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Ayala's Book

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BC: The family is one of nature's masterpieces. - George Santayana | You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. - Desmond Tutu

FC: Ayala's Book

1: We are so blessed with you as our daughter. Your inner and outer beauty add so much to our lives. You are a true inspiration. You are kind, giving, caring, respectful, mature beyond your years in your responsible nature and sensitivity toward others. We joke that you were born with a watch on your arm. You are punctual, well-prepared, organized. Obedient. Respectful of authority. You are so helpful. We love you so much. Not for all the reasons listed above, but because you – the unique gem that you are – are ours. We are so proud of you. Many young men and women are lauded for all of their potential. Their yet unused or untested qualities that their parents are sure will help them on their way to becoming a full-fledged adult, capable of taking on the responsibilities of being a card-carrying member of the Jewish community. With you, Ayala, it is different. You have so many adult qualities that you already exhibit. It is true that we all have midot to work on, and areas we can improve in. But when we look at you, Ayala, we don’t just see potential waiting to be used, we see a blooming young adult who already is well down the path of this wonderful journey into womanhood. A step ahead of the game, with qualities such as “reliable”, “trustworthy”, “responsible”, and “caring” already well honed and part of her character. May you continue on this path of giving, and always make sure to give to yourself as well. You are bright, witty, funny and wise. You are a sponge who absorbs what is going on around you. You are wonderful and beautiful. We love you. May you always have the wisdom to love yourself and the courage to fight for what you believe in. Believe in yourself and you will go far. We love you and are here for you always. Love, Ema and Abba | Dear Ayala Esther,

2: siblings | Ayala, Mazal tov! Love, Tmima

3: Mazal Tov Ayala! Have a great party! Love, your big brother.

4: Mazel Tov Ayala! I can't believe that you are so big. Shefa brachot, Ma'ayan Emunah | Happiness

5: Laughter

6: Laughter

7: Happiness

9: Dear Ayala shetichye (I would write Ayala-nush but told you I would stop calling you that when you turned Bat-Mitzvah) So hard to believe that you are becoming a Bat-Mitzvah. When I think of you these words come to mind: sweet, caring, thoughtful, responsible, kind, quick-witted . . . and fun. These qualities will take you far and bode you well in life. I hope Hash-m continues to bless you with lots of bracha and that you are able to use your strengths to work on being the best Ayala Esther Harow you can be. I am proud to be your aunt. I love you so much. Love Aunt Jacqueline

10: My Dear Sweet Ayala It is hard to believe that you have reached the age of Bat Mitzvah. It seems like only yesterday that I was visiting in Kochav HaShachar and waiting for your arrival! Your parents thought of everything. They planned my visit so that I would be home with your older sister and brother when it was time for Ema and Abba to leave for the hospital for your birth. The plan was to keep things calm so Ema would not have to be concerned with Tmima or Yehoshua and she could focus on delivering the new baby. A good plan, right? Unfortunately, it didn't work so smoothly. Not so smoothly at all! It started off well. We all shared a nice Shabbos. Ema cooked delicious food and Abba sang beautiful zmirot and we were all happy. In the afternoon, I was in the living room with the kids and, as it got later in the day, Tmima became a little tired. She was running and playing when suddenly she fell. Not just a “fall and get up and everything is fine”. Nope, she fell and cut herself right over her eye with lots of bleeding. Poor Tmima. She was crying and scared and hurt. Poor Ema and Abba - they had to take Tmima and have her head fixed, then they brought Tmima home, and rushed off to Yerushalayim to meet you. What a day! But what a happy ending!!! Tmima healed well and you joined our family! Ayala, you have always been thoughtful and considerate - just as you waited for Tmima to get her cut treated before making your appearance. You have been a joy to the family. You are special in so many ways. You always show warmth and sensitivity to the feelings and needs of those around you. You are patient and kind, helpful and caring, sweet and funny, and smart! You are just an AMAZING girl. And you are greatly loved. But you know that. You are very special to me for another reason, too. As you always remind me you are named for my Bubbie, Hinda Esther and I see many of her characteristics in you. Bubbie lived with us and we were very close. She was a very important part of my life and I loved her very much. As I love you very much. You were, and still are, a very special gift that your Abba and Ema gave to me. I wish you everything good, my dear aynikle. May you have a long, healthy and happy life, surrounded by friends and family who care for you. May you continue to be a source of nachas for all of us who love you. Always, Bubbie

11: We love you Ayala! Mazel Tov! Love, Dod, Auntie Rachel, Aiden, Ami, LeeLee, and Emma

