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BC: I believe knowledge is necessary for improving our society. A key part of Knowledge is the understanding of each others differences and diversities, whether it has to do with race, gender or ability in learning. I firmly believe that a certain teacher has an important role in a persons education and the way they see life. In addition, I believe that education is necessary and needed in life in order to have a high standard job. Education changes the person who you are and how you act depends on what education you get at school and at home. Education should be different in school by letting us; students have more freedom and chose what is right for us. Education can lead you only to positive things in life, and is tremendously important in order to become a better person.

FC: Memories of the Past | By: YahavHirsch

1: A lot of memoirs I read are unexciting and dull, but Yahav’s is interesting and full of light. She has written her thoughts, ideas about subjects in a beautiful mannered way. Concluding, all her ideas and the things she has written are truthful, with time and effort being put. -Dolev Hirsch

3: I think my kindergarten year was one of the most beautiful years of my childhood. When I think back on the wonderful days of kindergarten and being five-years-old many things come to mind. I learned how to read, calculate numbers, and every single day I would be fascinated what the books can do. Mrs. Monica opens the door to her Kindergarten classroom and instantly her cool, calm smile soothes the nerves of the waiting children and their parents, me included, on that first day. She greets us and tries to quiet the children, a diverse and interesting group of four and five year-olds. I remember learning how to write my name. Who would have known that Yahav was so hard to write? One letter at a time until finally I was able to scribble my name on the walls at home which I would always blame my brother for doing. I remember play time. Building with blocks and making towers that seemed so huge to me at the time. And playing dress up and bossing all of my classmates around as I pranced around as the princess of the world. I remember naptime. Oh, beautiful nap time. Lying down with my towel on the floor, squinting my eyes and curiously watching to see what everyone else was doing. It was almost my favorite time of the day, but nothing could compete with snack time. My mom always packed the best snacks. Grapes, strawberries, granola bars, cookies. I thought I was a big girl, due to the amazing people surrounding me including my teacher.

5: In the first day of school in first grade I had mixed feelings. I was both excited but nervous and worried at the same time. Ah, the first day of school, a favorite memory of mine. Being a rather independent person, I looked forward to the first day of school with such energy that I thought I would bust before it arrived. I couldn't wait to show the teacher that I could not only count, but could also read. I was sure that I would be top of my class, and my parents who were pleased that I determined to work so hard, allowed me to keep thinking that in hopes that it would turn out to be true. I will always remember the look on my mother's face when i boarded the bus for the first time. I had just gotten on it and turned to wave bye to my mom, it was then that I saw the weirdest thing, my mother was crying. I felt bad as the school bus left because I felt that I had hurt my mother's feelings and that to me was horrible. However, when I arrived at school it was temporarily forgotten among the noise of getting book bags and lunch boxes situated and throughout the amazing experience of my first day of first grade.Despite all this I entered the school building and I was nervous, nervous of not knowing what to do, nervous of having to leave my parents, and nervous of simply looking at the frightening 4th graders. I would glance constantly outside the window, thinking I don't belong in this frightening world. I would always remember the first day of school and how I did not say a word, and felt lonely in the big world that I was facing.My teacher made me sit next to a Russian boy named Daniel who I hated due to the fact I thought he was odd, strange and someone I would never would have been able to have a conversation with. After sitting a few days with him, he brought me a rose to school and being a 1st grader I didn't have any clue to what to do with it. I remembered that roses stood for love and is a way to say “I love you”. When that thought flashed through my mind I walked to the front of the classroom and threw the rose to the trash can including my left overs from lunch. I felt bad and regretted after throwing such a beautiful rose, and I bravely apologized to Daniel, who was the boy I slightly liked.

