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FC: 1952 By Valentina

1: This project is a bout the song We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel talks about famous people of each years. I was assigned the year1952, and i had to talk about the people that were mentioned, like IDavid Dwight Elsenhower and many more, they were 7 in total. I had to write why they were famous and why they were mentioned in that year. we had to research about the 7 people we were assigned.

2: The whole name of Elsenhower is David Dwight, he was born on October 14, 1890 at Denison Texas. He was the third of 7 brothers. David Dwight Elsenhower | He graduated from Abilene Hight School, also went to a military Academy at west pint New York. He married Marnie Geneva Dood of Denver, Colorado July 1, 1916 and had two sons one David Dwight born September 24, 1917 and died January 2, 1921, and his second son John Sheldon Dood, born August 3, 1922. He was the commander of the allied expedition force in WWII, he was elected president of the USA and all the Americans admired them. He was the vice president of California.

3: The kids in the old days always got sick of Polio, until Jonas Salk invented the vaccine, he was born on October 28, 1913 in New York City, his parents were Jewish Russian immigrants. We had an advance degree in Microbiology in the New York school of medicine, and develop and influenza vaccine. On 1947, he was assigned as the director of the university of Pittsburghs or virus research where he was able to create the Polio Vaccine. He never got married because he was always in the lab creating more vaccines. Jonas Salk

4: Queen Elizabeth II, her whole name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, born April 21, 1926 in London. Proclaimed queen on February 6, 1952, she was crowned the same day her father George VI died on June 2, 1953.

5: Her husband was the duke of Edinburgh, they got married in 1957 and they had 3 sons and a daughter, and they were called Charles Philip Arthur George and he was born November 14, 1948, the second son called Andrew Albert Christian Edward, born February 19, 1960, the third son called Edward Anthony Richard Louis, born March 10, 1964 and the last but not least the daughter called Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, born August 15, 1950. Queen Elizabeth is still alive and she has been doing a great job with the government and since she is doing a good job since their president they allowed her be part of every decision that is take on Spain. Queen Elizabeth II

6: Rocky Marciano | Rocky Marciano use to be a box player, he was born September 1, 1923 Brockton, Mass US and died on August 31, 1969 near Newton LA on an airplane accident with his wife, he was 46 years old. He won the Heavy Weight Champion from September 23, 1952 to April 27, 1956 and was a Halian American Boxer, after a few years of being a champion on boxing he retired, and started working as a referee and a commander and was on a boxing show for a year; he had 3 sisters, Alice, Concetta and Elizabeth and had 2 brothers Louis and Peter. Rocky went to Brockton High School to play Baseball and American Football where he was able to make to the team.

7: The whole name of Liberace was Lolaaziu Valentino Liberace, born May 16, 1919 US, died February 4, 1987 Palm Springs, California when he was 67 years old. He was a US pianist. Appeared as a solo with the Chicago symphony orchestra at age 16. He started music at age 4. He appeared on TV, the last time he performed at stage was at Radio City Music Hall in New York on November 2, 1986, his last TV appearance was on Christmas, he was ill since 1985 and he had health problems like emphysema, because he smoked and his heart and lungs were not working well. He was gay and died of AID he was accused of having relationships with another man. | Lolaaziu Valentino Liberace

8: George Santayana was a philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist, but he dedicated on writing quotes. He was born in December 16,1863 Avila Spain and died in September 26, 1952 Rome Italy. His mother was called Josefina Borras. He was considered an American man of letter, during his 89 years, he spend 39 years in the US best know as an aphorist. He became famous for his remark “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” and is a similar quote to “only the dead have seen the end of war”. | George Santayana

9: He is the only child of his mother second marriage, and she had other five children with her first marriage. Hi9s father was called Agustín Ruiz de Santayana and got married in 1862. Santayana as a philosopher consisted on the sense of beauty, and his first book that was very famous was called “The Life of Reason” it had five volumes. And he wrote it on 1905-1906. He never got married.

10: Albert Schweitzer was born January 14, 1875 and died September 4, 1965, he was born into an Alsatian family, his generations consisted on religion, music and education. His father and grandfather were ministers. | Albert Schweitzer

11: Albert Schweitzer was born January 14, 1875 and died September 4, 1965, he was born into an Alsatian family, his generations consisted on religion, music and education. His father and grandfather were ministers. He went to a school of his intensive theological studies in 1893 of university of Strasbourg, he got a doctorate in philosophy in 1899, receive licentiate in theology in 1900. 1913 obtained his M.D. degree. He was able to found his hospital at Lambarene in French Equator Africa. Unfortunately he and his wife were send to a franch camp as prisoner of war and they were released in 1918 and they decided to spend 6 years in Europe.

12: Questions 1)What did David Dwight Elsenhower did before he was elected president of US? 2)Why did Jonas Salk invented the Polio vaccine? 3)What happened the same day Queen Elizabeth was crowned? 4)Why was Rocky traveling and with who he was going with?

13: 5)Of what was Valentino accused of and what caused his death? 6)What was George Santayana know for and who did he became famous? 7)Where did Albert Schweitzer and his wife send to and when was he released?

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16: Bibliography of Pictures Jonas Salk: http://www.wwnorton.com/college/history/wciv/resources/43salk.jpg Dwight David Eisenhower : http://www.history.army.mil/books/cg&csa/_notes/Eisenhower.jpg Queen Elizabeth II: http://oceanic14.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/queen.jpg Queen Elizabeth II: http://static.open.salon.com/files/queen_elizabeth_ii1244224853.jpg Rocky Marciano: http://www.boxeo.ws/files/images/marciano_rocky_torsocompleto.jpg

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