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arianna tousant 5th hour

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FC: French Revolution | Guillotine. Digital image. Http:// N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Nov. 2012.

1: my name is Evelyne du la pont' and i was a lower class citizen during the french revolution. there are a lot of things that gave lead to the Revolution. But the main thing was that the third estate (the peasantst(me)) did not have any rights whats so ever. the first and second estates (clergy and nobility) had most of the power.they got to enjoy way more privileges than we were to even think about. they did not have to pay taxes while me and my family were hardly able to aford a crumb of bread let alone pay taxes. another problem was the fact that our government had gone bankrupt.the blasted queen of France, Marie Antoinette had a great deal to do with that.due to her out rages spending.

3: But we cannot ,i regret to say, give all the blame to the women because France has been struggling to pay for the expensive wars we have been in.problem #2 was that my people depended a great deal on farming.thats were our little bit of money came from mostly.But from 1787-1789 we had horrible weather.terribly heavy rain,harsh winters an feverishly hot summers.which as predicted led to 3 very indecent harvests in France. we had extremely small prices rose unexpectedly high and a good chunk of farmers lost there farms.many of us suffered from starvation from not being able to afford food.most could not find a job while the king an queen of France ,clergy an the nobility lived it up.continuing to spend money on dumb things just t spend it to say they could. august of 1788 king Loius XVI called a meeting of the estates general or representatives from each of the three estates. they met at the palace of versailles otside of paris.there were 1100 memebers or deputies. the king i know without a doubt was hoping that the estates general would approve of the new tax.I'd guess the clergy and nobility hoped they could control the affairs to continue there highly bougie lifestyles.the middle class hoped for a encglish style democracy.And finally my people prayed

4: for solutions to our many problems.we were asked to make a list of complaints. by any means did that dreadful king have any control to say he least over that meeting.he did not have any proposals to present,so we were left to think of our own ideas. we had eventually grown weary of the disputes over how each estate should vote.we decided to name our selves a national assembly, we represented a good 96% of the French population and felt that we should in fact be the parliament. we demanded a constitution be drawn up showing how France was governed. on June 20th we met at the royal tennis court were we made a pledge to not leave until the king agreed to meet our demands.he caved in and memebers of the first ad second estates became part of the national assembly.on July 14 1789 a huge mob of angry people marched to Bastille looking for gunpowder and prisoners who had been taken by the bile king.we thought that the king was going to u millitary force upon us so we reacted.we killed most security guards who got in the way.afterwards we of course celebrated.the old regime died and with it went the fudal privileges of the 1st and 2nd estates an made the equal to the 3rd estates.the declaration of the rights of mean stated that "men are born and remain free and equal in rights". we did not want the church to be part of the state mostly for economic reasons because the priests were paid for as well as there land. so we put a imediate halt to that and most of our debt we were in was paid.

7: when king Louis XVI were captured he ,his wife and kids tried to escape tried (failing miserably) escape to Marie's home because he thought he was going to be killed ,which was completely the truth. on September 1791 the new constitution limited the constitutional manarchy which took away most of the kings power. problems with food shortages and government debt caused the legislative assembly to split into 3 parts.the radicals belived in the idea of monarchy.moderates wanted changes in government. conversatives wanted a limited monarchy and a few changes in government.the 1792 national convention was more radical than the 1791 one they changed the government more than anything. the september massacres had affects on the government because the legislative assembly set aside the constitution of 1791 and called for an election.the national convection took place on september 21. which quickly abolished monarchy in France became a republic. robbespeirre and his followers stated anaim to "rebuild a republic virtue".he wanted to erase all of frances past.he basicly ruled france as a dictator.thousands were killed during this time period for being"enemys of the republic" or comiting crimes aginst liberty. over 3,000 executions took place.on july 1774 robbespeirre is arrested and later exectedthis marks the end of the great terror.

8: moderate leaders make a new constitution.they end universal male suffarege. five men executve body directory restores order. the new government makes napoleon bonapate comander of the armies.and that my friends are the main events to that most troubling tale.

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