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Archimedes Search for Truth

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FC: Archimedes' Search for Truth Dolan Edinboro Period 4

1: Mathematics | Archimedes dedicated his life to mathematics. One could say his greatest achievements came from this field. It seems that he was convinced that the truth lies within his studies of mathematics. Mathematics was Archimedes area of greatest achievement and also his favored ground for the truth.

2: Archimedes' search for truth began with his mathematic calculations. He spent most of his life dedicated to his equations and their development. One of his most noted achievements is his calculations of pi. His approximation was astoundingly accurate for the technology of the time.

3: One of Archimedes most famous discoveries came when he was tasked with determining the density of a golden crown in order to check whether it was pure gold. In this instance he sought to find the truth in a tangible form. He wanted to known whether the kings crown had been cheaply made. He later used this experience to share his knowledge through a principle called Archimedes' Principle.

4: Archimedes' proudest moment came when discovered the relationship between a sphere and its related cylinder. He thought of this as his greatest achievement. One could see this as his greatest proving of the truth that he found during his life. He sought to provide people with the knowledge they need of the world around us in order to succeed.

5: Inventions & Minor Discoveries | Besides being a mathematician, Archimedes was also an inventor. He discovered many principle's while working on inventions and used his mathematic skills to prove them correct.

6: Archimedes used his brilliant mind to solve everyday problems by apply principles from physics and math. An a=example of this is his development of the block and tackle pulley system. He developed this to assist the sailors of Syracuse with loads that would other wise be too large. He also explained the principles behind the effectiveness of the lever. The truth was sought through his hard work to help mankind with their problems and further our existence.

7: Archimedes also developed the use of the screw for transporting water. He was originally tasked with developing his screw in order to empty water from a huge ship called the Syracusia. Later the screw was used to transport water from low-lying areas onto irrigation canals. This is an example of how Archimedes used his talents to serve his city of Syracuse. He felt that the truth lie in service to others .

8: Archimedes also sought to protect his city-state where he felt at home and where the truth truly lied. In order to protect his city, Archimedes invented multiple inventions that could be used by the people of Syracuse to defend themselves. His most famous was a questionable weapon called The Archimedes Heat Ray. It was composed of multiple mirrors that reflect the sun's rays and focused them at attacking boats.

9: Along with the heat ray, Archimedes vastly improved the effectiveness of the catapult in order to make it an invaluable weapon in the defense of his home Syracuse. By improving the power and accuracy of this primitive weapon, Archimedes was able to serve his city even more. His search for truth was partially satisfied by knowing that he was able to assist his town in its defense against constant invaders.

10: In Conclusion, Archimedes sought truth through his love of math and science. He constantly worked to find and create equations that explained the world around him. He also found the truth by devoting his talents to his home town. Almost all of his inventions were created for his polis. He dedicated his life to math and science in order to leave this Earth knowing that he had found truth in life. | Syracuse Coat of Arms

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