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Around the World with Mom & Dad

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S: Around the World with Mom & Dad July 15, 1944 to Feb 5, 2005

BC: From our first trip that began many years ago until now, we have had a long full life and been blessed to be able to travel the world with each other. We have enjoyed all of our travels and been grateful for the experiences. We learned a little secret along the road of life that we'll share with you . . . there still is no better place in all the world than being home with our family. Love, Mom & Dad XOXO

FC: Around the World | with Mom and Dad

1: We've Only Just Begun | We've only just begun to live, White lace & promises A kiss for luck and we're on our way. And yes, We've only Just Begun. Before the rising sun we fly, So many roads to choose We start out walking and learn to run, and yes, we've just begun. Sharing horizons that are new to us, watching the signs along the way, Talking it over just the two of us, Working together day to day, together. And when the evening comes we smile, So much of life ahead We'll find a place where there's room to grow. And yes, We've only Just Begun. July 15, 1944

2: Photographs & Memories Our first trip to the Redwoods was taken in 1947. We traveled next to Tuscon, San Diego & LA with Stan's parents, Matha, Mike, and their children Pete & Sandra in 1948.

4: In 1949 we traveled up the coast thru San Francisco and up to Portland Oregon with our good friends Phyllis & Earl Wittwer.

5: In 1949 we traveled up to Immigration Canyon and stopped in at "This is the Place Monument". Next we traveled thru Idaho Falls and on up to Yellowstone Park.

6: On July 24th, 1950 we traveled with Stan's parents and Maurice to Cedar Breaks and went fishing. | Mom, Dad & Maurice are in the boat

7: September 1953 we traveled with Stan's parents up thru the Redwoods and then to see Brent at Fort Ord.

8: July 24, 1955 we traveled to Grand Canyon with Maurice (age 9) and Judith (age 3). We were nervous every time they went near the edge of the Canyon.

9: Maurice & Judith had fun with us up on Cedar Mountain with Grandma & Grandpa Foremaster in the summer of 1956. On August 11th we celebrated Maurice's birthday at Fish Lake.

10: F U N | F U N | Disneyland here we come !

11: F U N | & MORE FUN ! | F U N

12: Stanley, Judith and Maurice in Lambert Gardens - August 1960 | Maurice & Judith in the Redwoods | Boat Ride around San Francisco Bay | Judith at Lambert Gardens | Judith and Maurice in Redwoods | Judith & Maurice at the Trees of Mystery | Judith & Maurice at Sutter's Fort | Maurice, Stan and Judith at the Shrine of the Sorrowful Mother | Judith and Maurice in Wooden Shoe Tree House | Stan, Maurice & Judith overlooking Lake Tahoe | Monument at Donner Pass | One Big Log House | Judith in Lambert Gardens | The kids had a fun time on this trip. They especially liked Paul Bunyan's Big Blue Ox and the pancake house where they had every kind of pancake imaginable. We had a great time together as a family.

13: Mirrored Pergola with Rose Garden | Paul Bunyan's Big Blue Ox | The Crookedest Street in the World | Water Lily Pool at Lambert Gardens | Judith & Maurice in Swimming Pool | Mom's Trip Log and tally of the Cost of the Trip | Beautiful Peacock in Lambert Gardens - Portland, Oregon

14: In 1964 we dropped Maurice off at Fort Ord and then we went thru Yosemite Park on the way home.

15: In 1966 we traveled to Yellowstone when there were actually Bears along the road. | Buffalo Bill Monument Cody, Wyoming | We went on the Tram Ride in Yellowstone, Wyoming | Buffalo Bill Dam

16: "Garden of the Gods" in Colorado | Kemmerer, Wyoming Home of the JC Penney Stores | Pikes Peak - Colorado | Wonderland Caves South Dakota

17: Manitou Cliff Dwellings in Colorado | The Hailstones on the trip were as big as Golf Balls | Indian Bake Oven | Devils Tower Wyoming | This was the biggest donkey we ever saw | Flaming Gorge

18: Air Force Academy Chapel in Colorado | Greetings from Jackson Hole, Wyoming | Mt. Rushmore South Dakota

19: Eisenhower Home Kansas | Heber C. Kimball Home built in 1841 in Nauvoo, Illinois | Flaming Gorge DamFlaming Gorge dam | Carthage Jail, Illinois

20: Old Carthage Jail - Nauvoo, Illinois | Living Quarters at Carthage Jail

21: The Original Sun Stone of the Nauvoo Temple | Joseph Smith's Homestead | Joseph's Smith Mansion House built in 1842 | Grace usually kept a trip log of our vacations detailing everywhere we went, how many miles between towns and how much the trip cost.

