say, My love for you is so strong, That I cry for you, all the day long. Our being together was a short journey, But in Heaven we will be one for eternity. Ann, you have no more pain or sorrow, But our reuniting could be today or tomorrow. I think on the good things that we did and had, That encourages me and makes me glad. I may not be that perfect man, But I married a perfect and wonderful, Ann. I wish that I could have gone Home with you, But my time will come shortly too. I asked Jesus to let you know that I love you, Miss you, cherish you and thank God for you. I may not be that perfect man, but I miss my beautiful and WONDERFUL ANN. Love Always and Forever, Your Husband and Sexy Babe, Jesse | My little Ann what a special treasure you have been to me and all that knew you. She unconditionally loved us all. We had such a special sister bond. It breaks my heart to have this bond we shared broken so unexpectedly, I am thankful to God for the almost 27 years we had to share. I wish I could have done more to help you in all your painful sufferings. But I know you are in Heaven which is far better than I could ever due for you. Your smile and testimony through everything had been that of a champion. You are my precious little Ann. This has been a great loss for me, and Heaven's gain. I love you more than life and will miss you until we meet again in Heaven. Love Always Your Big Sister and Forever Friend, Amy | "A Sister is more than a forever friend, she is joy to the heart and love without end. | When I miss you, I don't have to go far... I just have to look inside my heart because that's where I'll find you.

19: Precious, sweet "Annie" I miss you. She was a blessing to me since I've known her. I am Annie's "big sister" and have been her friend since she was ten years old when we were matched through Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Saginaw, Michigan. I will always remember our first outing together. I had taken out several potential "littles" and Annie was one of them. I had to make my decision to choose one, and I knew that she was "the one" that I wanted to be a big sister to. Annie told me that she was praying to God that I would choose her to be my little sister. That was definitely an answer to prayer for the both of us. She was the sunshine in my life and helped me to grow as a person and mentor. Her last words to me were, "I'll be praying for you, and I love you," Cheryl Bartlett

20: Wow, where do words begin when it comes to talking about "ANN". She was a TRUE friend. She was always there when I needed someone and always with a smile and a hug. We were always laughing and crying when we were together. So many memories and so little time to relive them. She was a great role model for children. I remember her working in the van ministry with me and my husband at ORBC. Every Saturday she was so onfire to invite the children. Her and our son would go door-to-door and just talk and laugh and have the greatest time. My visits to TN now will not be so excitable anymore but in the words of my 7 year old son when I told him what happened, :mom, she's in Heaven, that's all we need to know"!!!! I LOVE YOU dearly Ann, like a sister and will miss you more than words can ever say. Can't wait to see you someday in Heaven!!!! Our prayers are with you Jesse and Amy and her whole family during this time! Melissa Seiber My dearest and most precious Annie -what a wonderful blessing she has been to me! My thanks to her for the scrapbook of our lives together! I will treasure if forever. I'm just so glad that I will get to see her again. Time and space will not permit me to write of all the wonderful and dear memories I have of her, but she knows my heart and knows how much I love her and miss her! I love you girl! Love, Bets Betsy Mitchell My dearest Ann, How I miss you so much. I wish I had kept better contact with you after we left college I will never forget all of our good memories that we have, but I have to say nothing makes me feel better than to know I will see you again someday in HEAVEN. Until that day comes Ann I love you and miss you very much. Trina Katrina Cox Hey Babe, its me Jesse. I just want to let you know how much I miss and love you. There is not a day that I don't wish you were here with me. But we will see each other again someday. Sparky loves and misses you too. You will always be my wonderful Ann!!! XOXOXOXOXO Love Always and Forever, Your Husband, Jesse Morrison Ann, We will miss you but I know that you are in a better place. We will see you again. Thank you for the companionship to my brother, Jesse. Nicole Morrison Jesse, our hearts go out to you & Annie's family in this time of sadness. You know all of us love you and we grieve along with you. Your mother, father, brothers, sisters, & cousins are also feeling your pain and they know that memories of your life with Annie will bring you comfort. Annie will always be apart of our family. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with all of you, Love, Aunt Marsha & Aunt Jackie; Uncle Whitley & Uncle George; Cousins: Jen. Dawn, & Kenny

