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Black Plague thingy

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FC: The Plague Family | By Elias Dreisbach

1: Dedicated to the survivors of the Black Plague.

2: In 1349, there was a middle class family consisting of a mom, dad, boy, and girl. They were all living a happy life together in Medieval Europe until one day...

3: It was a Monday. They had all woken up at the same time and were eating breakfast. Then, suddenly, dad saw a flea on his neck. "Ow!" he yelled as it bit him. "Are you okay, honey?" asked the mom. "Yeah, I'm sure it's nothing," answered the dad. He was wrong.

4: Dad was discussing castles with one of his co-workers while building a chair (he was a carpenter) when he coughed up blood. "You really don't look so good," said his co-worker. "You should go home."

5: "No!" Dad yelled. "I must keep serving the lord no matter what!" Suddenly, his boss emerged. "I don't think the lord would appreciate blood on his furniture. You must go home and recover."

6: "Hi honey," said Mom when Dad arrived home. "Why are you back so early?" "They say i'm sick," dad said before coughing up more blood. "I'm sure a bath will make me feel better."

7: As he prepared to get into the bathtub, he noticed something horrible in-between his legs. Large white bumps, or buboes, were all over! | He immediately ran down to show his wife. "AH!" she yelled. "What is that thing?" "I don't know."

8: "Do you know if there are any m-m-more?" she asked, frightened. "I'm not sure. Could you check my back?" She did, and what she saw horrified her. There were large circular black scab things all over. It was at that moment the children came back from school.

9: Mom quickly rushed the kids upstairs into a room and locked it. "Mommy, what's wrong with daddy?" asked the boy. "I think he has the Black Death. Don't tell him I said that." "DAD, MOM SAYS YOU HAVE THE B-" "SHUT UP!" OK, mommy."

10: "Kids, let daddy come in!" yelled Dad. "Honey, please, go see a doctor!" urged Mom. "Ok, fine. But I know i'm ok."

11: The next day, the family went to the doctor, who wore a strange birdlike costume that was used to keep from catching the plague. "Bad news," he said. "Your husband has the Black Death." "NOOOO! IT CAN'T BE TRUE!" "It isn't. He's obviously lying about me having the plague so he can make more money! Come on, let's leave."

12: "Now, I think it's obvious that I got sick from this rotten food. From now on in this house, no eating food!" announced Dad. Since the family knew not to argue with Dad, they decided not to eat. Turns out, that would only makes things worse. | a

13: The next day, dad was no longer alive. The kids and mom began to feel sick, too. They decided to go see a doctor and actually stay.

14: "Mmmhmm," said the doctor. "I'm afraid you've all caught the plague. However, there are some treatments we can offer you."

15: "What exactly are these treatments you can give us?" "Well, we have been experimenting with arsenic. Some of the other treatments we're working on include drinking your own urine twice a day, bleeding, and being covered in onion and butter." "Hmm, maybe just dying would be better."

16: After leaving the doctor's office, the trio stumbled upon some rather nice villagers. "Mam, do you have the plague?" "Yes, unfortunately I do, as do my children." "Then come with us." "Why?" "We're going to the church to get blessed so that maybe God will spare us from this horrid disease." Up for anything, she agreed.

17: After that, they all went to the Church to get a blessing. They were all hopeful that God would help them and that they would all live.

18: One day passed. They realized that there was no hope, and that they would all die. However, they kept a very small glimmer of hope, and prayed that they would live. Who knew, maybe a miracle would happen, they thought.

19: Suddenly, they all began to collapse. After days of suffering, they were finally dead. Perhaps death was a miracle, after all. | THE END

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