22: We had a fun trip to Mesa Verde and on the Train Ride to Silverton, Colorado. Our good friends Anna & Gaylen Heppler and Bob & Claudine Cooper went with us to make the trip very enjoyable. We ate lunch at the Boardin' House before leaving for the return trip home.

24: In 1967 we took a wonderful trip with just the two boys, Mike & Mont, up to Yellowstone. We saw Black Bears along the road, geysers, river falls, and the buffalo that kept coming into the camp and lodge areas. The scenery was a change from St. George and the boys had a great time with Mom & Dad. They were always hiking and climbing places they probably shouldn't have though. These are happy memories of our time together.

25: Trip to South America to pick up Maurice from his mission in Nov and Dec of 1967 | Grape Vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina | Rio de Janeiro Brazil | Streets of Buenos Aires | Streets of Mendoza

26: Machu Picchu

27: We arrived in Cusco by plane and because the altitude was so high we had to rest in that town while our bodies got used to the lack of oxygen. After resting we boarded a train that took us down to Machu Picchu. When we arrived there Maurice got his excercise and ran up to the top of the hill. In Cusco we saw the natives packing 150 lbs of potatoes on their backs as they came out of the hills coming to market.

28: Machu Picchu

29: We arrived in Cusco by plane and because the altitude was so high we had to rest in that town while our bodies got used to the lack of oxygen. After resting we boarded a train that took us down to Machu Picchu. When we arrived there Maurice got his excercise and ran up to the top of the hill. In Cusco we saw the natives packing 150 lbs of potatoes on their backs as they came out of the hills coming to market.

30: Iguazu Falls | Ruins near Mexico City | Panama Canal

31: Our very first Cruise as a couple was taken in 1968 with Rick & Judith to Central America on the SS Norway Cruise Ship.

33: Our next Trip took us to the Sandy Beaches of Beautiful Hawaii in 1974. We visited Pearl Harbor and the Hawaiian Temple on the trip.

36: January of 1976 found us in Mazatlan with our good friends Anna & Gaylen Heppler. | Cliff Diving | Bull Fighting | They are busy trying to sell Stan a Blanket

38: 1977 we decided to turn a work trip into a vacation so we flew back to Chicago to pickup 2 Vans for Rocky Mountain. It was a cold, cold trip so it wasn't much of a vacation. Grace wrote on Monday that we nearly froze to death even after wrapping up in a blanket.

39: 1978 took us on a drive up to Escalante, Boulder Mt. and Capital Reef. The leaves were starting to change color so the drive was beautiful.

40: In October, 1980 the partners at Rocky Mountain went on a business trip to Mexico City

41: Rocky Mountain's next destination was Beautiful Hawaii in 1981

42: Thanksgiving Day at Lake Mead with the Family

43: In March of 1982 we traveled with our Friends to Hutchinson, Kansas to see the championship Dixie College Basketball Game. We visited an Amish Bakery while we were there.

44: Floods of 1983 Farmington Canyon mudslide covered up homes at the base of the canyon in June of 1983. Flood Waters came down the middle of State Street in Salt Lake City also. The city hurried up and sandbagged the streets in preparation for the flood waters. It was quite a sight to see water where cars used to go on a daily basis. Later in August mudslides caused a lake in Spanish Fork Canyon which covered up the town of Thistle completely.

45: Mt. Vernon George Washington's Home | We traveled with our Rocky Mountain partners in 1983 to Mt. Vernon to see the home of George Washington. It was wonderful touring the sights of the birthplace of our country.

46: Township of Harpers Ferry Place where the Potomac & Shenandoah Rivers meet | Gettysburg Cemetery "Hallowed Ground"

47: Rocky Mountain partners traveled to Virginia Beach, Colonial Williamsburg, Richmond,Virginia & Jamestown in 1983. The ships in the harbor are replicas of the 3 ships the Pilgrims came over on. There was a lot of history from our founding fathers here.

48: Lincoln Memorial | Washington DC | White House John F. Kennedy's Grave "Eternal Flame"

49: October of 1983 took us to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We got snowed on in the pass up by Jacob's Lake. It was a beautiful ride but a little late to travel that direction.

50: November of 1983 we traveled to Lake Havasu & London Bridge

51: Another road took us to Denver in July of 1984 over the Loveland Pass on the Continental Divide which has an elevation of 11,990 feet

52: Our next Rocky Mountain business trip took us to the Epcot Center in Florida in the fall of 1984. We were able to see Cape Canaveral and DisneyWorld as well while we were there.

