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Blank Canvas

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FC: Blank Canvas by: Sarah Kennon

1: Dedicated to: My brother, for helping my to revise this, my family, for dealing with my perfectionist tendencies, Sarah, for teaching how to use Mixbook in the first place.... And to all my wonderful friends who dealt with my panic attacks.

2: March 7, 2010: Nikki's diary. First off before I start this whole shenanigan I just want to say: I despise art exhibits period. It's just a place for tourists to go and admire art that they will probably forget about and never think of again. It's really just a waste of time unless you're really interested in art. Which most tourists, definitely aren't. Well I guess that was until my art actually got placed into an exhibit. That was glorious. But a few days after guess what happened? All of that hard work and dedication and staying up late was for nothing because.... my art was taken down. This is horrible! It makes me so mad, I can't believe | that they would do this! All of my work was for nothing and I know that it's anti-censorship and all but was it really hurting anyone?

3: March 10, 2010: Lily's diary. I am so glad that they took down that horrible painting! I mean we came to see art: not some whiny artists opinions. I mean, it's not like censorship hurts anyone anyways. For one it helps protect children from things that could upset them! Is there a problem with protecting our children? Apparently this so called "artist" thinks so. I mean is she trying to be Socrates all over again?

4: March 12, 2010: Ariana's diary. I can't believe this.... After I finally get recognized as a musician my song gets censored because of drug references. I wasn't going out and saying like yeah drugs! No, nothing like that... What's wrong with talking about what goes on in real life? Apparently it's wrong to talk about the real world because it might influence kids or upset them! Oh no whatever shall we do? Our children might be upset now that they listened to this song! Yeah right, give me a break.

5: March 13, 2010: Ann's diary. I can't believe the things that are going on in music today! This is just horrible, all these drug references, have the musicians behind them ever thought about the | children that might be listening to the song? There are limits to artistic freedom and sooner or later these musicians have to realize that.

6: March 20, 2010: Molly's diary. I published a book and guess what happened. Parents said that it was too depressing and might upset teenagers or kids. So guess what happened then? They banned it. They banned this book that took me a long time to get published. All I have to say is: wow thanks for the support guys. Note the sarcasm.

7: March 22, 2010: Rachel's diary. That book is pure evil. It is way too depressing for kids and even teenagers! Even the girl who caused so much pain for the main character is never even punished! What's with that? | I'm personally very glad that that book is off the market. Honestly, if you're going to write a depressing book then you might as well | make it for adults, not children and teenagers. And with the main character doing drugs I mean, what if a teenager read it and was influenced?

8: and crying. Suddenly he was one the couch and rocking me back and forth in his lap. Somehow, it no longer mattered that Leonardo DiCaprio had just died in the movie, or that my art had got taken down from the exhibit. Back and forth, back and forth. All that mattered was the steady motion of the rocking, the steady beat of Scott's heart, and the sobs that had ripped themselves from my chest as Scott soothed them into small sniffles. Back and forth. Back and forth. | March 25, 2010: Nikki's diary. I cried for the first time in a long time today. I hadn't really been outside my apartment real often since my art got taken down so I guess my friends had gotten worried about me. So imagine the surprise on Scott's face when he walked in while I was watching Titanic, eating ice cream,

9: March 30, 2010: Ariana's diary. Is it strange that I just run outside whenever it rains and just look up and let the rain hit my face? If you answered no then maybe you're just as crazy as I am, because all my friends answered that yes, it is strange. Or maybe they're the strange ones and we're the normal ones.... maybe. But the funniest thing happened today, and maybe it was just a lucky coincidence but as I was standing in the rain my friend comes along with an umbrella. Suddenly pulling me under the umbrella, my friend, Karen, mumbles about how I was stupid and would catch a cold... and I simply laughed. Eventually she laughed too and we walked into the coffee shop, passing by people how were staring at me. Can you imagine their faces?