12: You are the kind of kid that adults who love you don't need to worry too much about. You are too smart and mature to get into childish trouble and you are head-strong enough to get to where you want to go in life. You are a pro at using Google+ which is a really cool thing for us old folk who still don't know how to use it..... You are the sibling that tends to tell all your other bros and sisters what to do and how to do it, so it's easy to imagine you as an adult....Confident, fearless and capable of doing what needs to be done--and being the one in charge. Basically, you are good to go...no need to parent you (too much) cause you take care of yourself in so many ways. You also have a soft side (when you aren't standing with your arms crossed, rolling your eyes, we see that part of you better :-) ). You are giving, caring and complimentary. You encourage others to do their best and offer help and advice when you can. You are forever giving brachot to your friends and family and you are sincere in your good wishes to everyone. When you smile, it's hard not to smile along with you...And it's fun to try to get you to smile when you are pretending to be so tough and mature :-) As you continue to grow as a bat Torah we hope that your courage, strength and confidence continue to grow as well. At the same time, we hope your kindness and caring attitude toward others grows along with you so that you will have a great balance between strength and kindness which will take you far in life. Wishing you lots of love, happiness and only good stuff as you begin your journey into adulthood and may you one day soon get a pair of awesome heels all your own. Love, Reuven, Elke, Ely, Shuki, AB, Miri, Tehilla, Dani, Ariella and other Shuki | Ayala

13: Ayala, It’s been such a joy for us to watch you grow into the Bat Mitzvah girl you are today. Your poise, smile, and warmth make everyone feel special. We just want to say how special you are to us. You never miss an opportunity to call or visit and we love you very much for that. We wish you success on your forward journey to adulthood and know that your determination will take you far. May you continue to be a source of Nachat to all the family and we wait to see your personal story unfold. With much much love, Zaydie and Ruthie

14: Dearest Ayala, It's so hard to believe that you're soon going to be a Bat Mitzvah! You have grown up into a fine young lady. You have always been mature, way beyond your years. We remember when we came to Israel for Tmima's Bat Mitzvah. You made sure to include Adiel in all the activities, showing him around the yishuv and making him comfortable with all the cousins. You took amazing care of Meira who was just 3 months old, taking her on walks and holding her with so much gentle care. Like Esther HaMalka, you have a true beauty inside and out. We have no doubt that you will continue to be a quiet, but strong leader amongst your family and friends and community. We know that you will do great things in your life. We love and miss you so much and are so proud of you. Mazel tov, Love, Uncle Shimon, Aunt Shoshana, Adiel, Meira and Ahuva

15: Wishing you Hashem's constant Presence in your life, as you become a Bat Mitzvah. May you have the courage to make the lessons you are learning from your parents into a reality, and to add your unique personality and strengths into all you do, to make your family, neighborhood, land, and world a better place. Love, Uncle Yosef, Aunt Chani, Emuna and Serachy | Wishing you Hashem's constant Presence in your life, as you become a Bat Mitzvah. May you have the courage to make the lessons you are learning from your parents into a reality, and to add your unique personality and strengths into all you do, to make your family, neighborhood, land, and world a better place. Love, Uncle Yosef, Aunt Chani, Emuna and Serachy

16: ayala esther you have a special place in my heart. i have enjoyed the time we have spent together immensely. you are an incredibly gifted individual with a wonderful outlook on life. i love your sense of humor and quick wit, and really appreciate your unique personality. you are a breath of fresh air and when u smile your soul radiates goodness. i am so proud to be your uncle and to have earned your trust. you are a brocha in all our lives and i am certain you will continue to be an inspiration and accomplish great things. i am so excited for you and klal yisroel that you are becoming a bat mitzvah. you truly are a bat shel mitzvah and possess a G-D given gift of seeing truth and seeking it in your daily life. may your bond with your Creator remain intact throughout your life and may you be blessed to continue as a blessing in all our lives. i admire you and love you with all my heart. b'ahavah, uncle rock

17: Bubba | Ayala, my sweet precious delightful aynikle, Mazal Tov on becoming a Bat Mitzvah! You are such a special and beloved great granddaughter and you bring so much joy to my life. Even though we are separated by so many miles, our regular phone calls allow us to share a bit of our lives with each other. Your love is easily felt, even through the telephone. Your compliments and the way you deal with me show clearly the kind and good-hearted person that you are. I am so grateful for your loving attention. I love hearing what is going on in your life. You give me great pleasure when you tell me how you look and what you are wearing, when we speak before Shabbos. Your love travels through the wire and your words cross the ocean and come to Worcester with such warmth that it warms my heart. I feel as if I am there with you all, seeing and hearing everything with my own eyes and ears. I am so blessed to have you. Sweetheart, you carry my mother’s name and you are like her in so many ways. It is a special bracha to watch you grow into a young woman preparing to share your specialness with the world. The respect you show for your parents when you speak of them shows that you recognize how lucky we all are to have them. Your parents have set you on a straight course they have set a wonderful example for you and you have had a great beginning May Hashem provide you with the will to continue to be your warm, gentle, sweet, polite, patient and honest self and may you continue to grow in your learning and midos. It is truly a blessing to enjoy your love. I am your Bubba and I love you with all my heart.