53: The following year in 1985 Rocky Mountain partners flew into Canada and then took a bus tour of the countryside. We stayed in the Chateau at Lake Louise, Banff Springs Hotel, & Jasper Lake Resort.

54: There were lots of Elk running around at Jasper Lake Resort.

57: In January of 1986, after traveling up to the high elevations in Canada, we traveled the completely opposite direction down to Death Valley, which is below Sea Level. It was the perfect month to travel there because it wasn't too hot. Temperatures get to 125 degrees in the summer there.

58: In September of 1986 the two of us traveled up to Yellowstone without the kids. Even though we had a good time, it wasn't near as fun as when we had the kids with us.

59: Boston, Massachusetts | New Hampshire | Boston | Fall in New Hampshire

60: Fall Leaves in Vermont | Rocky Mountain partners took the Fall Foilage Tour Back East in 1987

61: July of 1988 we flew to South Korea with Brent & Darlene to attend a religious conference held by Reverend Moon

64: July of 1988 found us in Texas with Rocky Mountain partners. We went on a river trip down the Rio Grande and visited the Alamo, Riverwalk and Judge Roy Beans Justice Court.

65: Sept of 1991 took us to the far off state of Alaska on a cruise with Mont, Rick, Judith, Bradie & Kache.

66: Chapel by the Lake Auke Bay, Alaska

67: January of 1992 the two of us flew down to Puerto Vallarta for a little warmer weather.

69: The hotel had an open air lobby. It was completely open and the wind blew right thru.

70: J | Jamaica was our next trip in May of 1993.

71: We had an enjoyable time in New Orleans in June of 1994. We toured downtown New Orleans, viewed the swamps, took a cruise on the Mississippi River, and visited many plantations in the area.

72: Daytona & Orlando 1994

73: In November of 1994 we set sail for the BEST Cruise of our life. We celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary by taking our family that could come with us on a Cruise to the Caribbean. | . . . and BOY did we have FUN !

74: Kache could hardly wait to steer the Ship | Grace & Mike were pretty excited to start the cruise as they looked out over the dock we were pulling away from | . . . and so were the rest of us

75: One of our first stops was at the ruins of Tulum, Mexico

76: We toured Brimmer Hall Plantation in Jamaica where they grow bananas and pineapples. Bradie & Maurissa braided their hair so they could fit in a little. We saw the old slave quarters they used many years ago.

77: Stingray City & Boating were some of the fun activities that the family did while we were on the Cruise.

78: While the kids went to Stingray City Grace & I went to Hell and back again. What I meant to say was the town of HELL. | Besides playing Volleyball on the beach, the kids hiked the River Falls and went swimming on the Cruise Ship.

79: On the Cruise we ate in the morning, we ate in the afternoon and we ate in the evening

80: . . . and then if we were still hungry, we ate again at midnight ! | . . . and of course, we had all of our cameramen ready to take a shot of us everywhere we went.

81: We lounged around on the beaches and had lots of fun in the Sun

83: Are we out of money yet ? | . . . according to the bill, we must be ! | Grandma in the Closet

84: Thanks for the many happy memories kids. | We had a wonderful time with our family.

85: We flew into Zurich, Switzerland in May of 1995 to enjoy a two week vacation. Since the Gubler Family are descendants of Swiss immigrants, we were more excited than usual about seeing the country our ancestors came from. | The first place we went was to see the city life in Zurich.

86: As nice as it was, we really longed to go to the beautiful countryside, so off we went. We boarded a train and then a tour bus to see what we could find.

90: A trip to the Swiss Temple made the trip complete

91: February 1996 we went on a Cruise with Mont & Robin. We toured Nassau, St. Croix, and St. Thomas in the Virgin islands.

92: May of 1997 found us in Copper Canyon, Mexico with Spud Graff. We visited an orphanage, went shopping and saw how the people lived. The children gathered around Stan because they wanted candy. We saw a little girl carrying her baby sister on her back, and an old woman washing her clothes on the rocks. These people didn't have much. We came home feeling very grateful for all the blessings we had been given.

93: Corpus Christi - Sept 1996

94: Town of Hinterthal. | The Festival City of Salzburg, Austria | We enjoyed visiting the Movie Sets of the "Sound of Music" | We traveled to Austria & France in May of 1997.

95: Stanley & Brent in Budapest, Hungary | Canals & Mosque of Venice, Italy | Barcelona, Spain Grace had her overnight bag stolen in this town while she was taking pictures | Perpignan, France

96: Andorra

100: Many of our travels around the world took us to go visit family wherever they were for baptisms, concerts, weddings, graduations, and missionary farewells. Sometimes when we couldn't get away to visit family, they would always come visit us, which we enjoyed immensely.

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