7: I grew up a lot in that school year following by the second year of school, learning to trust people, and to realize what is right and what is wrong to do in life. In third grade everything that I thought I knew disappeared. There were a few events in that year that I would never forget and I found utterly embarrassing when happening, but today I have a good laugh remembering them. Its quite ridiculous that one of the only things I remember from second grade is me peeing in my pants. We were in P.E and for some reason I was shy to ask my teacher to go to the bathroom. Mr. David terrified me and I was too shy to even ask him kindly to go to the bathroom. After about an hour I could not resist anymore and my underwear turned yellow, and my pants turned wet. My classmates were hysterically laughing, and in that moment all I did was run away to the bathroom crying with huge, wet tears in my eyes. My mom saved me that day, putting extra cloth in my bag I changed my pants, and did not return to that class that day. I felt like a baby, a little kid, humiliated, ashamed all the things a second grader cannot handle. I thought to myself why didn't I just ask him to go to the bathroom? I could have saved all the embarrassment and being the topic of the day by just asking a simple but necessary question. Since that day, I was never ashamed to ask anything to anyone knowing if you ask a question nothing negative could happen. The kids I shared my classes with no longer existed, and all I saw was my terrifying classmates.

8: Halloween ins school

9: The day just got worst when the teacher I had to spend the rest of the year entered the cold room. I only knew characters like her in scary books I read before, with huge nails, and terrifying hair and nose. I knew this year was undoubtedly going to be the worst I ever had to go through, and I just wanted to escape the fearful world that I had to face. The first month of school seemed to take forever but it all changed when I met the best friend for life I still have now. When I first met her I thought she was strange, and did not understand why she had this strange habit of only eating at a certain our. When I got to know her, I managed to discover it had to do with her eating regulations meaning she can not eat certain food at certain parts of the day. She was and still is one of the most caring, and understanding people I met throughout my whole life, and I’m extremely happy and glad to say shes my best friend. I still hated my teacher when the year ended but the good friends I had helped me survive the year, and made it even pleasant in a certain way. In the middle of that year, I heard the worst news ever that could be told to a human being.

11: “Yahav, the doctors just found dad is diagnosed with cancer”. The moment I heard that sentence I crushed into pieces, I thought I had no reason to live anymore, without dad what is life worth for? I cried so much I could have filled the water supply for the whole world. I didn't really know what cancer is, being a 3rd grader I only knew its a dangerous disease that kills you no matter how hard you try to fight it. I didn't want to talk to the situation I had to go through with anyone, and I was very self centered in that part of my life. The councilor in school kept on trying to talk to me, and so did all my teachers but I didn't want to share anything with them because I knew and was sure they would never understand exactly how I feel, nobody could. I didn't hang out with friends anymore after school, and barley talked to them in school as well because I was too tired of what was happening at home to concentrate on my friends. Those days I didn't listen in classes anymore, couldn't concentrate while trying to do my work, but I was hoping would be fine in the end. After my dad fought the cancer and got back the way he used to be a smile appeared on my face like it didn't appear for a very long time, and the happy and excited person I was came back into action and life.

13: The transformation from third grade to fourth grade was a major difference in my life. That was the time I moved to Romania and I everything was new to me including language which was English. I would never forget the first day of school when my teacher tried to explain to me in English what our task was for the day. She had to draw pictures and illustrations because I did not know a word in English. I found it frustrating trying to explain to her I just wanted a cup of water due to the fact I was thirsty. Throughout the first week of school I felt very lonely not having any friends, and someone to tell my thoughts and feelings to. The first month passed very slowly, but I started to learn English and everything started to feel easier. I felt I started to fit in and actually understand a bit what Ms.Hayes my fourth grade teacher was saying. The first friend I got in AISB was Cameron, she was this shy but interesting girl who always helped me with my English, due to the fact I didn't know much. Since I met her, I enjoyed going to school in fourth grade and I was awfully disappointed when she had to leave in the middle of fourth grade. Every single day throughout 4th grade I learned a new word in English and I was astonished by the rich language and words English was providing. 4th grade was a year of a new beginning and a year I found everything so beautiful. I had only a few friends in school that year but I didn't care I was happier than ever going to school and learning about new things that I would never got to learn if I was attending a public or any other school. That's the way the year continued, to sum it up it was amazing and full of memories that would always be surrounding me.

