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FC: Maci's New Pet By: Samantha and Amani | Maci's New Pet By: Samantha and Amani

1: You parents just told you that you could get one pet. Your parents take you pet place to get your pet of your choice. A cute loving puppy and and Small fluffy kitten seemed to cacthed your eye. Pg.2 -For puppy Pg. 19-For kitten

2: Your parents buy you your brand new puppy. You name him dog(Don't have a very big imangnation as you see). You finally arrivie home. Pg. 13 to play with it Pg. 3 to teach it Kung Fu.

3: You Teach Dog Kung Fu. He is the best Kung Fu Dog there ever is. You hope that some day he will be a world champion Kung Fu fighter. Pg. 4 to pet it Pg. 9 to beat up little sister.

4: You reach done to pet dog. All of a sudden do bites your hand off. You are scared out of your mind. Dog has never done that for the hour you had dog. Pg.5 to go to the hospital. Pg. 6 reason with it.

5: You rush to the hospital with the hand in your other hand, The take you right into surgey. But what you didn't know is that the surgen is the Dog. You try to get away but it does no good. Goodbye The End

6: You try to reason with Dog. But it does not go so well.You aruge for hours. But you get no where. So you must do something differnt. Pg. 7 to aruge some more Pg.8 to fight Dog

7: You try aruging with Dog. But he get annoyed quick. He used the Kung Fu moves you tought him. He 10 seconds you were already died. The police found you the next day and Dog got away. The End

8: Dog use Kung Fu that you tought him to kill you long and painfully. I'm sorry to say that that was very stupid to teach a evil dog. Your funeral is February 26, 2010. The End

9: Dog ate your little sister alive in seconds. No one could do anything about her tragic death. She will be missed and it alls your fault. Pg.11 to shoot Dog Pg.10 to give Dog a bone.

10: You give dog a Milkbone dog treat that most dog love. He eat it quick as possiable. He turned into a giant moster and ate you and the bone. The End

11: You try to shoot Dog. But he use his kung fu movie to get the gun out of your hand and shoot you first. I'm sorry.HaHaHaHa is what you heard Dog say befor you die. The End

12: You try playing with Dog. But he is not up to it. So he bites you causeing you to loss blood. You get a something to stop the blood. Pg. 13 to pet Dog Pg.14 to slap Dog

13: You try to pet Dog. But he does not want to be pet instead he is hungry and wants to eat you. What will you ever do? To late he eats you alive. The End

14: You slap the puppy for biting you. Your puppy yelps. Now everything goes down hill from there. It eats part of your mom. Pg. 15 to take mom to hospital Pg.16 Return Dog

15: You rushed your mom to the hospital and lift Dog. She was rushed in to surgey and you had to give body parts. After 5 hours of surgey you bolth died, The End

16: You went straight to the Pet Palace and demand to return Dog and get a refund. The manger said no refunds allow. Pg.17 to kill him and steel the money Pg.18 To rob him and beat him up.

17: You try to kill the manger and take all the money. But befor you could he was already prepared and killed you quickly. The End

18: You rob him and gain $600. You beat him up almost killing him. The police look for you and find you. You are spend the rest of your life in jail. The End

19: You take home your new small fluffy kitten home for the first time. You name her Donkey. Donkey starts foaming at the mouth and trys to kill your family. Pg.20 to pet Donkey Pg.25 to reason with it

20: You go to pet Donkey.(Not your smartest idea yet) He goes bunkers and kills your mom and dad. Your little sister is going crazy and Donkey is getting worse. Pg.21 try to clam Donkey Pg.22 Call cat women

21: You try to calm Donkey down. But Donkey just get worse. He traps you and your little sister bewteen the wall. He kills you one by one. The End

22: You call cat women tight away. She said she would be there right away. You waited and waited for her and try to stay alive. She finally arive but then Donkey kills her. Pg.23 to call more superheros Pg.24 to fight him off. ]=

23: You rush to the phone and call the other superheros. They all come right away. You all met your doom very soon. You will all be missed. The End

24: You try to kill him. But it won't happen. Now you will die slowly. He knew all the fighting rules and tricks and you were dead. The End

25: You try to reason with the crazy kitten. But it does no good. He just didn't listen to you. Pg. 27 to take Donkey to court Pg.26 to aruge with Donkey more

26: Donkey does not listen to you He just mocks you like a child. You take him to court. Congrats you won. He went to jail and you won forever. Pg.1 to buy new pet Pg.28to celebrate

27: You take Donkey to court. You spent hours and days. Till jury decied Donkey won. Later that night Donkey sneeks into your house. Pg.29 to hide in fear Pg.30 to fight him

28: You spent all night celebrating. You had a wonderful time with friends. You lost some people but you gained alot. You peed on his grave. Now he haunts you for the rest of your life.

29: You ran under neath the bed. You didn't mean to but you peed your pants. He came after you and killed you quickly. The End

30: It did no good to fight him. He is a world champion fighter and there was nothing you could do. You will be missed The End

31: R.I.P Maci Maci's Mom Maci's Dad Maci's sister Donkey You will be missed some what.

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