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Blank Canvas

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1: "I hate all these notes I wish I could understand the past better. I wish I was there ......."

2: Thomas goes to sleep he is in a dream."Why am I in this stupid wig and all these stupid clothes? Why do I see all these horses and Is that a wagon?"

3: "What year is it sir?" "It is the late 1700's." "Are you joking I'm from the year 2009." "Are you crazy? You need to go see doctor pepper!" Thomas walks to doctor peppers office.

4: "Son what's wrong with you? I haven't seen you around here before. Where are you from?" "I am from the year 2009!!" "I'm glad your here we need to talk about some things. I'm gonna use the scientific theory to figure out what's wrong with you. Have you been hit?" "Ok thats it i'm leaving!" Thomas walks out of the doctors office really mad.

5: "Ugh!!....Oh well it's getting kinda late I better find somewhere to sleep for the night." Thomas goes to sleep under an apple tree."

6: The morning comes. "Ouch!!...What was that?" "That was an apple that fell on your head." "Um..Who are you?" "I am Isaac Newton" "Your Isaac Newton?"

7: "Yes I am Isaac Newton and that apple that just fell on your head gave me a great idea." "Let me guess gravity?" "How did you know?" "Long story." "Oh, well yes the idea was gravity."

9: "Well Isaac, I'm gonna go walk around town more it's been real nice meeting you." Thomas leaves to walk around town.

10: "I hope I see someone else famous. Seeing Isaac Newton was pretty cool though. What town am I in anyway? I don't know I'm just going to enjoy it while i can."

11: "Life, Liberty and Property!!! That's what is right in this world!" "Wow that sound really familiar where have i heard that before??.....John Locke!1 The Age of Reason!"

12: "John Locke. I'm a really big fan." "Really? Why is that? | "I like your ideas about how people can learn from experience and improve yourself. And about the life, liberty and property that are people's natural rights." "How? How do u know so much." "Haha long story.

13: "Finally!!! I'm glad someone other than Thomas Hobbs sees eye to eye with me." "Well sir, its just what people deserve." "Very true very true your a really smart boy. Do you wanna go listen to Jean Jacques Rousseau speak? "WOULD I EVER!!" "Lets go then" John Locke and Thomas go to the courthouse to her Rousseau speak.

14: "Goodness! There's a whole lot of people in here. So, stay close boy." "Where are we gonna sit?" "Don't worry Rousseau is a close friend he has us some seats reserved." The boy thinks to himself. "WOW! This day just gets better and better first i help Newton discover gravity now Jean Jacques Rousseau is reserving me seats? This is just amazing!" "Shhhh!! Shhhh!! everyone he's about to start." Says John

15: "I am here today to about Freedom. About how a man is born free!! He has the right to be free!! Civilization today is corrupt in many ways one these is about Freedom!" | "What do u expect us to do about it" Says one of the townsmen. "Make it right! Don't let people push you around STAND UP for what you believe!!

16: "I know he was a great man and all Mr. Locke but, is he gonna talk all day?" "Probably." "Well then Mr. Locke its been really cool meeting you but, it's time for me to leave its been an honor." "The honor's all mine." With a hand shake Thomas leaves the courthouse.

17: "Thomas, Thomas, Thomas! Wake up this second!" "Huh? What happened?" "Oh i will tell you what happened you feel asleep in my class again! I hope your ready for the test tomorrow on the Geocentric Theory, Isaac Newton, John Locke and Rousseau." "Oh yes i will be." Thomas smiles while looking at the teacher.

18: Thomas goes home and tells his mom about his crazy dream at school. "Mom, Mom you'll never guess what happened to me today." "What, what are you ok?" "Of course i am mom i had a crazy dream about...." Thomas' mom interrupts him. "Wait, you were sleeping again? I can't wait till your dad hears about this one." "Mom I'm gonna make a 100 on that test we have tomorrow." "For your sake young man you better!" Thomas storms to his room. "Why do i always tell her stuff? Oh well I'm going to sleep."

19: The next day Thomas gets up and heads on to school. "Thomas? Are you ready to take my test today?" "Yes mam" "Ok then lets get started."

20: "Thomas? What has gotten into you?" "Ugh oh what did I make?" "Thomas you made a 100." "YES!!!" "How did you....." "Long story."

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