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BC: I believe that education is very important and necessary.Sometimes it can be boring, but on the other hand, it is very helpful. it teaches you how to organize your time and discipline. Education is very important for the your future and it will help you to get a good job.

FC: 9 Years of Being a Student

1: "I have read Lilach’s memoir and every word is true and fascinating. She can express herself in a very special and confident way. Her thoughts and feelings are been shown and expressed wisely and intelligently." | - Inbal Karni

2: I believe that education is very important and necessary.Sometimes it can be boring, but on the other hand, it is very helpful. It teaches you how to organize your time and discipline. Education is very important for your future and it will help you to get a good job.

3: It's the end of the year now, the ‘exams period’. Everyone is nervous and stressful; they all worry about the exams. I wish it was summer now, the end of the school year, no exams, just relaxing and having fun. But, that's not the reality, it will happen, but not now. Now, I have to focus on studying and getting good grades. I remember this day, when it all started. It was nine years ago, I didn't think that I would get to this time, when I am trying to write and remember everything that happened to me when I just started school. I was so excited, and I didn't think that that's where life would take me.

4: I can still remember that day, the day I first started school. I was very excited, but I was also a little bit scared. My mom drove me to school, and we were just talking. When we got to school, I got more excited. I saw the older children that went to this school, and I started thinking about how it would be to be older. Then I saw my teacher. I didn’t know that she would be the best teacher I have ever had. Her name was Tzipi. She had red hair and green eyes, she was really nice. We didn't really study that year, but we went over the Hebrew alphabet and we learned about different objects. One day, we learned the letter L in Hebrew. I was so happy because that’s the first letter of my name. And when my mother came to pick me up I was excited to tell her that I know how to write the first letter of my name.

5: On the last day, I got a kind of a report card but it wasn't a real report card. It had a picture of me and my classmates. I didn't really know what it was, but I was still happy to get that. I remember that my parents were also very happy because their oldest daughter had just finished school. I had a lot of fun in kindergarten; I met a girl that came to be my best friend until 3rd grade.

6: My first day in first grade was nothing like I expected, nothing like my dreams had been. It was in September, and it was really hot. I thought that first grade was going to be so cool and that I was going to have so much fun. I thought that going to first grade, meant that you are older and that you are more responsible. In my dreams, I dreamt about my friends in kindergarten and how we used to play together at recess. I thought that first grade was going to be the same. But on the first day of first grade, I realized that I wasn't going to be in the same class with my friends, and I was really disappointed. After few days in first grade, I started playing with the new kids that came from other kindergartens and I started enjoying it. I started liking school, and every morning I was excited to go to school. We learned how to read and write, some science and computers. I remember myself as a really good student and my report cards were really good. I enjoyed these days so much!

7: "I am so excited to start first grade! I want to see my teacher and my friends. I hope it is going to be the best year ever!"

8: Grade 2 was a year that I will never forget. I had a new teacher, not the same teacher I had in 1st grade, and I can still remember that I hated her so much. She was the worst teacher I have ever had. She was really mean. She hated everyone in my class, and she would always give us lots of homework. One day, we had a pop quiz. When we finished the pop quiz, we turned it in, and she graded it on the spot. If we had one mistake, she would write on the paper with really big letters: FAIL! I remember that I had 2 mistakes and then she wrote it on my paper and I felt so bad. That was the moment I officially decided I hated her. It was so embarrassing because she wouldn't just write ‘FAIL’ on the paper, she would also say it out loud. I felt so bad, so angry, and so embarrassed. From that day on, I was always nervous before pop quizzes. That is the reason why I will never forget 2nd grade, and that is also why I am always nervous and concerned before pop quizzes.

9: The horrible teacher...! | " I hate this teacher so much! she is so mean and annoying. I hope she is not going to be my teacher next year"

10: On the first day of 3rd grade, I came really happy and excited to school. I wanted to see my friends and to find out who was going to be my teacher. When the bell rang and it was 8am, we were all sitting and waiting in the classroom to see which teacher would come in. I couldn't wait to see who it was and I couldn't stop talking because I was so excited. Then, someone slowly opened the door and I could see one foot. The teacher opened the door a little bit more, and then she came in. At that moment, I wanted to scream so loud and run out of the classroom, but of course, I didn't do it and I just stayed seated. I couldn't believe it, it was the same teacher I had in 2nd grade. It was so depressing to see her, it ruined my lovely mood that I had in the morning.