18: Ayala, you are truly special. Your love for life and the everlasting smile in your eyes radiates and transfers to everyone around you. At this special time in your life, we wish for you health and happiness, and success in all you do. May you be like the women of the Torah: Patient like Sarah, giving like Rivka, nurturing like Leah, selfless like Rachel. May you be determined like Miriam, devoted like Rut, and dignified like Naomi. May you be heroic as Yehudit, wise like Bruria, courageous like Esther. And faithful of course, like our Bubby, your namesake Hinda Esther. Love, Meir, Miryam, Daniel, Dovy, Aryeh, Noam Yehoshua and Kelila Roza.

19: Dear Ayala, You don't know me, but I am your "Great" Auntie Nita who lives in Pawtucket, RI. If you did know me, I'd be your favorite great aunt! I came across a very sweet picture of you with your Abba and your brother Yehoshua. That's how I remember you! In my eyes, you are still that sweet, yummy little girl with the really big eyes! I know that's not possible since your Bat Mitzvah is right around the corner. You are named for my Bubbie, Bubba's mother, Hinda Esther Mlotsky, a"h. Bubbie was a very special lady who always spoke very softly, but when Bubbie had something to say we all listened! I want to share a quick story with you that you might or might not have already heard about Bubbie. Bubba & Zayda, z"tl almost never left Bubbie alone for a Shabbos. On this particular occasion, Bubba & Zayda, z"tl had a bar mitzvah on the "other side of town" and Bubbie didn't want to go. She was not up to it. Bubba of course left everything ready for Bubbie for Shabbos, all the food and all the lights set for Shabbos. Reluctanly, off they went! After Shabbos started, Bubbie couldn't remember for sure if Bubba had turned off the light in the fridge before she left so she didn't open the fridge the entire Shabbos, which meant she had nothing to eat after her layl Shabbos seudah. Needless to say, when Bubba & Zayda z"tl came home and found out, they made up their minds never to leave Bubbie alone for Shabbos again! Bubbie was always very careful to keep Shabbos. I can still see my Bubbie sitting in the dining room window in the sunlight saying tehillim. It's a picture in my mind I will never forget! If I misbehaved as a child and was sent to my room as a punishment, not that it happened often mind you, Bubbie would come in to make sure I was okay or to see if I needed something to eat or drink. We didn't have iPads or hand held games to keep us company when we were in a time out! Bubbie was a very gentle neshama, kind and caring to everyone who came in contact with her. Although I don't know you personally, I'm told that you are very much like Bubbie Hinda Esther, your namesake. Mazel tov on your Bat Mitzvah. All my love, "The Favorite" Great Auntie Nita | Bubba's the baby, the woman behind her - Hinda Esther

20: What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” - Mother Teresa | Ayala! I have so much to say about you because you are the first Rosenzweig-side grandchild to be born in Israel and your birth was not so long after both your parents and I made aliyah. First of all, I thought you were the CUTEST two-year-old ever. I remember visiting your family in Kochav Hashachar and thinking if kids are like this, I'll take some. I also remember you accompanying your mother to Raffi's wedding. Your flight got canceled so to our luck you were on our plane. You kept coming back to visit us which was nice because Erez was bored and he loved seeing you. He still does. Just this year, when we were at your house for Shabbat you spent all afternoon reading to him. Now I think he wants to go to Kochav Hashachar every Shabbat. We bless you that as you become a Bat-mitzvah you really learn to inhabit the mitzvot and inhabit the Torah so that they strengthen you as a person and help raise up your innate goodness. We are so happy to have you in the same country and look forward to celebrating many more smachot together. Love, Simone, Yoni, Erez Adam, Zohara and Uriel Nevo

21: best friends

22: B”H Dear Ayala Right now we’re looking at your baby picture--how beautiful! You’re looking at us with your big eyes, and your wonderful smile. And today you still have the same beautiful face and smile—but instead of being a baldy, you now have lovely hair, and you’re quite a bit taller! The outfit you’re wearing in the picture—cranberry overalls with a white turtleneck—shows that you’ve always had a flair for fashion. It’s hard to believe that so many years have passed and that you’re getting ready to celebrate your Bat Mitzvah. Even though we live in America, your phone calls and our almost yearly visits have helped to provide a special closeness. We love when you tell us about your week, what you’re wearing for Shabbat, etc. As you know, you are named for our Bubbie, Hinda Esther. She was Bubba’s and Uncle Harry’s (our father) mother. Our Bubbie was very special. She was always a very big part of our lives--kind, loving, smart, brave, funny, and fiercely protective of all of us. To this day, we all carry some of her wisdom and her warmth in our hearts. You have so many of our Bubbie’s character traits; you are also kind, loving, smart, and funny. You are so worthy of your name. May HaShem grant you a long, happy, healthy life. May you continue to grow in Torah and Mitzvot and G’milut Chesadim. And, may you always be a source of Nachat for your family, friends and Klal Yisrael. We are very proud of you and are looking forward to seeing you and celebrating your Bat Mitzvah with you. Love you very much. Auntie Arlene Uncle Lew

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