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Auschwitz concentration camp gaurd

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FC: Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp Guard... Alfonse Wendelin

1: "The element that distinguishes the Holocaust was the search for God. From morning till night we cried out for a sign that God was still with us... We sought Him, but we did not find Him. We were always accompanied by the crushing and unsettling feeling that God had disappeared from our midst." -From Testimony of a Holocaust Survivor

2: Auschwitz-Birkenau was established January 25, 1940. This camp was one of the three major concentration camps made by the Nazi Party.

3: March 15, 1942 Dear Mr. Wendelin, As you may have noticed we have opened a concentration camp called Auschwitz. We will be putting all the Jews in this camp so we can keep a watch on them at all times. So I am proudly asking you to become a guard in this camp and help watch all these Jews. None, I repeat none will make it out of this alive! I want them all under my very own control! Adolf Hitler

4: Auschwitz became a place for death and is still known for that today. They have killed so many Jewish men and women for the Nazi fun.

5: Before the men and women were were forced in to the camps, they were asked to remove all of their clothes. Then they were later put in to jump suit, black and white uniforms and forced to live in a bunk house with over 50 people in the same room.

6: January 19, 1942 At the evening role call there were 10,142 prisoners at Auschwitz. This was a lot of people but there was still more to come.

7: January 23, 1942 Mass killings started Zyclon B gas. The first victims were the Jews from Upper Silesia. The gassings took place in Bunker one in Birkenau. The bodies were buried in mass graves.

8: May 5, 1942 Dear Journal, I absolutely hate this job. I never knew it would have been this bad. Many people are being killed and it sickens me to see this happen over and over again. People are being tortured. People are being burned to death and put in gas chambers to be poisoned to their death. This is not the only events occurring. They are putting children at the age of five through these horrible happenings. And get this-- if they cant be put to work because they have a problem with them, such as not being able to walk, they are killed right then and there. If a woman has a baby there, the baby is killed without even having a chance to live. These Nazis have no feelings for anyone or anything; they don't care what they do to them as long as they die. I could only wish they had a way out, a way without having pain or death. This has to come to an end soon! Sincerely, Alfonse Wendelin

9: March 13, 1942 1,200 sick prisoners were taken from Auschwitz, to section B 1b in Birkenau. They were all forced into the square in front where they were beaten to death with clubs by the SS. the bodies were taken back to Auschwitz for cremation.

10: June 20, 1942 Three prisoners escaped; dressed in SS uniforms with weapons taken from storehouses and using a stolen SS car, they drove out of camp. Their names were: Kazimierz Piechowicz, number 918; Jozef Lempart, number 3199; Stanislaw Gustaw Jaster, number 6438; and Eugeniusz Bandera, number 8502.

11: June 27, 1942 Dear Linda, I have to stop this torture to these Jews. It is absolutely horrible! People are being burned, children are being killed, and they have no say in what is being done to them. If its torture, it's all fun for the Nazis. I am really glad the three men escaped from this nasty place and I hope the best for them. Now I really want to get the rest of these Jews out of here before it is too late for them. I have to do what I am going to do. I am doing this for myself, the other Jews, and God. This may be the last time speaking to you so I hope to see you again. Alfonse Wendelin

12: July 17, 1942 The first transport from Holland of 2,000 Jews arrived. There were 1,303 men & boys, and 697 women & girls on the transport. After the selection process 1,251 were sent into camp, they were given numbers 47088-47687 & 47843-48493. 300 women were sent onto the camp numbers 8801-8999 & 9027-9127. The remaining 447 people were killed in the gas chambers.

13: July 17, 1942 The remaining 447 people from Holland were killed in the gas chambers. The Nazi Party found which gas was the most deadly by testing it on these 447 Jewish men, women, boys, and girls.

14: The Nazis used many weapons/ toucher chambers to hurt or kill the Jews. For example they used guns, gas chambers and beating sticks

16: In this time of need for these Jewish men and women we remember all of them. We don't ever let this time go and remember all the the Jewish people who have died in this sick mass killings. They will be in our hearts forever.

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