15: In my mind, fifth grade was always the beginning of being a “big kid,” due to the fact it was the last year of elementary school. On the first day of 5th grade I felt amazing, starting a year with knowing English and knowing most people who attended my class who the teacher was Ms.Caruana. I loved my teacher that year due to the fact she taught with humor, and also had self humor she had making fun of herself. She taught our class math using fun games and not by making us copy of the board, and doing boring math problems and questions. Ms.C made my last year of elementary very entertaining with many fun and happy memories. That year, I had many friends unlike the previous year because people got to know the real Yahav and I was actually able to communicate with them and have an organized social life with embarrassing moments within in. My English was still not completely perfect and there was a few incidents that I felt completely embarrassed about. The days when my school class went on a field trip were among the worst. All children had to have a signed permission slip to go to the trip. But on those mornings, as the other children chatted excitedly about the upcoming bus trip and the pocket money they could spend and the lunch and snacks they were bringing, I sat with my hands folded at my desk and my jacket on, waiting to be dismissed, for I did not have permission to go.

17: The transformation from 5th grade to 6th was one of the major transformations between grades that I had to go through. The work in school was so much harder, and the system was totally different and I found it frustrating at most times. In 5th grader I only had a single teacher and it 6th grade I had 8, each for every subject I studied. I had this teacher that taught me both science and math named ms.Kathrine and she was the worst teacher anybody could ask for. She had this way of teaching that I never enjoyed which was making us copy things off a book rather than explaining herself what we were learning. I had a very hard time succeeding in school that year, and my grades weren't as good as I wanted them to be. I worked as hard as I could in order to improve my grades and by the end of that year I could see and feel a huge improvement in my school work and generally the way I treat things. A day I would have never forget was my birthday in school that year where my amazing friends brought a cake and cookies and made me feel so special in that particular day. Since then I was sure I had amazing friends who care about me and will do their best in order to make me happy. In 6th grade I started playing the clarinet, which was extremely important for me. Music may have been one of my saviors. For a child who was being systematically silenced, playing an instrument could have been a way of being able to say something with feeling, a way to evoke human feelings.

19: 7th grade would be a year I would always remember, no matter how old I would be. I felt very strong emotions that year including heartbreaking moments. I was wearing my shiny new jeans and pink bubbled shirt that I was sure would catch the people's attention. Most of the things didn't seem new to me due to the fact I knew most of the people, and the buildings and structures didn't seem strangely looking anymore. I enjoyed the first day of school that year because everything seemed so fresh and relaxing, like the feeling of a parent listening to their child saying their first words. I walked through the hallways with pride and enjoying the moment of not being the smallest in the school. I looked at the little immature 6th graders and continued walking facing both new and unfamiliar faces that were wanted to be discovered. That year, 10 new people joined our grade, and I wanted like many people did to get to know them, and be the first one to be their friend. Within a week of school I was already friends with seung yeon, Anca, Carla and Paolo. I was so happy those days meeting new people with different backgrounds and experiences. In the first month of school I found the learning hard and I thought the amount of knowledge and information the teachers were expecting from me was huge. I got used to it, and I did certainly well throughout the whole year and I was very proud of my work and progression throughout the year.

21: I looked and rushed through my closet all morning in order to find the dress I wanted for the first day of 8th grade which was almost hard to believe for me. I could just remember sitting in my 6th grade class and solving problems that seemed so difficult and impossible in that time. I fixed my hair as fast as I could, and rushed downstairs where my whole family was ready to go, and leave the house. I hugged almost every person that passed by, and I was shocked I didn't have to face any new faces and people. The first day of school was a complete dream. Catching up with friends who I haven't talked with or seen all summer, and just being able to be back to where I know I fit. I was excited to tell everybody about the memories I have from that specific summer, and I was even happier when my friends told me how their summer went. I tried and set a goal which was to focus on school as much as I could, so it would be easier for me in high school and its always important to get high grades. I became closer friends with Lizzie, Maria, and Lilach and we started doing everything together, and they made my life so much happier and better putting a smile on my face every time I see them. They were my missing spirit, friends that I always needed. We had our ups and downs but today I know that in 8th grade I made friends for life. I learned this year to have confidence in myself, and not let any of my teachers, friends, results in tests and grades to let me down. I learned that if I get a bad grade in something, it doesn't mean I can't improve and that my life is over, rather than that I could improve it and make sure I spend more time on it and give it my full attention.

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