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Autumn in Bartlett

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S: Autumn in Bartlett


FC: Autumn In Bartlett

1: This book was created by the grade 5/6 elective at JBES. We started by going outside and taking pictures of the beautiful setting, and then coming inside to work on Picnik, editing the photos and adding fun stuff to the photos. We then put the photos into Mixbook, and gave each student two pages of their own to customize.

3: THE GODS A gentle breeze is blowing, it is peaceful, the world sleeps. A full moon is shining above, its reflection shines out of a silvery pool, which lies in a green pasture. The stars twinkle from above, as they have done for hundreds of years past. All is asleep. Yet the gods watch from far above. Poseidon stills the raging waters, frothing and foaming on the sandy beaches. Hestia lights the fires of the world of mortals, and Demeter pulls the flowers from the earth. The muses sing of days long past, as dawn weaves her bright colors to make the morning. Helios drives his gleaming chariot across the sky, the winged horses pulling the burning heat of the sun. All the gods help to make the day. The men and women of earth awake, praying to Zeus, thanking him for the new day.

5: The Bench By Ben I spy with my little eye a spoon and a balloon in the sky, A dog bone and a hat that looks like a cone, Mr. Tree Beard who is very weird, The road runner who is a very good stunner, An elephant who meets others by clapping his feet, A spider looking for his web because he needs to be fed, Mr. Goofy face who looks for his lost card of ace And a man with on his head in his hand.

7: I Spy by Fritz I spy with my little eye a peppermint candy a lightning bolt and a turkey; star, recycling sign, heart, lemonade glass, paper clip and a dart. Small peppermint, grill, oval, tree pink paper clip, I thought you said you could see; recycling sign, do you see the sun I think your about done, small house, a small and big tree.

9: "The Peaceful Bench" | One day, I went for a walk. I saw a wonderful flower garden with a path through it, I decided to look around in the garden, I walked, walked, and walked. and........ I saw a BENCH!!! I wanted to sit on the bench, but it seemed like I couldn't because no one was sitting there. Then I said, “why not?” so I sat on the bench and the next thing I realized that I am getting interviewed by a news guy!!! He was there because they were doing a special on the bench and how it was famous!! I was confused because what did I do?? Well I just took it all in!!!! I began to be famous. They wanted to take my picture near the gnarled old tree. I said,”okay why not”. When I walk over to the tree it seem like it was dying it was a beautiful tree it was so big and round after they took the picture I hung out near the tree and I said,” are you okay?, are you sick?” From that day on I always went to the tree and did everything with the tree And it lived!!! . .

11: The Bridge By John There was once a boy who wanted to cross a certain river. At first, he didn't know how to cross. So, he just walked right in. He had so much fun playing with all the animals and sticks in the river, but it was time to go. When he came back to his house, his mom saw that his pants were wet, and she did not like what she saw. So his mother said to him “ You cannot cross that river unless you make something to cross.” So he did not go back to the river until he thought up a plan. He spent days thinking of something. Then, two days later, he figured out that he could build a bridge. So he went down to the river and found some logs and built a bridge. He then tried to cross. He made it!!! His bridge worked. Now he can cross without getting wet. He spent the whole day over on the other side of the river taking pictures. When he came back............ he saw that the bridge was broken. He could not cross the river without the bridge. So he waited across the river for somebody to come and get him. His parents were so worried about him that a couple of hours later they went outside to look for him. At night, his dad came and found him still waiting on the other side. He asked what happened to him. He said that the bridge broke and that mom had told him he couldn't get wet. So his dad walked across and brought him back across. The boy always thinks of the other side of the river. He so dearly wants to go back, but he is worried that the bridge would break if he rebuilt it. The boy still doesn't know what broke his bridge. What do you think broke his bridge?

