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Ariel's beginning

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FC: ARIEL'S BEGINNING | By: Dayna Mathew and Maci Quisenberry "The Little Mermaid" originally by Hans Christien Anderson

1: e | In the city of Atlantis, Ariel and her friends were exploring. She came across her father on his throne. He looked really sad. "Daddy, what's wrong?" she questioned. King Triton, her dad, cried, "Somebody has stolen my trident!" "Oh no! That's awful! Where could it be?" "I don't know. I would look for it myself, but Sebastion won't let me leave the castle, because of my cold."

2: "Well, I don't really blame him, Daddy, you're looking a little green. Besides disease is contagious diffusion and you don't want to get anyone else sick." "I know that, Ariel, but he made it sound like I was a little school child in a geography lesson. I can hear his lecture now. Movement is the mobility of people, goods, and ideas across the surface of the planet. You, sir, have disease which a form of contagious diffusion, a type of movement. You cannot infect the entire population of Atlantis simply because you want to look for your trident. Send one of the millions of guards around the palace!"

3: At that moment, Sebastion walked in and exclaimed, "Are you mocking me, sir?" "No. Not at all, Sebastion, but what do you suggest I do?" Ariel suddenly thought of an idea. "I'll do it, Daddy! Flounder, Sebastion, and I can go look for your trident!' "I don't know, Ariel. This seems dangerous." "I can do it! I know I can! Please?" "Alright. Be careful!"

4: Ariel, Sebastion, and Flounder kept on swimming. Ariel, tired of all the silence, "Daddy said something about getting a message from the thief. The message said to go east towards a colorful place where a variety of creatures live... What could the person be talking about?" "What about a coral reef? The one near that large underwater sea cave?" Sebastion said.

5: "That's a great idea, Sebastion! I feel like this thief is a geographer. He sure knows how to use the five themes of geography! I mean we are using location right now! It is the geographical situation of people and things; the distribution of various locations of a collection of people or objects. A form of this is relative location, and you just used it by describing things near the coral reef!" Flounder cried, "That's it! What if the thief is Mr. Kewl? You know, the geography teacher for the underwater school?!" "Maybe you're right Flounder, but we need more evidence. Let's go to the reef, first, before we start accusing people!" So the three swam on... and on... and on...

6: Once the three safely reached the reef, they found another clue. Flounder was so angry. He exclaimed, "Why is the trident not here? No more of these clues! I want answers!" Ariel was so shocked over the outburst. She soothed, "Flounder, calm down. I'm sure we are pretty close to the thief. Let's read the next clue." Sebastion looked at the paper. "It says to go somewhere where treasure has been lost, and the adventure ends there because the sail has been set."

7: Flounder, once he calmed down, said, "I think it's talking about the wrecked ship. The one that was rumored to have the lost treasure. The adventure ends there.... Does that mean we'll find out who this thief/geographer person is?"

8: "Maybe, we will!" Ariel replied. "We better hurry though, it's almost dark and the ship is in a different region, or area on the Earth's surface marked by some degree of homogeneity of some phenomenon. It has different weather and different types of creatures, so we better be careful.

9: Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastion continued on their tiring journey towards the wrecked ship. They were amazed at the amount of trash they found on the way though. Ariel, thoroughly grossed out, said, "Why would people do this to our home? Some human environment interaction... That's the Cultural ecology - relations between cultures and environment), but this is definitely not positive. It's gross."

10: After what seemed hours of searching for the ship, Sebastion questioned to Ariel, "Are we lost? We seem to be in the wrong place. Place is the uniqueness (or sameness) of a location. Does anything look unique here? No." "Patience, Sebastion. Look! I think I see something in the distance." Flounder was so excited that he swam ahead. He then cried out to Ariel, "It's the ship! Come look at it! Quick!" Ariel and Sebastion swam as fast as they could. Once they got there, they found Flounder floating next to...

11: MR. KEWL!!!! "You were right, Flounder!" Ariel exclaimed. "Mr. Kewl, why did you steal my dad's trident? Why are you here? Wait. Why are you laughing?" Mr. Kewl laughed and said, "Slow down, Ariel. I didn't steal your dad's trident. This is a fake trident. I did this whole adventure thing as a test to find out if you knew the five themes of geography. Congratulations, kids. You passed!"

12: Flounder and Sebastion looked at eachother, then Mr. Kewl. Then they started hysterical laughing. Sebastion, through his laughter, said, "So you mean to say... This whole wild goose chase was a test? That we passed? That's hilarious!!!" Mr. Kewl smiled and said, "Yeah. It was a test. I'm glad to see that you know the five themes of geography, though. Location, Human-Environment Interaction, Region, Place, and Movement are really important things to learn. Good job, guys. Let's go back to the castle to celebrate!" Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastion all replied, "YAY! PARTY!" THE END

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16: I have wandered all my life, and I have also traveled; the difference between the two being this - that we wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment. Hilaire Belloc

21: A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. Lao Tzu


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