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Archetype Project 2.0

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FC: Archetype Dictionary | Alex Plevka and Austin Ramsey

1: Anakin and Padme - Star Crossed Lovers - Star Wars Anakin and Padme are the epitome of true love that is torn apart. Anakin's thirst for power eventually alienates Padme and destroys their relationship.. He becomes Darth Vader and much of his rage is derived from the love that he has lost. | A

2: Brom - The Teacher - Eragon Brom is a wise old man that educates Eragon, the hero, in the ways of the dragon rider. Without Brom's wisdom, guidance, and protection Eragon would have perished many times over at the hands of his enemies. | B | C

3: Cal - The Sidekick - Talladega Knights Cal is friends with Ricky Bobby and the perfect sidekick. He sacrifices his own racing to help Ricky Bobby succeed in being the number 1 racer in Nascar. | C

4: Dr. Evil - Austin Powers - Regenerative Hero In the first two movies of Austin Powers Dr. Evil plays the role of the villain. In the final movie of the series Dr. Evil is reunited with his father and brother and saves the world from Goldmember, the new villain. | D

5: Eric Cartman - South Park - The Bully Eric Cartman is a relentless bully. He criticizes people for their qualities that are different such as race and physical characteristics. In one case he makes fun a child named Kyle simply for being Jewish. | E

6: F | Frankenstein's Monster - Frankenstein - Monster Frankenstein is a misunderstood creature. He is not out to kill, but people's perception of him is skewed because of his large stature and his reputation as a horrible monster in popular culture.

7: G | Gilgamesh - The Epic of Gilgamesh - The Hero Gilgamesh is an iconic hero. He was the king of Urruck and half god half man. He is the mold for every hero that has ever existed because he was the first one ever. His quests lead him into perilous situations that he is able to overcome on numerous occasions.

8: Harry - Armageddon - Sacrificial Victim Harry played the main character in the movie Armageddon, he was a oil driller who was asked to go into space and drill a hole in a comet to place a nuke in the center. There was a problem that happened in the movie and someone had to stay on the asteroid during the explosion, he stayed and sacrificed his life to save mankind. | H

9: Indiana Jones - Indiana Jone's Trilogy - The Seeker Indiana Jones is an adventurer that is always seeking out treasures on his quests, whether it be the crystal skull or the Holy Grail. He encounters many dangers in his quests but he always comes out on top. | I

10: Jackie - That 70's Show- The Temptress Jackie is the type of character that uses her looks to her advantage. Whenever she doesn't get what she wants she will use her physical appearance to bribe or convince someone into doing it her way. | J | K

11: Mr. Kowalski (Walt) - Gran Torino - Junex vs Senex Mr. Kowalski was perfectly content with his life until he is disturbed by adolescent gang members. They try to steal his car and it eventually starts a conflict between the two groups. He uses his experience to attempt to resolve the dispute between gangs.

12: Little Mermaid - The Little Mermaid - The Heroine Little Mermaid is a heroine because she receives an opportunity to live as a normal girl instead of a mermaid. She then encounters a conflict with Ursula, but ends up prevailing and lives happily ever after. | L | M

13: Meg - Family Guy - The Outcast Meg is an obvious outcast in the famous show Family Guy. She is hated by the whole family and town. It seems as writers of the show go out of their way to make Meg look like an unattractive and disliked character. In one episode, the Griffin family receives superpowers and Meg only receives fingernails that can extend.

14: Norbit and Rasbutia - Norbit - The Divine Couple Norbit and Rasbutia are the divine couple because their marriage is awful. They are completely wrong for each other, Rasbutia abuses Norbit with her large size and violence. Norbit is a very nice, innocent man who just gets taken advantage of by his terrible wife. | N | O

15: Oliver Twist - Oliver Twist - The Innocent/ The Orphan Oliver Twist's mother dies at birth leaving him to fend for himself in 19th century England. He is quickly and unwillingly swept up into a gang of children that must rob people to get by. His helpless and innocent nature make Oliver Twist a well known orphan.

16: Piggy - Lord of the Flies - The Scapegoat The Lord of the Flies is a book about a group of young boys that become stranded on an island. Piggy is overweight and has glasses and as a result is ridiculed by the other boys in the group. He is blamed for many of their problems and is excluded from their activities. The hate eventually escalates and Piggy is killed by the other boys. | P | R

17: Rocky - Rocky - The Underdog No one was expecting Rocky to win any of his boxing matches because of his small size and his opponents' impressive stature. Between Apollo Creed and James "Clubber" Lang, Rocky is almost always outmatched, yet he manages to pull out victories with hard work and determination.

18: Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock Holmes - The Scoundrel Sherlock Holmes is by no means a large or strong person, but when he is confronted with a fight he systematically analyzes his opponents weaknesses and is able to exploit them. He uses brain over brawn in his fighting tactics and his investigation skills. | S | T

19: Tom Ripley - The Talented Mr. Ripley - Double Personality The movie begins with Tom Ripley playing piano at a party. He borrows a Princeton jacket for the party despite never having gone there and is approached by a man offering him 1,000 dollars to bring his son home from Italy. In Italy Tom becomes attached to the life of luxury of his newfound friend, Dickie Greenleaf. Eventually Dickie tires of Tom, and Tom ends up killing Dickie out of rage and jealousy. He covers up the murder and assumes the identity of Dickie, while tricking Dickie's friends and his own friends.

20: Uncle Billy Bailey - It's A Wonderful Life - The Fool Uncle Billy Bailey is an old man who's forgetful nature eventually catches up to him. He works for a bank during the Great Depression and when people start to withdraw their money he loses a large amount of cash. His blunder endangers the bank and causes the main character, George Bailey, to contemplate suicide. | U

21: Venom - Spiderman - The Villain Venom is originally a part of Spiderman and represents all of his negative qualities. When Spiderman is able to separate himself from Venom, Venom takes a physical form. He is one of Spiderman's arch villains and terrorizes the city's inhabitants. | V

22: Wolverine - X-Men - Reluctant Hero Wolverine was angry when he obtained his superpowers because it messed up his ordinary life. His wife was killed which caused him to join the side of good and fight against the evil mutants. | W | Z

23: Zelda - The Zelda Series - Damsel in Distress Zelda was a Damsel in Distress because she was the character in the video game series of Zelda. She had to be rescued by the hero of the series whose name was Link. Although she would always find herself in trouble, Link would always end up saving her.

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