13: The Bench by Maxx I spy with my little eye A black mustache, a dog bone that is in plain sight, a spider web in the bush, a spoon, a broom, and flying balloon, and a small dog with a big head, a plane that is flying low, a green ribbon that is stuck in the bushes, then a ribbon that is a bright white on the ground, down below there a dark star, and to the side there is a black bolt, Frankenstein is there hiding in the corner, and then there is a piece of mail, a question mark that is down towards the bottom, and a circle that is close to the question mark, a black pumpkin in the bushes and is next to the bench, and in the middle of all of it there is a big gray bench, off to the side on the ground there is candy, But that candy is going to get really sandy.

14: The Berry Tree By Grace There is berry tree in the park, It has red berries bursting with light, Their skin glisten in the hot sun, Round and small, But bright and strong, The berry tree has many berries, each one special somehow, The Berry Tree

17: Red Leaf at Night, My Delight by Abigail So vibrant, so small, delicate, so red, As you are tucked in the bark like a bed. When the day is over, and the sun has gone, Your dreamless slumber has just begun. When a slight breeze comes in the morning, It will send you off souring. You might travel far and near, but your home will always be here. When the day is over, and the sun has gone, Your slumber full of dreams has just begun. I have a picture of you on my shelf , And when I see it I think to myself, Red leaf at night, my delight.

19: Fall By Sophie Leaves are falling off the trees, falling in the water, falling in the air Swaying in the breeze. Colors brown, green, yellow, red, and orange, Mixing together to make a leaf you have never seen. Warty and bumpy. It does not matter what leaf you choose, they all are special just like you. Mother nature created this world we stand on today. So thank her for the leaves that fall this very fall day.

20: The Leaf and the Tree by Julianna The leaf is very lonely. The leaf is stuck in the tree The leaf is very peaceful The leaf would rather be floating on the sea The Tree is also lonely The tree would rather be the leaf The tree is also peaceful Blowing in the breeze The tree and the leaf are no longer lonely The tree and the leaf are friends The leaf has one condition only The tree must not care

22: Let us not forget

23: River Dana One day there was a river near an old abandoned factory. The river was filled with oil and and you couldn't even see through it, it was all black. This was a famous river because everybody tried to cross it, but nobody ever could. All the people have either been injured or died in this river. One Saturday night, some kids decided that if they crossed this deadly river then they would be very popular in school. They thought they could get over it, if they built a bridge. First, they would have to get a lot of materials to build the bridge. They were in a forest with sticks and twigs so of course they could build a bridge! They collected sticks and got some cable wire, and started building. When they were half-way through, a storm started with lightning and thunder. They were almost done when one of the kids fell into the river. The other kids couldn't get him out; they kept on trying, but the river was to fast. They watched him drift down the river. The other boys had no idea what to do now. They ran to town to get help. On their way back they ran into a big bear. The only thing they could do was to run. They started running but the bear came after them. The bear was a little faster than them and the bear brought the boys down. Nobody knew what happened to them after that bear attack. They learned their lesson the hard way. At the end of it all the mayor decided to name the river the Heartbreak River nobody ever tried to cross it ever again.

24: Can You Find A vulture, an octopus, a big trash can a skull and crossbones and a deformed man. An owl, an elephant and a manta ray now find them all by the break of day.

25: Can You Find A dog, a whale, and some rain a swan, a bear, and a plane A skeleton, a griffon, a dragon without further ado a tiny little robot looking for you!

26: The Poisonous Berry Tree The Poisonous Berry tree is sad and lonely. He needs a friend. He wants to get bigger so it can extend But he is too tired so it just pretends For years and years it looked for a friend The tree believes it's near it's end And then a bird flies to the tree A little bird as happy as can be The bird asks the tree I'm looking for a friend, How 'bout you and me? Then the poisonous Berry Tree becomes happy Being the best friend he can

27: The Poisonous Berry Tree

28: Ode to the berries, The beautiful berries, The berries that shine, With wonderful glory. The berries that sing, With sweet harmony, The berries that live, With a bowl full of life. The berries that care, For their young and their old, The berries that sleep, Oh so peaceful, Ode to the berries. | Two leaves, Two lives. One tree, Many lives. The tree cares for its young, The leaves care for their caregiver. The tree gives, The leaves take. The leaves help, The tree thanks. The leaves fall, The tree acts again.

29: Maggie

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