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FC: trinity high school 1976

1: Trinity High School

3: Freshmen Gregory Bailey; debate team, honors student, turned classroom into Nazi Germany.'i don't cheat Brother Leon.' Theme Song; Before He Cheats. David Caroni; honor student, wants Brother Leon to change his grade from an F to an A. Brother Leon blackmails Caroni. 'If teachers did this kind of thing, what kind of world could it be?' Theme song; You're So Vain. Tubs Casper; Is 40 pounds overweight, he is working really hard on the chocolate sale so that he can buy Rita that bracelet. '$18.95 plus tax the 3 perecnt sales tax which Tubs figured out would make a grand total of $19.52.' Theme song; Fat. Jerry Renault; plays football, had an assignment to say no to selling chocolate for 10 days, he surpasses the 10 days. this makes his life horrible. ''My name is Jerry Renaultand I'm not going to sell the chocolates.' Theme song; My Immortal. Harold Darcy; quiet, until he asks Brother leon that question.'Everybody else is doing his part, why isn't Renault."Theme song; Who Let The dogs Out. Roland 'Goober' Goubert; foootball player who likes to run, Is friends with Jerry.

5: Sophmores; From left to right; Danny Arcangelo; debate team, boxer, honor student is best frineds with kevin Chartier, he along with Kevin agree with Jerry to join the movment to quit selling the chocolates. "'Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm getting tire dof selling crap. The kid's probobly got the right idea.' Theme Song; You've Got A Friend In Me Kevin Chartier; He is best frineds with Danny Argangelo, debate club, they both decided to quit the chocolate sales, ''I'm getting sick of selling stuff. Jeez, my father's calling me my son the salesman.' Theme Song; You've Got a Friend In Me Tommy Desjardins; honor student, his dad is a dentist, richest person in Trinity. He sold all the boxes. 'Desjardins is the richest kid at Trinity.' Theme Song; Rich People Die Happy Fontaine; Fontaine is the biggest seller of the chocolate sales.

7: Juniors Howie Anderson; president of junior class, varsity football team. honor student, people think of him as an intellectual roughneck. Howie decides not to sell the chocolates.'No Richy. This is the age of do your own thing. let everybody do this thing.. If the kid wants to sell let him, if he doesn't same thing applies.' Theme Song; Hail to the Cheif. Archie Costello; secretary of the Vigils, leader of Room 19 incident, and boxing match raffle incident.'You've disobeyed the Vigils once already Jerry.This calls for punishment. Now, we the Vigils don't believe in physical violence, but we've found it neccessary to have a punishment code."Theme Song; Your A Jerk. Obie; Obie is Archie's sidekick. Obie manipulated by Archie he always tries to be smarter than Archie. It usually doesn't work. "'Maybe the blackbox will work next time Archie.' Theme Song; The Sidekick Song Frankie Rollo: Beaten up Bill Carter for insulting Archie at Vigils meeting."'Hell, you guys can't even score a punk freshmen into selling a few lousy chocolates.' Theme song; I'm Not Down

9: Seniors Class of 1976 From Left To Right: Bill Carter; Carter is all star guard on the football team and president of the Boxing Club and the Vigils. He beat up Frankie Rollo for teasing Archie.'Big beefy varsity guard who looked as if he could chew up freshmen and spit them out.' Theme Song; Strong Men Carlson; Is a thin and mild boy, debate team, Emile Janza siphons gas from Carlson's car. 'What would you do Emile, if Carlson came along and saw you stealing gas.' Theme song; Your Stealing Music (bootleg song) Brian Cochran; treasurer of the chocolate sale, Theme Song; Money, Money, Money John Sulkey; He is horrible at sports, below average in studies. 'Lousy at sports and a squeaker at studies.' Theme Song; Daddy's Little Dream. Emile Janza; described as a brute with small eyes. he is liek archie's puppet."'picture that haunted his life.' Theme Song; Les Brutes

10: This is the faculty Brother Leon

12: This is the faculty Brother Leon; he is hoping to be the head person of the school i think he already is. I think he is the worst teacher ever, is where wee than Arhie. Sadly, Leon will be back next year. Next, is Brother Eugene. He is the teacher that was faced with the horrible Room 19 assignment which Archie caused. Due to this incident Brother Eugene wil

13: not be returning nexy year, This is Brother Jacques he was the one who shut off the lights in the raffle boxing fight where Jerry had to get sent to the hospital. Jacques will be returning next year. This is Brother Andrew. He is an art teacher here at Trinity. He loves going to the beach and drawing the scene. When Jerry had Brother Andrew then his painting goes missing. Brother Andrew has no choice but to fail him for the semester. Finally, this is the coach. He is aperson who likes to yell. Especially at Renault. He wants to push people to their full potential.

15: Current Events of 1976 These are some of the many concepts of 1976. Such as Farrah Faucet's poster. In her red one piece bathing suit. Like when the olympics were held in Montrel Canada. Which was aweasome. Famous stars such as Elvis Presley. The picture on the bottem is the picture of a man in this time. When they had the elections for president in 1976 Jimmy Carter won. but on tthe map there are mopstly blue but Carter was republican. So, the reason he won wss because of the different states like Texas voted for him they had more elctoral votes.

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