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Antarctica in Peril

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S: Antarctica in Peril

FC: Antarctica in Peril | By, Nick Smith

1: Prologue | Imagine yourself in 80 years. Everything has advanced with flying cars and futuristic houses. Now imagine Antarctica, probably the way it is now right? Wrong, penguins have houses, and things that we have now. They also have a problem that we have had, war and power. This story is about a penguin that does the impossible, stops the war single handedly or does he?

2: Dedicated to Bennett Nakao and Gunner Schichtl

3: December 1st, 2090, sector 3 1/2 | Alarms ring in the main igloo. The mother of our hero scrambles with her babies down to the bunker, but her small webbed feet can't make it fast enough. The bomb explodes with an enormous mushroom cloud. The 3rd robot army attacks the 3rd robot division. They pay no attention to the helpless penguins suffering their destruction. Robots have invaded Antarctica. Robic Shecmisser and Clank Clank Shecmisser, like any other evil genius, want to take over the world. With the help of robots they plan to do so. Once it is conquered they will use the ice to power more robots to take over the world. Unfortunately these greedy

4: chaps turn against each other because they each want control over of the frozen continent for themselves. They make robots attack each other with their own armies. Our hero is a 15 year old penguin . His name is Flapper and he is a skilled leader. He grew up in a peaceful town at a time of war. He constantly takes shelter with his family. After the bomb destroyed their village, only Flapper and his brothers remained. They fled all across the continent, scared and lonely. Flapper is now setting out on a journey to stop the war, find his brothers, and find a cure for the radiation poisoning left from the bomb.

6: December 2-30 | In the distance Flapper sees a shack, rusted and worn down. "Perfect, the general store is still standing," he says to himself. The sign reads,"Slide's General store". Flapper knocks once, twice, and three times before Slide opens the door. " Hey, Flapps, what up?" Slide greets. "Just wondering if you have any survival gear," Flapper replied. " Yeah follow me<" Slide answers. Flapper walks out with a compass, maps, climbing gear, food, first aid, tent, blanket, and binoculars. Flapper sets up camp and eats dinner. In his mind the dangerous mission is a sleep away but it feels like only minutes.

7: At 5:00 Flapper wakes up and gets ready for the journey ahead of him. He heads out but he realizes that the winds are to fast and will be behind schedule if he doesn't avoid the harsh winds. He decides to take a shortcut across the pond. He hears a rumbling noise in the distance. " Oh, noodles," Flapper said,"the 3rd tank division is crossing.

8: Flapper hides behind a pile of snow. He pulls out his binoculars. and scans the area. "It looks like they're heading to the town of Slip n' Slide," he whispers to himself ,"wait I see a penguin ,he's trapped in the ice and the tanks are heading right toward him." Flapper makes a dash to save the penguin and saves him in the knick of time. "Thanks for saving me," the penguin praises. "Your welcome, now I have to get going" Flapper replies. \ "Wait I must reward you, I will help you along your journey. I can snoop around somewhere undetected," the penguin said. " Ok come on but, we have to move

9: quickly," Flapper says annoyed, "hey what's your name?" "My name is Camo, what's yours," Camo answers. " Mine is Flapper," Flapper replies,"Now , I'll get you up to speed." Flapper explains on the way and then they take a rest for the night.The next day they headed east through sector 3. At noon they took a detour because of crack in the ice. A few minutes later Camo asked,"Flapper do ya hear those yelps for help?" "Yeah let's go check it out," Flapper replies. The yelps got closer and closer until they found a helpless penguin in the open."Help my arm is dislocated," the penguin said,"Push my arm up." After they had his arm back together the penguin

10: asked what they were doing. They explained and asked what his name was."My name is Dock, I can help you along the way as a reward for helping me," Dock explained. They agreed and found a resting place to set up camp. The next day they would cross area 3, then move on to their final objective . The next day the group woke up and started heading across area 3. At 12:00 they reached halfway and took a rest."Ok here's the plan, we go the rest of the way through area 3 and then invade the fort," Flapper explained. "Wait, when do we have din, din?'" Camo asked. "At 4:00," Flapper replied. "Whens nap time?" Dock asked.

11: "At 5:00," Flapper replied annoyed," now let's get going." They headed out and the weather was fine until a BIG thunderstorm forced them to stop and wait a few days. The storm cleared up in a week and they started up on the trail again. A little bit into the trip they passed a penguin begging for food. Flapper gave him a fish

12: and the penguin ate it vigorously." Thank you so much," the penguin said. "No prob, know let's get going," Flapper said. "Wait, where are you going?" the penguin asked. "To the fort to shut down the robots," Flapper replied proudly. " I can help you through the generator because, I'm, well, Maper," Maper said. "Well then let's get moving," Flapper said.

13: December 30-31 In the morning they got started and by noon they were at the gates of the fort."There are are no guards at the gates so on 3 we'll open the gate and hide behind that pile of snow," Flapper explained,"1,2,3."They raced to the gate then there was a flash. The gate opened, but Flapper had been shocked."I got this," Dock said. Dock started getting Flapper's heart

14: heart working again. Flapper woke up and they hid behind the pile of snow. They all took a glance at the fort. It was a heavily guarded, prison looking, indestructible fort. They waited for the guards to take a break." They aren't leaving," Dock said. "I've got an idea, let's make a distraction," Flapper said," Throw a snowball at him Maper and I will flank them." Maper made a snowball and threw it at him. As planned the robots moved to the pile of snow. "Quick throw snow over you're back guys," Camo said," now army crawl to the door and get inside." The army crawled to the door and went inside the building. " Ok, I got this," Maper said," we turn left, right, straight, right, and then left." A few minutes later they were at the control

15: room." Thanks Maper, now all we have to do is find the button that turns off the robots," Flapper said. "Maybe it's the big red button that says robots off," Dock said sarcastically. Flapper pressed the button and all the robots turned off. A button popped up on the dashboard and Flapper pressed it, puzzled. A time travel laser popped out and zapped them back in time.

16: They woke up outside of a village. They stared at the village until they finally burst, "He that's were I grew up."They looked at each other and realized that they are long lost brothers."No time for drama, if I'm correct the bomb exploded today, so we must save the past of us so we don't get radiation in our bodies," Flapper explained quickly. The group ran to the igloo, grabbed everyone inside and wobbled far away from the where the bomb would explode. They found a cozy spot and placed the babies there. Once they prevented the destruction in their earlier lives, they were zapped back to the present, returning as heroes.

17: The end

20: Epilogue The group saved Antarctica from falling in the hands of the Shecmissers. They all received the PMOHC (Penguin Medal of Honor). A society was formed to protect the "poles" from other problems that might occur. This society is the ACPS (Antarctic Corps Protection Society). The penguins lives have changed. Camo is the commander of the White Berets, Dock is the president of the PM (Penguin Medical), Maper is the lead strategic commander, and Flapper is the president of the ACPS>

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