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Assessment Review

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S: Assessment Review

BC: Good Luck On Your State Assessments

FC: Assessment Review by: Madison Cline

1: Context Clues | A way to find out what a word means, by looking at the entire passage around it. | Madi loves to go to exotic places, especially the Caribbean Islands.

2: Similes | Comparing two objects using the words like or as. | The beach is like a dream.

3: Metaphors | A comparison between two objects without using the words like or as. | The ocean is a giant pool, waiting for you to jump in.

4: Analogies | A simile with a explanation added on to the end. | The beach is like a frying pan, you bake in the heat.

5: Imagery | The sun shown down on you, as you walked on the cool sand, with the waves clashing against the shore. | Words that give you a mental picture.

6: Onomatopoeia | A sound written in the form of a word. | The beach buzzed with excitement on the first day of summer.

7: Personification | Giving and inanimate object human traits or qualities. | The waves roared at high tide.

8: Hyperbole | A HUGE exaggeration. | It feels like 1,000 degrees on the beach.

9: Idiom | An expression that has no relation to its meaning. | The waves are hitting the shore like cats and dogs.

10: A picture or word that represents something else. | Symbolism | We dug under the palm trees that made and X, to find the treasure.

11: The order of events to help you understand what is happening. | Sequence | First we put our life vests on. Then we hopped into the boat. Finally it was time to go.

12: When there is a given problem and a given solution in a story. | Problem & Solution | I was getting a sun burn, so I put on some sunscreen.

13: Compare & Contrast | When a passage is telling you the similarities and differences between two objects. | The sun was bright yellow, while the sand was a vibrant tan.

14: The sand was a vibrant tan, with the cool turquoise water rushing over it. | A statement that describes either a picture or words. | Description

15: Cause & Effect | When in a passage an event causes something else to happen. | The moon rose up, so the tide became higher.

16: Summary | A brief review of a story. | The main character, Madi, had a picnic on the beach with her grandpa.

17: Details that support what the main event is. | Supporting Details | Main Idea; Madi had a picnic in the after noon. | Supporting Details: Madi ate food on the beach at 4:00 pm.

18: Theme | The topic or subject through out the text. | This book is all based on the beach.

19: Author's Purpose | The purpose of this book is to help review for the assessments. | The purpose of an author to write a text or draw a picture.

20: Foreshadowing | An indication of what will happen next. | Madi never knew that her sandcastle would make such a commotion.

21: Flashback | When in a book or movie the characters have a memory from a time previous to what it is now. | It all started when my grandpa and I took a trip to the beach for a picnic.

22: Irony | When you use words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning. | Take sand to the beach.

23: Bandwagon | When one person is doing something, it makes everyone else go and do it. | Madi said she was going to the beach, all of her other friends decided that they would go too.

24: Testimonials | When in an advertisement, they use people telling how they used the product they are trying to sell. | Hi I am Madi, and I used to weigh 200lbs. after using slim fast, I am proud to go to the beach with my fit body.

25: Statistics | Using numbers and percents to advertise a product | You should be one of the 95 percent of SanDiego that comes to our beaches in the summer.

26: Glittering Generalities | When people rave about their product and talk about all of its qualities. | Our beach is fantastic with fine sand, ground to perfection.

27: Emotional Appeal | When people make you feel a certain emotion in their advertising. | The lost little puppy was scared to death, wondering alone on the beach.

28: Protagonist | The main character of a story. | In Charlotte's Web, the main character would be Wilbur.

29: Antagonist | The villain. | In Charlotte's Web the villian would be the farmer.

30: The site where the story takes place. | Setting | In Charlotte's Web the setting would be the farm and the fair.

31: In Charlotte's Web one of the many conflicts would be that the farmer wants to kill Wilbur. | A struggle in the road, on the way to your destination. | Problem & Conflict

32: Rising Action | The events that lead up to the climax. | In Charlotte's Web, part of the rising action would be Charlotte spins words into her web.

33: A plot that is not the main focus of the story. | Subplots | A subplot of Charlotte's Web would be that Fern spends less and less time with Wilbur.

34: Resolution | The solution to your problem. | A solution in Charlotte's Web would be that Charlotte shows the farmer how wonderful Wilbur is.

35: Climax | The turning point in a story. | The turning point in Charlotte's Web would be when Wilbur wins a prize at the fair.

36: Falling Action | Part of the plot that happens after the climax and after the problem has been solved. | In Charlotte's Web a part of the falling action would be when Charlotte dies.

37: In Charlotte's Web they use parallel episodes while some of the animals are at the fair and others are at the farm. | Parallel Episodes | When two things are happening at the same time in a story.

38: Fact: Something that is a true statement. Opinion: Your own personal belief. | Fact & Opinion | Fact: Different beaches can have different types of sand. Opinion: The SanDiego beach is the best.

39: Bias | When someone uses their opinion to make other people think the way they do. | McDonalds in bias in saying they serve healthy meals, when obviously they do not.

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