10: had this morning.... either way I should probably make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Then again it would be just creepy to have some guy staring at me and writing every few seconds while I spill my life story. Yeah, definitely creepy. I guess we'll forget that idea. | April 2, 2010: Molly's diary. I think that I must be crazy. Today I looked at the letter declaring that my book was to be banned; and I laughed. I just laughed, how can this be? The only answer to this question is simple: insanity. Or maybe it was that extra coffee I

11: But then what should I do? I can't just go on with being insane! It's not good for your health and I don't want to end up in a padded room with a straight jacket! Although they do look pretty cool in movies.... The only solution I can think to solve this problem is to get a gallon of ice cream and watch some tragic chick flicks.

12: April 5, 2010: Scott's diary. It was almost like Nikki was completely dead that one time I went to her apartment. I really didn't know what was wrong but now I understand. It was because after all her hard work she had gotten her art taken down. That must have really hurt her... but I never really knew how much until I saw her and rocked her back and forth. I sure hope that she gets better soon, I don't really like this new Nikki, it's weird and totally unlike her. Well, how she used to be that is. Now that I think back to that day I think the thing that scared me the most about her was her eyes, The were completely dead.

13: April 7, 2010: Karen's diary. I believe that I came to a conclusion when I saw just how the banning of one song affected Ariana when I saw her crying in the rain. I knew it would be disappointing but.... I never knew that it could affect someone so much. Or maybe it's my fault because I didn't really pay attention; I should have definitely known what was going on; but I didn't. Anyways my conclusion is and always will be: Ariana is absolutely insane.

14: April 10, 2010: Nikki's diary. I'm still kind of upset, even if the art exhibit was like a month ago. Well not really upset, just kind of brooding over the whole thing and trying to figure out what to do next. I still can't help but wonder: was there anything that I could have done differently that would have resulted in a happier outcome? I don't know, and I don't think that I'll never know. But for now, I guess I just got to move on you know, and even if that art exhibit didn't like it I'm sure I can find at least one person who does. Well... maybe.

15: April 13, 2010: Molly's diary. I keep telling myself that I've got to move on. I keep trying to tell myself that the book and everything in it was just horrible and really stupid. But I honestly don't think that that's the case. The book dealt with real life, not a fairy tale that will probably never come true.. That's what life is: tough. And if these parents would rather have their kids read fairy tales and have an idealized view of the world because they sheltered them then it's their idiocy, not mine. | April 11, 2010: Ariana's diary. Was there really something wrong with my song? I don't think so... I think that all these parents who are complaining about songs that deal with "upsetting topics" are really just sheltering their children way too much. What will happen when the kids goes to the real world? There won't be anyone to protect them anymore. But I think that maybe, if I keep trying then eventually I'll make a hit song, makes lots of money, and retire at the age of 40. Well, one can dream can't they?

16: April 20, 2010: Nikki's diary. I would like to think that karma had something do to with this whole incident. But maybe it was for the greater good... or maybe it was just a cruel joke; I'll probably never know... and yet, I don't really care. After all of this crying and whatnot just try to imagine my surprise when I found myself outside with my art stuff after so long; just looking at a blank canvas. | Nikki...

17: Ariana.... | Molly.... | April 15, 2010: Molly's diary. The thought of writing another book is daunting. However, the thought of never writing again is even more so. Oh what the heck! Who cares? Because I certainly don't. | April 22, 2010: Ariana's diary. I dusted my guitar today. I can't believe that I'm doing this all over again, because it's pretty crazy and it might end up being even more disappointing than last time but somehow... I don't really care.

18: Author's notes: I first became interested in this topic by reading Red Planet by: Robert Heinlein and learning that a lot of the content in the book was censored. From there, after a few failed attempts at trying to find a topic, I ended up researching the censorship of the arts. Unfortunately, this isn't a very well known issue and doesn't get just a ton of attention. However, there are things that you can do to help. For example, the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) lists things that you can do to protest censorship. But the big thing to do is to ask: "why?" Just by doing this you are helping.

19: Examples of banned books, art, and music.

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