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AP English Language and Composition

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AP English Language and Composition - Page Text Content

BC: CONGRATULATIONS! As a reward for making it all the way through this scrapbook, you get an Apostrophy! Well done!

FC: AP ENGLISH 2 0 1 2 | Aeshna Sarkar 11th Grade | The Art of the APOSTROPHE

1: It should be "signs" and not "sign's." | Mistake 1: Though skilled in sign-making, the makers of this sign are obviously not skilled in difference between possessive nouns and plural nouns.

2: It should be "book cases," not "book case's." | Mistake 2: While very good at building book cases, these people may not actually read the books in them, otherwise they would know how wrong their use of the apostrophe is.

3: It should be "let's" not "lets." That's just bad taste. | Mistake 3: Quentin Tarantino is an awesome director. (Pulp Fiction is legendary.) Yet his punctuation skills could use some work. It should be "let's," as in "let us." Omitting the apostrophe doesn't make the poster look stylish. It makes it look foolish.

4: It should be "didn't," not "did'nt." I really don't know how he got that . | Mistake 4: No, he served 22 years for our nation's fine education system, which teaches Americans all about contractions... He obviously slept during that class.

5: Breaking News: It should be "its" and not "it's." | Mistake 5: The fine journalists at CNN seemed to have forgotten the cardinal rule of the apostrophe: the difference between "its" and "it's." I expected better, Anderson Cooper. | You only use "it's" in place of "it has" or "it is." Not as a possessive pronoun! Come on, Wolf!

6: It should be "its," not "it's." See page 5 for an explanation. | Mistake 6: Apparently, the price of perfection is carelessness when it comes to apostrophes. Once again, this sign confused "its" and "it's." One of the many things CNN and Stella Artois beer have in common.

7: It should be "travelers," not "traveler's." | Mistake 7: Even the maker of this scrapbook is prey to apostrophe errors. (I never said I was infallible.) She used an apostrophe and a possessive noun, when she should have just not included an apostrophe at all. At least she acknowledged her mistake.

8: It should be "tattoos," not "tattoo's." | Mistake 8: This sign has an unnecessary apostrophe. It's not needed at all. Which begs the question, do I really want people who don't know basic punctuation to permanently mark my body forever?

9: It gets better. That's what it should be. No apostrophes needed. Not even one. | ABSOLUTELY! | Mistake 10: Except that incorrect tattoo on your arm. What it is about tattoos and superfluous apostrophes? | It should be "lasts," not "last's." That poor girl. | Mistake 9: As inspirational as the message is, all the actual tattoo does is make me sad. Not only is the apostrophe unnecessary, but also the phrase is spelled wrong.

10: SMILE! We've reached the proper (AKA good) (AKA less soul-crushing) examples now! | After searching through the deepest pits of hell to find the most heinous examples of improper apostrophe usage, we have triumphed! These next 10 examples will not not only show you the correct way to use an apostrophe, but also restore your faith in humanity!

11: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is famous for its correct use of punctuation marks. | Restoring-your-faith-in-humanity-because-of-its-proper-use-of-an-apostrophe Example 1: Egads! Can it be? Is "it's" used correctly, with an appropriate apostrophe, and replacing "it is?" Yes. Yes it is.

12: Restoring-your-faith-in-humanity-because-of-its-proper-use-of-an-apostrophe Example 2: "Excellent, dudes!" Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, achieves the rare feat of being a dark and poignant look into the human psyche while simultaneously using the apostrophe in a correct way (possessive noun).

13: This is probably the only similarity between the timeless cinematic masterpiece and the Holocaust film. | Restoring-your-faith-in-humanity-because-of-its-proper-use-of-an-apostrophe Example 3: One of cinema's greatest buddy-cop movies, Schindler's List also manages to use the apostrophe in a correct way (possessive pronoun). | That's how you do it, Tarantino!

14: Restoring-your-faith-in-humanity-because-of-its-proper-use-of-an-apostrophe Example 4: Chuck is the maker of this scrapbook's favorite TV show not because of its humor, its heart, and its overall awesomeness, but because of its punctuation skills. This poster contains not just one, but two correct uses of the apostrophe. You can't beat that.

15: Restoring-your-faith-in-humanity-because-of-its-proper-use-of-an-apostrophe Example 5: Jon Stewart has always been one for proper punctuation (It's practically how he makes his living), and his book is no exception. It clearly states that the book is for teachers, as the apostrophe modifies the word "teacher" into a possessive pronoun. | Also,it's great way to study for AP US History.

16: You're so vain, you probably think this scrapbook is for you. Don't you? Don't you? Because it is. You are grading it, right? | Restoring-your-faith-in-humanity-because-of-its-proper-use-of-an-apostrophe Example 6: Carly Simon is known more for her music than for her great punctuation skills. But how great they were! In this song, she correctly uses an apostrophe to combine the words "you" and "are."

17: "It's been a hard day's night, and I've been working like a dog" Three correct uses of the apostrophe! It must be a record! | Restoring-your-faith-in-humanity-because-of-its-proper-use-of-an-apostrophe Example 7: Though the phrase itself may not make any sense, the placement of that apostrophe sure does. It indicates that the 'day" is in possession of the "hard night". Or that the "night" is in possession of the "hard day"... Look, I told you the phrase didn't make any sense!

18: Restoring-your-faith-in-humanity-because-of-its-proper-use-of-an-apostrophe Example 8: Unlike some other news outlets (CNN!), TIME Magazine knows how to place an apostrophe. While the article is quite depressing, no one can question the people fully possess the republic of scandal. Whether they want to or not isn't important right now.

19: Why so many TIME Magazines? Well, the maker of this scrapbook hoped to get compensation for all of this free publicity. Also, it's really the only thing she had in abundance. It was either this or Harry Potter novels. | Restoring-your-faith-in-humanity-because-of-its-proper-use-of-an-apostrophe Example 9: This TIME Magazine cover shows the art of the contraction, correctly using an apostrophe to combine the words "do" and "not." As for the question... We'll see in November. | Restoring-your-faith-in-humanity-because-of-its-proper-use-of-an-apostrophe Example 9: TIME Magazine! Man, it is on a roll! Here, it properly creates a possessive pronoun from the word "world," by using an apostrophe.

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