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Be your own Hero

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S: Be your own Hero

FC: Be your own hero | There is a time for everything and a season for everything under heaven A time to be born and a time to die A time to tear down and a time to build A time to weep and a time to laugh A time to scatter stones and a time to embrace them a time to search and a time to give up a time to keep and a time to throw away A time to tear and a time to mend A time to be silent and a time to speak And a time to love and a time to hate Ecclesiastes 3

1: By: Angela Jenkins | Table of Contents | Prologue Letter of Intro Likes and dislikes Personal Metaphors How to... Who am I? As time goes Bye-Bye Whats ina room? Extraordinary Pet One Medium Suitcase | 2-3 4 5 6-7 8-9 10 11 12-13 14-15 16-17

2: Prologue | "Be your own hero" is the main quote from one of my favorite movies, Whip it. In the movie the main character is in awe at the hardcore roller girls. She tells them "You guys are my hero" and one of them tells her "Why don't you be your own hero". Not only am I into roller derby but this quote inspires me. I think we say "I wish" too much but we don't do. If you wish, then why don't you do it? Stop admiring other people and start being who you want to be. I'm on my journey on creating myself to one day be my own hero. This book captures some of the moments that make me who i am today, and what I've created myself to be...So far.

3: Who she was | What She wanted to be

4: My name is Angela Marguarite Jenkins. I was born in San Antonio, Texas and been to 9 different school. I love to laugh and am a little girl at heart. I enjoy swimming for fun and watching T.V. I love roller coasters and am fond of roller derby. I also love roses and swirls. I can't til 2013 when i graduate. I'm counting down the days. | Letter of Introduction.

5: Likes | Dislikes | Texting friends | Multicolored hair | Skating | Randomness | Creativity | Rain | Movies | Friends | Freedom | Purple | Glitter | Music | Laughter | Authority | Schedules | Being home all day | Lectures | Punishments | Loneliness | "No" | Moving | Haters | Judgmental people | Rules | Cleaning

6: If i was an article of clothing id be jeans cuz their comfortable and come in all types. | If i was a.. | If i were an animal I'd be a snake, because, like a snake, i don't bite unless you get in my way, threaten me, or bother me. | If i was a vehicle I'd be a motorcycle because i love thrills. | If i was a day i would be Friday because i can do my work but have my fun after. | If i was a movie I'd be Whip it because I'm beginning to be who I want to be. | If i was a fragrance id be Coconut Banana cuz its a unique mix! | If i was a food id be sour patch kids cuz i can be sweet but sour sometimes. | If i was a color id be purple because its not so bright but isn't black. | If i was a type of building id be a 3 story because there so much too me and will be so much more! | If i was a plant I'd be a rose because even a rose has its thorns.

7: If i was a musical instrument id be drums because they follow the beat. | If If i was geometric shape id be a circle because unfortunately i get stuck in old habits and its one big circle. | If i was a piece of furniture I'd be a big comfy chair because sometimes you just need to sit back and relax. | If i was a season I'd be spring because everything' coming alive again. | If i was a song I'd be a be Brusies because sometimes i fall! (like in the song) | If i was a television character if be Alex from totally spies because im funny AND smart. | If i was a cartoon I'd be starfire because I'm bubbly and laugh alot. | If i was an appliance I'd be a blender because I'm loud! | If i was a Natural Phenomenon I'd be a volcano because I'm a blast. | If i was a word I'd be dynamite because its random and cool.

