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bill of rights

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S: The Bill of Rights

BC: The Bill of Rights | learn about your rights as a free American!

FC: The Bill of Rights | by Madeleine Aikin | U-1 | may 14, 2012

1: BILL OF RIGHTS by Madeleine Aikin

2: Amendment 1 | Because of amendment one, people are able to chose to believe in a religion or to not believe in a religion. The free exercise clause lets you chose what religion you want to practice. The establishment clause makes sure that the government cant make the US have one religion. | freedom or religion | others!!!

3: AMENDMENT 1 | A:assembly you can gather with people where you wish P:petition you can ask the government for a change P:press you are able to read or write as you wish S:speech you are able to express your beliefs with other people | freedom of expression | Because of the freedom of expression you are able to assemble ( meet gather see) with other people, have a petition to ask the government to change something, able to read or write what you want (imagine everything you read you were told to read, you cant chose your own books!) m, and you have the right to sing or talk about what ever you want, but there are some rules you need to follow. Like if a parent went in to a kindergarten classroom and started swearing then their time, place and manner were all bad because -they could have sworn when school was out and nobody was there:bad timing. -they could have sworn alone with no kids around, especially not at a school:bad place and they also just shouldn't have been swearing all therefore, :bad manner (manner is the way you express yourself.) | APPS

4: AMENDMENT 2 | THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS | Amendment 2 is all about gun ownership. People have the right to bear (carry, have, own) arms (weapons, mostly guns). If you want to own a gun there are limitations on what kind of guns you can have. You can't have assault weapons really heavy duty guns and in some cities you cant have hand guns. Your state can protect you by having its own militia. (A militia is a small army run by your state.)

5: WALMARt r sells the most guns | amendment 3 | the right to not have to house soldiers | Amendment 3 is protection as well. It is protection from soldiers. You don't have to QUARTER (quarter means to house, or let them sleep have shelter and food in your house) soldiers in your house. The reason why this was written was because during the Revolutionary War the British soldiers made colonists house them in their houses during the war. | we don't take no soldier boys. wrong house kids. | not

6: Amendment 4 | WARRaNT | The fourth amendment says that nobody can come into your home without being invited and they cant do unreasonable searches and seizures without probable cause. That means no one can search or take anything from your home without either your permission or a search warrant, or a very good reason. A search warrant is when the court gives you permission to search or take something.

7: Amendment 5 | I plead the fifth. | (part one) | The fifth amendment says you cannot be held to answer for a capital crime crime,or a infamous crime by held for an answer you don't have to answer any of the questions infamous crime is where you commit a serious crime punishable by death. Then the Grand Jury reviews the case, and decides if the person is guilty or not. The grand Jury is a group of citizens who decide weather the person is guilty or not.

8: if YOUR house is for sale, Some government people might like to buy it, but be sure they pay the full compensation. Compensation is basically a big word for payment. But if the government buys your property, for full compensation, of course, then they'd have to use it for public use | Amendment 5 part 2 | of course my house is being sold for full price | for sale

9: amendment 6 | speedy trial | if you have been arrested and put in jail for more than one year and you haven't even had your trial yet then that is going against the 6th amendment.When you do have your trial make sure that all of the people in the jury are fair like they don't have a grudge against you and they don't immediately want you to be guilty

10: amendment 7 is basically if you sue someone for over $1500 you get the right of a jury of 12 people who decide the case. | Amendment 7 | $20 bucks or more!

11: Amendment 8 teribile punnishments | The 8th protects people from cruel and unusual punishment. you can't hang people, you can't torture people, and most gross ways that someone can punish you. it also makes sure that when you are in jail you can get out with a reasonable bail but they cant give you an excessive bail (a exccessive bail is a unreasonable amount of money that you pay to get out of jail) and you have to have excessice fines (excessive fines are fines that are fines that you can't pay like 2million dollars).

12: amendment 9 | people's power | even though the constitution doesn't list voting in our constitutional rights we still get to vote because of amendment 9, it states that we have more rights than listed in the constitution. | we are voting!!!!!

13: amendment 10 states powers | the tenth amendment states: the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. The states determine the rules for marriages, divorces, driving licenses, voting, state taxes, job and school requirements, rules for police and fire departments, and many more.States regulate many of our rights, not the federal government.The federal government does not control these areas because they are not mentioned in the Constitution, and so they are under the control of the states.

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