21: XOXO

22: Dear Annie, I miss you so, I think of you and your smile often. I am still having a hard time since your gone, but I know you are up there rejoicing with the Lord. Amy has helped me through this ordeal a lot. She let me hear your voice of the two of you laughing and singing. I cried but it was good to hear your voice and laughter. I miss you sooo much!! But I know I will see you soon!! And we can rejoice when we see each other in Heaven. Love you soooo much, Aunt Patty Patty Novak Annie, you were not only my special niece, you were also like one of my daughters. I remember many church plays and your were in singing, mostly playing your violin with your beautiful smile. I loved you so much honey & I will miss you. Annie I was so proud of you, proud of the beautiful women inside and out. I'm sorry we lost touch honey, I think of you every day and remember your smile and my wonderful time with you. Thank you Annie for being a part of my life. I cherish my memories of you forever and ever. I love you ANNIE! Candace Larkin My love, thoughts, and prayers go out to Jesse, Amy and Ben, and my Aunt Barbie and Uncle Dave. Ann, Amy and I and my sister grew up together. I got to meet Jesse the one time at my parents house for X-mas it was the last time that I saw Ann. If I would have known that was the last time, I would have just sat and talked with her the whole day and gave her a longer hug. I hate that I did not keep in better contact. My fondest memory is of you and Amy at our slumber parties growing up. You were obsessed with our trampoline we could not get you off LOL. I love you Ann. Tara Larkin-Crawford Hi Ann this is your cousin, Tana. I love you so much. You always had a smile on your face and you loved to joke. I wish I had only stayed in touch...the last time I saw you was at your wedding shower. I was so happy you found someone who seemed to truly love you and appreciate the wonderful person you are! Remember we used to always play together as kids. I have vivid memories of us playing together and laughing! I love you cuz Tana Larkin-Shrader To our dear Annie, We can't begin to express the sadness we and your sisters and brothers here in Las Vegas feel at the sudden loss of someone we were wanting so much to know better. The miles might have kept us apart but you were and still are apart of our lives. Thank you from all of us for making Jesse so happy theses past 18 months you were together To know he was well taken care of by someone who loved him so much is a blessing and a joy to our family. As days goes by our sadness may diminish but our love and joy at knowing you will stay the same. We all look forward to seeing you again in Heaven and spending eternity with you and the rest of our families when the Lord takes us all home to be with him in glory. We'll see you in glory someday Ed& JoAnne (Mom & Dad) Morrison & Family To the family of Annie and to my Brother Jesse: When Jesse met Annie, it changed his life forever. I hope the happiness you shared will spread to us all. I do regret, though, that I was not able to be with you. I love you and I know that Annie will always be here with all of us. Love, Terri, Izzy and little Izzy Terri Morrison Dear Ann, I know it is to late for me to write you, but I want to write this to you. I wish I would have been around more for you and Amy, but I had some things going on so I moved to FL. I wish you could have come down here to visit me. I wish I could have known you were sick. I would have made sure I would of talk to you and Jesse often. I do love you and Amy and I wish I could of known Jesse like I know Benjamin. I will always love you and see you in Heaven one Day! Love, Aunt Jenette Jenette Smith Dear Ann, well I wanted to say that I love and miss you so much. Well you were my cousin and I will never forget you. And even though we lost touch. You were special to me. I wish you were here to see you new little cousin, but I know you are looking down on her and watching her. When its time for me to be up there in heaven with you I know I'll get to talk to you forever. But for now I will jest have to talk to you in my prayers and in my dreams. Well girl I love you and miss you. Love always, your cousin Misty (Smith) York All our thoughts and prayers are with Dave, Barb, Amy, and Jesse and families through this tough time. Annie will be missed by all of us. She had a smile that would light up any room. Judy & Ron Cunningham

23: We were all shocked and devastated by your sudden passing. But it was no surprise to God. So I want to take this time to praise and thank God and give Him glory. 1st, for blessing us with your beautiful presence for almost 27 years. 2nd, for saving you from Hell and giving you a home in Heaven. 3rd, for giving we who are saved the promise for seeing you again. We feel incomplete without you here. You left a deep void in our lives. We cannot replace you. But we can cherish your sweet memory and look forward to seeing you again in Heaven. You were such a very special part of our lives. You were the one who introduced me to Amy. We so love and dearly miss your presence, more than words could ever say. The thing I loved most about you was your unconditional love. Ann Marie you were beautiful, wonderful, & a miracle. Annie we may be suffering from tremendous pain and grief from losing you. But we know that for you it is great gain and unspeakable joy. Love Always, Your Big Brother, Benjamin | IF YOU COULD SEE ME KNOW Our prayers have all been answered, I finally arrived. The healing that had been delayed had now been realized. No one's in a hurry, there's no schedule to keep. We're all enjoying Jesus, just sitting at His feet. If you could see me now, I'm walking streets of gold. If you could see me now, I'm standing tall and whole. If you could see me now, you'd know my pain's erased. You wouldn't want me to ever leave this place if you could only see me now. My light and temporary trials have worked out for my good, to know it brought Him glory when I misunderstood. Though we've had our sorrows, they can never compare. What Jesus has in store for us, no language can share. If you could see me now, I'm walking streets of gold. If you could see me now, I'm standing tall and whole. If you could see me now, you'd know I've seen His face. If you could see me now, you'd know my pain's erased. You wouldn't want me to ever leave this perfect place if you could only see me now, if you could see me now.

25: Nonny, I love you very much!!!! I miss you tons!!!! I miss playing with you. I miss you reading me books and I miss singing with you. Thank you for being a wonderful, cool, fun Aunt!!! My heart hurts for you!!! Love Always, Joanna

26: Dear Family, What a honor it was to meet you and your family. Your willingness to be open with me and allow me into such a intimate part of life was truly touching. As we discussed earlier, not all wishes are ever granted, However, the gift you and Ann have given is nothing short of a miracle. Your gift gave a 52 year old female from New Jersey another chance at life. Ann's right kidney has allowed a former clerk who is an avid reader and gardener, the hope to continue work and the things in life she loves. Ann's left kidney was successfully transplanted for a 16 year old female from Middle Tennessee. This young woman is very private and there is little information to share with you at this time. I am sure you understand the courtesy we will extend her; as we would you. There is no doubt, however, that she understands the magnitude of the gift you and Ann have given. Ann's liver has allowed a remarkable man of 57 to continue his dreams. He had been working in a lumber yard in East Tennessee. He is also a sophomore in college (trust me; that would be no easy task for someone in good health). He has one adult son and three grandchildren. He also has two elderly parents and two siblings. He may now be able to continue the loves of his life; school, gardening, and of course, his family. There was a double lung transplant in Pennsylvania. This gentleman is a 62 year old attorney who has been unable to continue work due to progression of lung disease of an unknown origin. He is married, with four adult children and five grandchildren. He has also been active on charity and volunteer boards, and enthusiast of skiing, motor boats, and golf. His goals are to continue his charity work, possibly teach, write, and enjoy his grandchildren. Last, but certainly not least, your gracious gift to offer research has given a gift that may well last for generations. You and your family have been a true inspiration. With Deepest Sympathy, Robert, Family Care Advocate of Tennessee Donor Services

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