8: 1. Don't make your bed 2. Take extra long to get ready 3. When they yell to hurry up, walk even slower 4. When they yell more, laugh 5 When they try to take your phone, walk away 6. When they chase you, run 7. When they give up chasing say you don't want to go to school anymore 8. When they tell you your going say "Nah, don't feel like it" 9. When they say too bad ,walk up to your room and lay in your bed 10. When you hear them yelling to get up, lock the door | How to: Piss off your parents

9: Guaranteed: To make your parents mad, angry or really annoyed in some kind of way. | Warning: Following instructions may cause constant screaming/lecturing, grounding, taking of phone, ipod, computer TV (etc.) These directions are not responsible for any damages. :) Thank you

10: I Am A friend til the end A daughter of my father A lover of Another A teacher like Gods' preacher A sister but from another mister | Friend: I take friends very seriously and am very loyal. I have a lot of long term friends who I will be friends with til the end. Daughter: I have a dad and a mom too, I am their child. Lover: As a Christian i love everyone, not necessarily in a romantic way but in a way where we are all Gods children. Teacher: When i say like God preacher i am a spreader of Gods word, i teach others about Jesus as much as i can. Sister: I have a sister but we have different dads, hence from another mister

11: M | M | My Bucket List Skydive 4 mission trips Own a wall where i can paint, draw, spray paint anything on in my house Own a hair salon or restaurant Go to the Great Coral Reef in Australia Live in California Get one tattoo Get one piercing Change someones life Turn someone to Jesus Write a short novel Take a vacation with close friends Adopt a deaf child | Before i am 35 i would like to be able to completely support myself. This is my ultimate goal because i think its essential for an individual, especially a woman to be able to completely support themselves so they don't get in difficult situations or have to relay on someone else | Bye-Bye As a military child and a normal teenager I've been through many stages. It almost feels as if some of my "lives" never existed because they are all gone, i don't live there or have contact with anyone. Sometimes past experiences seem like a dream. Thats what moving feels like. Compared to normal teenage puberty stages moving has been way more difficult. Its like starting all over again, which isn't all bad. Sometimes its nice to have a new start so you don't make same mistakes:)

12: My Room | My room is very much a reflection of me. I have a reversible comforter one side is zebra print while the other is pink cheetah print, this shows i love change. When i get bored i just flip over my comforter and it changes the whole appearance of my room. I have black furniture which is my favorite color because i can jazz it up with accessories. (such as my vibrant comforter) I also have a huge conferable bed, i love to sleep. My walls are yellow, i hate yellow. This reflect how lazy i am to repaint my room. My closet is huge and my drawers are abundant, the mall could be my second home. Shopping is my passion and i need room to put all my clothes away!

13: My room also has a taste of my past like my Mardi Gras mask. I lived in Biloxi Mississippi for 5 years when i was a little girl. My most vivid memory is Mardi Gras, going to parades, getting beads and candy, getting purple yellow and green cake. It was a big part of my childhood. Another big part of me is hanging on my wall, a sketch of me and my best friend, Angela F. We share everything, including names, and even braces in our smiling pictures. Everytime i see that picture i remember how grateful i am for true friends.

14: My Pet, Ellie the Elephant | I have an Elephant, her name is Ellie. We have picnics together, and we have grape jelly. Sometimes she gives me a ride On her great big back I wish i could ride other animals but thats what they lack. Sometimes after I'm out all day I come home tired and dirty from play and i just want to hit the hay And my faithful pet Ellie, Comes to my side She takes her big trunk and sprays me with water so i can go inside But my poor baby Ellie Cant fit in the house I would love to have her with me

15: Just like my pet mouse But i built barn for her' just outside my wall. So its only like she's just across the hall. But sometimes my Ellie gets lonely at night and sometimes strange noises give her a fright So because i love Ellie i bought her a friend Another pet with time she can spend So now i have two pets an elephant and panda i cant wait til tomorrow To play with Ellie and Amanda.

16: One Medium Suitcase | I would take my cell phone for contact so i can maintain relationships and make new relationships. I would also take my Charger for my phone so i can use it every day. Along with my itouch for music and entertainment and my charger for my itouch. I would take my gray skinny jeans, my torn blue jeans, my black jeans, and my white jeans. All my purple shirts and my black jacket for clothes and warmth when it gets cold. I would also take my straightener and brush because messy hair annoys me greatly. My wallet with all my life savings would come along with me as well so i can get a hump start on my future and have some cash. My jewelry would join me as well so i can accessorize. Last but not least my favorite stuff animal would be an essential because she makes me feel safe.

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