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Battle Of The Bulge

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FC: Battle of the Bulge By Evan Wilson

1: BATTLE OF THE BULGE TIMELINE DECEMBER 16, 1944: The Battle begins. The Germans attack in the Ardennes and take the American troops by surprise. DECEMBER 17: German troops push the Allies back in the North and South. Troops in the south withdraw to the west side of the Our River. U.S. troops send for reinforcements. DECEMBER 18: The Germans break through U.S. lines and attack and encircle whole companies. DECEMBER 19: A German tank destroyer battaliion reaches Bastogne and surrounds the town. DECEMBER 21: The winter weather improves and lets the allies send aircraft to attack the German army. DECEMBER 24: German offensive loses its momentum. The allied troops in Bastogne get their supplies dropped to them by aircraft. DECEMBER 25: Allied forces begin counterattacks within the German bulge. DECEMBER 26: Allied forces break through to Bastogne. DECEMBER 29: Allied forces prepare for a huge counterattack in the Ardennes. JANUARY 1, 1945: Germans lose ground in the Ardennes, but launch another attack called Operation Nordwind in Alsace. JANUARY 4: Some of Germany's Panzer army retreat to the Eastern front. JANUARY 6: Hitler agrees to withdraw troops from the Ardennes JANUARY 10: German forces withdraw from the western parts of the bulge. JANUARY 23: German forces withdraw back across the Our River. JANUARY 27: Germans lose everything they gained during the battle. The Ardennes offensive officially ends.

2: American soldiers of the 75th division guard against the Germans in the Ardennes. Source: v-n-i.blogspot.com

3: German soldiers go past a destroyed U.S. halftrack in December 1944. Source: howstuffworks.com

4: This is a tank destroyer in a dug-in ramp with camouflage on Dec.16, 1944. The ramp gives it plenty of elevation to shoot at long-range enemies. Source: www.history.army.mil

5: This member of the 101st Airborne Division was killed while fighting with fellow soldiers trying to drive Nazis from a heavily forested area near Bastogne on January 10, 1945. Source: www.history.army.mil

6: This jeep has a large wire cutter attached to the front of the car so it can cut through barbed wire fences. Source:WW2-pictures.com

7: U.S. tank soldiers gather around a fire on December 30,1944 and open Christmas packages that were sent to them from home. Source: www.history.army.mil

8: This map shows where the Battle of the Bulge took place. The dark blue line that goes from top to bottom shows the line of allied troops. The bulge in the middle shows where the Germans tried to break through their lines with a surprise attack. Source: v-n-i.blogspot.com

9: On December 23, 1944, members of the 101st Airborne are on guard with bazookas for enemy tanks coming down the road to Bastogne. Source: www.history.army.mil

10: This M-36 tank destroyer is painted white to blend in with the snow as it crosses the field. Source: www.history.army.mil

11: U.S. soldiers quickly dig foxholes to save themselves from getting shot after one of the soldiers is shot by enemy fire. Source: www.stripes.com

12: U.S. soldiers take over a German tank that ran out of gas as it was going to reinforce Nazi troops during the Battle of the Bulge. The crew surrendered after they ran out of gas. Source: www.stripes.com

13: American soldiers move through Blhain, Belgium to attack Nazi troops outside of the town on January 11, 1945. Source: www.realwarphotos.com

14: Source:New York Times, Dec 19, 1944 pg. 2 http://hn.bigchalk.com/hnweb/hn/do/document?set=search&start=1&rendition=x-article image&inmylist=f alse&urn=urn%3Aproquest%3AUS%3BPQDOC%3BHNP%3BPQD%3BHNP%3BPROD%3Bx-article image%3B86889952& mylisturn=urn%3Aproquest%3AUS%3BPQDOC%3BHNP%3BPQD%3BHNP%3BPROD%3Bx-citation%3B86889952

15: Source: The New York Times,December 23, 1944, page 1 http://www.meredith.edu/summer-reading/roosevelt/images/441223BattleofBulge.jpg

16: Source: The Christian Science Monitor, Dec 20, 1944 pg. 2 http://hn.bigchalk.com/hnweb/hn/do/document?set=search&start=1&rendition=x-article-image&inmylist=false&urn=urn%3Aproquest%3AUS%3BPQDOC%3BHNP%3BPQD%3BHNP%3BPROD%3Bxarticleimage%3B211619252&mylisturn=urn%3Aproquest%3AUS%3BPQDOC%3BHNP%3BPQD%3BHNP%3BPRzz% 3Bx-citation%3B211619252

17: Source: The Washington Post, Dec 22, 1944 pg. 2 http://hn.bigchalk.com/hnweb/hn/do/document?set=search&start=1&rendition=x-article-image&inmylist=false&urn=urn%3Aproquest%3AUS%3BPQDOC%3BHNP%3BPQD%3BHNP%3BPROD%3Bx-article-image%3B279920972&mylisturn=urn%3Aproquest%3AUS%3BPQDOC%3BHNP%3BPQD%3BHNP%3BPROD%3Bx-citation%3B279920972

18: New York Times, Dec 26, 1944 pg. 1 http://hn.bigchalk.com/hnweb/hn/do/document?set=search&start=1&rendition=x-article-image&inmylist=false&urn =urn%3Aproquest%3AUS%3BPQDOC%3BHNP%3BPQD%3BHNP%3BPROD%3Bxarticleimage%3B88609955&mylisturn=urn%3Aproquest%3AUS%3BPQDOC%3BHNP%3BPQD %3BHNP%3BPROD %3Bx-citation%3B88609955

19: This Is a Rusted piece of a U.S. Sherman tank. http://richardkimmel.webs.com/hauntedbattlefieldrelics.htm

20: An helmet found near Wiltz, Luxembourg, with a bullet hole in it. http://www.final-round.com/resources/index.php?pageid=100

21: A German's old sole to his shoe found on a World War II site. http://richardkimmel.webs.com/hauntedbattlefieldrelics.htm

22: These are old gas cans from German tanks in the battle of the bulge. http://richardkimmel.webs.com/hauntedbattlefieldrelics.htm

23: December 15, 1944 Dear Gretchen, Some of the soldiers think that we can't beat the Americans but I beg to differ and I think with our new secret plan we can win. I can't talk about it much, but it's a plan where we're going to to try to break through their line in a place where they won't expect. It's very cold here and every waking moment I get more and more scared of dying. Tomorrow we are going with our top secret plan and I hope I make It out alive. I thank you for your support from your letters and I really hope this plan works so I can see you soon. Love, Siegfried

24: December 18, 1944 Dear Gretchen, Good news, our plan is working. We attacked in the Ardennes forest and the Americans were surprised. They withdrew to the other side of the Our River. Our tanks broke through their lines and we have surrounded some of their troops. We have surrounded Bastogne and it is only a matter of time until they surrender. I'm glad I made it this far, I hope the battle is over soon and hope we win. Love, Siegfried

25: December 27, 1944 Dear Gretchen, We are starting to lose the battle. We are getting pushed back farther and farther every day. When we told the commanding officer in Bastogne to surrender to us, he sent a letter back to us that said, "Nuts!" They had planes drop in supplies for them. Now the allies are getting stronger and have air support. I hope I don't get captured and killed. Love, Siegfried

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