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Black Plague

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S: Contamination

BC: A work of scary historical fiction that tugs at the heart -Stephen King Great piece of work for a first book -Rick Riordan Maximizes the the idea of the suffering that people went through -New York Times Wonderfully gross, romantic, and yet frightening. THis is the start to a great career -Kirkus Review

FC: Contamination: The Early Ages By: Devon Hughes

1: Dedicated to the peasants whose lives where taken by the plague!

2: Day 1 of pilgrimage I have started to write this journal to track how my pilgrimage is going, I am also writing this in case I am slaughtered by trekking Italians. I have stumbled upon a community of Gobi, but I don't think this wonderful town is all that it seems. Never the less, my wife, Abagail and I have to stay true to Christianity. Somewhere that they won't find me. | Anyway, I have to put the quill down, because some of the locals are coming to greet our party.

3: Day 2 of pilgrimage Today a man was being lead to a doctor, to be diagnosed , but he had swellings in the armpits and groin, and black boils that were bleeding blood and pus. Other symptoms included a high fever, coughing up blood. I am intrigued, because I have seen many sickness but none like this. Bless his poor soul to have such a sickness befall upon him. This sickness is worrying, because the doctors are baffled with how unknown this sickness is. On a brighter note, my wife and I have found a comfortable inn to stay at until we continue our pilgrimage. | There are rumors of hostile Italians being seen on the outskirts of town,but the town's scouts are being sent to search.Probably nothing to worry about.

4: Day 3 of pilgrimage This odd sickness has struck again! 12 people have been taken to the doctor already, and the poor sap who had caught it first is not expected to recover from this wretched illness. I cannot stay in this town without risking both my life but also my wife's. Wait, I see someone on the hill next to the inn. He is yelling something but it is muffled by others whispers. If I'm not mistaken then he is yelling "Rise brothers, and join the fight!" Wow, there was an army behind the guy, and he is most likely the general. Some of them are setting fire to the inn. These are the Italians people had saw on the outskirts of the village! They are getting closer, I am going to have to run! | Right: Plague doctor

5: Day 4 of pilgrimage My wife and I were not killed in the Italian's ransack, but we along with 10 other people were taken hostage and hauled aboard a Italian ship. I would have made it out of the village, but a Italian had grabbed Abagail. I went in to rescue her, but without the knowledge of how to fight there was no chance in the world I could have won. Since I was most likely going to die, I finally confessed to Abagail about my secret. Before our marriage, I was a serf that worked on her brother's farm. Almost a month before I met Abagail I had managed to outrun the knights patrolling the farm. I managed to make it to a forest near the settlement and stay out of sight. There I changed my name, scarred a small bit of the right side of my face, and change my hair style. Afterwards, i went to the village to sell some valuable things I had made in the forest, but then Abagail had seen me. It was love at first sight, and after nine months we decided to run away and get married. The only thing that made this hard to tell her was that she had absolutely despised serfs. She has not talked to me since then. Having this happen is like some one has stabbed me in my gut. I am have to go see how the other kidnapped families are holding up, to take my mind of Abagail.

6: Day 5 of pilgrimage One of the families I visited was a family of three were the son and father were both knights. I asked if they could train me and some of the other hostages. They decided that if they trained hard then there might be a chance we can escape. We started training today, and I actually enjoyed learning tactics for war and how to do hand to hand combat. I did so good that the family thought I was trained in these things. I told them about the bride snatching Italian I had encountered when saving Abagail. They explained that the brute I went toe to toe with was Mario the Lion heart, and that most people that were untrained would not have a chance of survival because he is a general. Even better, Abagail saw me training and I think that she is starting to love me again.

7: Day 6 of pilgrimage Bad news for our raid, 3 people broke out with the disease we encountered in Gobi. Our raid is going to have to come earlier than expected. The only good thing is that Mario the Lion heart has caught this accursed plague too. No one has found a name for this disease yet, but I think the suitable name for this plague would be "The Black Plague". Our information about the general is late, because this is the third day he has had it. We expect that he will die tomorrow, because not many people survive that long with the Black Plague. I just hope none of our entourage die trying to break free of these barbarians. May God be in our favor.

8: Day 7 of pilgrimage We struck a huge stash of dumb luck! As we expected the leader had died of the plague, and as we were done preparing the guards had left their posts to tend to their general. Also, they were dumb enough to drop the keys to the huge cell in hands reach of us, and leave the cells unattended!We broke out of our cell and searched the boat. We did not realize until now that the bodies of dead plague ridden bodies had to be dumped somewhere. Our raiding party had stumbled upon a gigantic room in the lower decks that contained hundreds of thousands of bodies. This plague is out of control! One of the hostages that caught the plague recovered from this crazy disease, and this proves that this devil concoction of a disease can be beaten. We also managed to get to the armory of the ship without being caught by remaining barbarians. I have to stop the group from leaving the room, because a Italian patrol is walking down the hall ( most likely to check on the prisoners). We have to intercept this patrol because he will kill the women who stayed behind! He is coming towards the armory, but more Italians are filing out behind him from rooms he has passed! They heard about our plan! This is going to be organized massacre!

