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Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

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BC: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

FC: "A Tiger may be fierce but is very protective of it's cubs." | Battle Hymn of the | Tiger Mother

1: A guide to Amy Chua's parenting: the "Chinese" method of parenting | Book by Amy Chua. Project By Chelsea and Rachel

2: She is the mother who uses unconventional parenting techniques in a Westernized area. She hopes for the best for her children and plays the role of the hated parent to achieve that. She is also a professor at Yale. | She is the perfect child that everyone hopes LuLu can be more like. She follows the rules and makes her parents very proud. | Amy Chua "Tiger Mom" | Sophia

3: He was a former actor who now works as a lawyer. he provided the girls with the fun aspects of their childhood. | She is the younger, rebellious child who challenges the Chinese values by disrespecting her mother and in return getting a choice in her future. | Louisa "Lulu" | Jed

5: This scrapbook includes the rules of the parenting styles of a Chinese mother in America and how she raised her to children with her Jewish American husband. Growing up with Chinese parenting, shapes a person.She now lives in the United States in California. Amy Chua lived under strict guidelines and so when she married her husband Jed, they agreed she would be in control of parenting and he would have the religion aspect and be the “fun” parent. This is the real life account of how these parents raised their two girls, Sophie and Lulu and there two dogs, Coco and Pushkin. The experiences and instances when the rules were followed or rejected are told. These are the rel experiences of a Chinese woman struggling to maintain her Chinese ideals under the influence of the Western ideas while she raises her children as she tries to successful raise her children.

6: We are | You are never allowed to attend a sleepover

7: Through their entire life, the girls never attended or hosted a sleepover. Their mother had other plans and socializing was not a top priority. | The only times the girls had fun in their childhood other than their musical engagements was with Jed and on the family vacations to exotic places. However, the girls were never allowed to miss a day of practice so they practiced while on vacation even if it meant Amy would have to make prior arangements and rent out a piano for the afternoon.

8: As a tiger mom, Amy planned her children's schedules so there was not time for playdates.

9: You are never allowed to have a play date. | Lulu and Sophia were not allowed to see their friends out of school. They never had a play date. It seemed ridiculous to Amy that children would need to leave their house to go play with the other kids. Amy had to explain to the Western parents that her children did not have time to play. This was difficult when many of the Western parents misunderstood and took the rejection personally and felt that Amy thought her children were too good for anyone else | The few instances that the girls were allowed to spend time with friends other than at school were at their bat mitzvah's that they prepared for using the Chinese methods. Another time that their friends spent time with them was an important concert like when Sophia played a concert at the Carnegie Hall.

10: Each day Sophia would run home from school so she would be able to finish her homework and practice the piano. The other kids never did that. One day, out of character, Sophia yelled at her mother and told her that she worked so hard while Lulu rebelled and did what she wanted.

11: You must put schoolwork first. | School was a top priority. Amy required that her children be two years ahead in math. With this and music the children had no time for themselves.

12: You are not allowed to have a pet. | "The violin is your pet." | The dog was named Coco. He turned out to be different to parent then daughters. Amy found that she would end up being dragged by Coco for hours during their run. He was also not as smart as Amy hoped he would turn out to be. Instead she raised him as a dog and did not hold him to the Chinese standard. | Amy surprised everyone again when she decided to get another dog which she also treated like a dog and the family came to love very much.

13: T | Although, the rule was set in stone,the violin was your pet and you do not need another distraction. It was Amy who bargained with her pleading daughter to get a dog, specifically a samoed in exchange for a flawless violin performance. Amy's standard's had changed and she realized that the dogs were good for the family.

14: You must write sincerely in a format that shows effort was put forth. | When Jed's mother, Popo, a very different lady from his wife but adored by the girls. She died after getting sick. At her funeral, the girls were asked to write speeches. The girls had to write multiple copies until it was heartfelt and perfect. Their speeches represented them and how they felt about her well. As a Jewish woman, her funeral had to be performed within 24 hours. This gave the girls little time to compose their emotions and write the speeches. They complained but the outcome was perfect.

15: Amy felt that her children represented their family and it was important for them to try their best and put forth effort. On Amy's birthday one year both daughters made homemade cards. However, the cards appeared to have only taken a few minutes to create with generic saying such as Happy Birthday! I love you! Amy demanded that her children create new cards that showed that they cared and included some thought that Amy would be happy to save. They did re-do the cards to their mother's standards.

16: Amy would let her neighbors and friends praise her daughters after performances. | Western ideas changed how AMy viewed the world.

17: You will never receive a compliment from your parents in public. | The Chinese standard was that children owed their lives to thank their parents for lie.

18: You are never allowed to choose your own extracurricular activities | As, Amy gave Lulu choices, Lulu decided that she wanted to play tennis. Originally Amy would not have her daughter choose an activity let alone a sport in place of music. LuLu was very determined and enjoyed playing tennis. However, she did not want to become the best and spend too much time on it.

19: Friendship Continued | !

21: You are never allowed to get any grade less than an A. | It is not acceptable to not do the extra credit. Extra credit is viewed as not optional by Amy and when she learned that her daughter had not completed it, she was very disappointed and angry. | After a timed math test, Amy's daughter had not finished first. In order to prevent this from reoccurring, she gave many tests. In the end, her daughter's never came in second on that test again.

22: Never are you allowed to not play the piano or violin | Over the course of the girl's childhood Amy became more Westernized and LuLu became more rebellious. She was in her teen years and wanted a choice. SHe did not like it that her mother made all the decisions and forced her to practice hours of violin everyday. Over time LuLu was able to win the exchanges between the the two. Amy finally decided after a public explosive argument when LuLu disobeyed her mother. Amy ran away from the cafe where this had taken place and returned only to allow her daughter to quit the violin. Amy realized that she had lost and it was up to LuLU to decide what she wanted to do. LuLu compromised because she actually did love the violin and so instead of quitting completely she just played less.

23: Never are you allowed to play any instrument other than the violin or piano. | After the fight, Amy gave LulU more choices. Their relationship was strained but the communication between the two like people. The kind of people who would fight and argue but then be best friends the next moment. Amy even signed LuLu up for an electric violin lesson. This was a change in Amy who would only allow their girls to play classical pieces.

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