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Atomic Bomb

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S: Atomic Bomb

BC: Bibliography/Source | 1.How does an atomic bomb explode?(Internet)Middle school zone, groiler online, put in search bar atomic bomb history, Atomic bomb;(book) Dan Elish, The Manhattan Project, published in Canada, copy write 2007. 2. How small can a nuclear bomb be? Middle school zone, student research center history, WW2, type in atomic bomb,3rd bare; Lauri S. Fiedman, weapons of mass destruction.(the rest is unavailable.) 3. What was the name of the 1st atomic bomb and the bomb that hit Hiroshima?,;Dan Elish, The Manhattan Project, published in Canada, copy 2007.

FC: A | O | The Atomic Bomb | by:Omari Clarke

1: g | The reason why I chose this topic is. I want to learn more about the atomic bomb, and how it releases of that all of that energy. I think the atomic bomb is incredible with what it can do. I did not know a lot about this topic so I found the atomic bomb the most interesting to research. My main questions about the atomic bomb are. How does an atomic bomb explode? What was the name of the 1st atomic bomb and the bomb that hit Hiroshima And last but not least how small can an atomic bomb be? This is the introduction to my i-search presentation I hope you enjoy it.

2: I already know that the U.S and it's allies joined forces to put together a mission. The mission was to bomb Hiroshima. The U.S. asked Japan to surrender but they didn't surrendered and the U.S. nuked Hiroshima. Thousands of innocent lives were gone. We asked them to surrender a second time but they refused to. So the U.S. bomb the Japanese a 2nd time. After that they surrendered.

3: How does an atomic bomb explode? | The atomic bomb explodes by a reaction known as fission. Fission means the splitting of the atomic nuclei. The energy that is released is incredible. It is about a million times greater than the equal weight of a chemical explosion. Their are protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom. When you bombard uranium withe the nuclei(The center of nucleus.) you could split an atom. If you are lucky this will lead to a chain reaction. For a bigger explosion this process will need to self sustain it self for a longer period of time. If no atoms are split their is no explosion.

4: What was the name of the first atomic bomb and the name of the bomb that hit Hiroshima? | In August 6, 1945 the U.S. an atomic bomb named Little Boy. In July 16, 1945 at Alamogordo Bossism gunnery an area known as the trinity site had a steel tower 100ft long. The worlds 1st atomic bomb was hanging on it . It's name is the gadget.

5: How small can a nuclear weapon be? | How small can a nuclear weapon be? | Nuclear weapons can be delivered by transportation, for example it could be sent to a destination by Planes, Ships, etc. And in some cases it could be so small it could fit in a book bag or in a suit case. The Little Boy was about 15 kilotons, Fat Man was about 21 kilotons. Modern nuclear weapons are 100 kilotons, some are 300 kilotons.

6: In conclusion, | In conclusion, to make an atomic bomb explode you need to split an atom(fission). When you split an atom a explosion occurs. The bomb that hit Hiroshima was called Little Boy. The 1st atomic bomb tested was called the gadget. Atomic bombs come in a variety of different sizes. Little Boy was 15 Kilotons. Modern nuclear weapons are around100-300 kilotons.

7: I Have learned a lot interesting information from this project like. How an atomic bomb explodes. I know that it explodes by a process called fission. I learned that to split an atom you have to bombard it with uranium. I also learned that fission will have to sustain itself for a longer period of time for a bigger explosion. I learned the name of thee 1st tested bomb and the bomb that hit Hiroshima. I also learned that modern atomic bombs can be around 100-300 kilotons.

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