9: Day 8 of pilgrimage We made it out of the deadly situation were we left off, because all of the men coming down the hall were infected by the devil's plague! Most of the men on this ship are infected with the plague, but at first we thought that they had caught it from us in Gobi. This is impossible because their leader had it when they docked! They are trying to spread this plague all over the continent, and make themselves Death's messenger! We cannot dump the bodies of the dead for fear we might get it ourselves. We did not even have to shed blood because everyone on the ship either surrendered or died of the plague. We have to go to Alexandria to warn them, because based on what we have encountered they have already sent their martyrs there. At least we know something about the plague. Unfortunately, the knight that he- | -lped us learn how to fight has come down with the plague. After the Italians surrendered he started cough in hacking fits, spewing blood. He thinks that it is best for all of the new crew that he dwell in the room with the plague bodies. I feel bad for his son and mother, who haven't yet heard about his decision. I feel it would be in best interest for his family if we said he fell in combat while battling Mario the Lion heart's head goon.

10: Day 9 of pilgrimage We are getting closer to Alexandria every passing second, but it feels like we are just sitting in open water. I have been commissioned to being the doctor of plague victims, but it looks like more people are surviving the Black Death than when they were untreated. A common solution to get rid of the plague is to cut the swellings and let the inside leak out. After the pus and blood leak out, pour a bottle of vinegar. No patients are coming today and my wife is sleeping. One of our crew members has taken charge, and has decided that we should interrogate the Italian prisoners. Apparently, these Italians were looting small communities and one of the villages bartered that if the Italians got rid of the plagued bodies, then they would give resources to the vikings every year. Unable to resist, the Italian raiders took the deal | and the promised resources. Once they were near Gobi, some of the crew members got sick and died. But the Italians did not link the epidemic to the bodies. They had been bad, but the small community that swindled the Italians into taking the bodies off their hands was even worse. Uh oh, looks like I am going to have to treat this patient who has the plague too.

11: Day 15 of pilgrimage We have finally arrived in Alexandria, but it looks like we were too late. The odor was so strong that we could smell it from the harbor! There were so many bodies in some places that you could not see the ground. You would only see a group of 3 or 2 every mile through the city! People are saying that family members that got sick saw a reaper a day before they got sick. Some people are rallying groups, blaming the Jews for the epidemic. More are attacking the churches, and blaming priests. This once great city is in chaos! A group came to us to see if we were Jewish, but we did not know at the time that saying yes would get us killed. Three people answered yes and were killed on the spot. We did not try to resist the greeting party knowing we would die to, but we silently mourned the death of those three.

12: Day 16 of pilgrimage I have bad news, my wife, Abagail, came in to the infirmary where I work, in the center of Alexandria, where we treat plague victims. Unfortunately, she came in sick with the plague. I am trying to treat her, but my medicine is not working. I decided that my wife is better than risking my part time job. She has had these symptoms so far: coughing up blood, swelling in the armpits, groin, and black boils, nausea and fever. I have tried my technique for curing the sickness with vinegar, but no results have come. I fear the worst, and I have not left my wifes side since she came in. I have had passing plague doctors fetch me food, a chair, and a quilt. | Some of the crew members we sailed here with came to spend some time, but it was only I who stayed by her side for long. I think my wife is going to wake up soon, so I am going to have to stop writing.

13: Day 17 of pilgrimage Abagail saw a reaper in her dream that occurred yesterday, surely not a good sign. I told her that this means nothing, but I wish I could make myself think that. Reapers are saw by plague victims the day before they die, which is taken as a bad omen. Most people will leave the victims to die after seeing a reaper. I still think that there is a chance of recovery, but I will not get my hopes up. If she does end up dying, then I will devote all my time to curing this disease. Abagail is going into a hacking fit, I am going to have to stop writing.

14: Day 18 of pilgrimage Abagail died this afternoon, she had died when I looked out the window to see a reaper knock at our door. She was a great woman, and she came to forgive me for not telling her I was an escapee serf. Her dieing words were "I will never forget how wonderful a husband you were". At first I was crying and promising her I would see her again. I felt like a chunk of me was ripped from my heart. I got light headed and cried even more. We were only married 2 months and 17 days, and it still felt like that life was not worth living without her. I am making this last log to tell what happened to me. I am going to commit suicide in hopes that I will be able to see my wife Abagail again. I hope someone finds this log to tell others about this heartless plague.

15: Abagail Hughes: Died of Septicemic Plague Septicemic plague is a form of the Black death, but it gets into your blood stream and is always fatal if not treated This disease was released when we found the body of Abagail over 5 days ago !8 people have died this day (November 18th) of Septicemic plague in just southern Europe. 102 people have been diagnosed today as the aggressive form of Septicemic Plague The epidemic continues...

16: Septicemic plague is an actual disease, though it does not affect many people. It can be treated,but the likes of surviving this disease are slim. This disease is not a current epidemic thanks to our complex sewer systems, which keep the rats that carry the fleas that carry this dreadful plague out of our way. Be warned, this disease is all but extinct, because even though the Black Plague was unheard of for a few years. It now only effects about 3 people a year, and most of those unlucky people survive. The septicemic form of the Black Plague is an even more unheard of affliction.

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