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Black Death

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BC: Work Cited Burgundy, Abelgard. Medevil World. Vol 1. Conneticut: Groiler Education 2001. Kreis, Steven. " Lecture 29: Satan Triumphant: The Black Death. The History Guide -- main. Web. 05 Dec 2011 McGowen, Tom. The Black Death. New York: Groiler, 1995 Print Pirotta, Saviour. Health and Medicine. UK: Franklin Watts, 2005. Print.

FC: Medieval Times | The best newspaper of the 1300s! | BLACK PLAGUE ATTACKS EUROPE

1: BREAKING NEWS!!! The black plague is becoming out of control. People are dieing by the dozen!!! If you get the black plague there is no way to escape...

2: _People all over the world are terrified about were the Black Plague will strike next! | The black plague has already taken thousands of life's from innocent people. This plague has no cure. Your only way to stay safe was to hide until it was gone. | No Place to Hide | Everyone is frantically running, desperate to keep their family and themselves safe.

3: Places were the black plague attacked. Gobi Desert Mogolia China India Mesopotamia Alexandria Cairo North Africa Genoa Messina Sicily Catania Trapani Pisa Marseilles and more.....

5: Spreading of the Black Plague

6: What Happens to the Unlucky People Who Caught It. | People all over Europe are suffering from family members dieing from the plague. Here is what a sick peasants mother witnessed when her son caught the black plague.

7: If you catch the black plague you only have four days left to live. On the first day most people get very severe pain throughout their whole body. Then you will probably begin to shiver and get the chills. Next you will get a terrible headache and a high fever, eventually you will become very dizzy. By the second or third day you will no longer be able to stand due to all the pain in your body and how weak you will have become. It is normal to have swelling on your body the size of peas. The swelling will not go away, in fact it will do the opposite. They will grow to the size of hens eggs and cause agonizing pain. Then you will begin to cough and/or vomit blood. And if you were not already dead by the fourth day, you will be ready to succumb to death.

8: The black plague got its name from the spots people got. The spots are called buboes. The spots or buboes turn a very dark color like black if they weren't treated. Therefor it is called the black plague. | How The Plague Was Named

9: Getting Rid of Bodies | One way to get rid of dead bodies is to drop them into special pits. These pits are called plague pits. The corpses are put into a death cart and then taken to the plague pits were they will be buried. | Solution #1 | This is a picture of a death care filled with bodies.

10: Many ships were coming into ports all over Italy. Some of the ships coming in had been coming from different parts of Europe. Some of the places were | already infected by the plague but others were not. When the ships came in people were surprised to see how sick some of the crew memebers were. After a few days it was discovered that the ship was infested with infected rats and the crew had the black plague. By the time they realized what was happening the rats had already got off the ship and Italy was Infected.

11: How It Started | The black plague (also known as the black death) started as a disease that was infecting rats that lived in unsanitary towns. It started to kill rats by the dozen. It started to spread to humans when fleas bit the dead infected rats. Then they will take it into an uninfected city or town and bite the humans and animals spreading it to them. Gradually the people would spread the disease with the help of the fleas and before you know it the entire country would be infected. | Rats | Foreign ships would ten come in and rats could go aboard the ship. If the crew didn't notice the rats on the ship they would leave the port and start there journey home. By the time they would be back were they came from most of the crew and anyone else on the ship would most likely be dieing if they were not already dead. If the country they were coming to was not already infected from the black plague the rats and fleas on board the ship would infect the city. Also the infected people from on the ship were putting their family into danger if they were not aware of how contagious it really was.

12: Fun Facts On The Plague | 1) About 7500 people died on average every day. 2) It was named the Black Plague after the black spots that would form on the persons skin. 3) An estimated 200 million people died in Europe alone. That is nearly a third of its total population. 4) The plague stayed in Europe from 1348 until 1350. 5) When the disease hit China in 1328 its population went from 125 million to just 19 million in just 50 years.

13: 6) The black originated as a disease that only killed rats. 7) When a victoms' blood was let it was black thick and smelled with green scum mixed in. 8) People in the Middle Ages think the black death originated in the Gobi Desert. 9) When the population dropped it resulted in a higher value being placed on labor. 10) Outbreaks of the plague continued after 1351 for the next 60 years.

14: Modern Medicine | Some people think the black plague was left back in the middle ages. Anyone who thinks that is wrong. The black plague is still here today just not as common. Cases of the black plague are becoming less common thanks to better hygiene, modern sewage systems, and public health organizations.

15: On the rare occasions that someone does manage to get the black plague now there is a much more simple way of treating the person. The patient is first isolated and then the rodent population that gave the disease is tracked down and killed. This is done very easily now but in the middle ages doing something like this would have been impossible. So if anyone does get the black plague it can be controlled thanks to modern day medicine and technology.

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