11: I didn't enjoy 3rd grade at all. The teacher gave us so much homework (more than what she gave us in 2nd grade) and I hated that. It wasn't fun at all to do my homework, and I felt like it was the end of the world. This year was the worst year of school.

12: I think that the first day of 4th grade was the best day of my school life. It was the day that the principle told us that the teacher I had in 2nd and 3rd grade won't teach us anymore because she left the school. That was the year that I actually started liking school. I did my homework joyfully, and I was happy to go to school. I got very good grades, and I had many friends, even though my best friend left a year before. I never listened to music while doing my homework, and that's why I was a very good student. I remember my science teacher, she was horrible. Because I was such a good student she hated me so much. One day we had a science test and it was quite easy. She graded them and then she gave them back to us. I got 97 and I was very happy. Then, I realized that she marked wrong something that was actually correct.I told her about it, and then she started screaming at me. She said: “Aren't you happy with your grade? You got 97 out of 100. You always want more that what you deserve."

13: I got so mad at her because it wasn't the grade that mattered; I just wanted to get the grade I deserved. I wanted to see on that sheet of paper the grade I worked so hard for. I can still remember her face when I told her about that. But I was really happy that I told her that because no one ever told her anything because they were all afraid of her. | "Yay, it is the first day of 4th grade. I hope I am going to have another teacher. I am so excited to go to school !!

14: 5th grade was a year that I liked a lot. I liked my teacher, my friends, we didn't get a lot of homework and I was happy. My teacher's name was Ravit. Ravit liked children and she was very nice. She didn't give us lots of homework and I enjoyed learning in her class. We had swimming lesson in 5th grade and I didn't like it at all. First of all, I already knew how to swim, and the water was very cold. It was so cold that I couldn't move. I was in the advanced group and our swimming teacher was horrible. When the swimming lessons ended I was very happy. Every day when I was doing my homework, I also watched TV. I didn't have hard homework and that's why I was able to do both. I didn't spend a lot of time on homework and most of the free time I had, I spend on watching TV and hanging out with friends. At the end of the school year I was sad because I didn't want to finish 5th grade. I knew that next year I would not have the same teacher for the whole year because my teacher was pregnant.

15: "Finally, a teacher that I like is going to teach me. I am so happy. I also have a new backpack. It is so cool. Lets go to school !"

16: 6th grade was the year that everyone grew the most. Children in my grade started going out and it was different from the rest of the school years. I liked my teacher in 6th grade, but then she gave a birth and we had a substitute for the rest of the year. I think that the substitute teacher liked me because she was always nice to me and mean to others. I got lots of homework and I hated that so much. I didn’t want to sit at home and just do my homework, I wanted to go on the computer and watch TV. But my mom made me do my homework first, and just then watch TV. It was so annoying, because when I came back from school, the best shows were on TV but I couldn't watch them because I had to do my homework. After a while I understood that doing my homework before watching TV actually helped me. Because then I could do whatever I wanted because my afternoon was free.

17: One day, in the middle of the school year, the principal came to our class and told us that from now on the rules are going to change. I didn't know what was going on and I wanted to listen to the principle and hear what she meant by ‘new rules’. She told us that many children are behaving really bad and this behavior is not acceptable. She told us that if we would talk in class and interrupt the teacher, we would get a detention. If we would not do our homework, we would have to go to the library and do our homework and also complete the work that we did in class etc. I thought that the rules were really stupid and that they wouldn't work. I was surprised when I saw that people actually started doing their homework and less people talked in class.

18: 7th grade was the year that I moved from Israel to Bulgaria. On the first day of school I was so nervous and excited because I couldn’t speak English and I knew only few words. When I came to school everyone was looking at me and I felt a little bit uncomfortable. I walked into the classroom and the teacher asked me something but I didn’t understand what she was saying. I had to sit next to a really fat and annoying girl, Clara. All the time Clara asked me questions but I didn’t reply because I didn’t know what she was saying. After few months I could understand most of what the people were saying and I talked more in class. Every day after school I did my homework and it was very hard. I was doing my homework for at least 2 hours each day because I had to translate everything and sometimes I did it with my mom because I didn’t understand the homework. In the few last months of school I started doing my homework by myself without my mom’s help. I was so proud at myself and I started enjoying school.

19: The school was really small and it had about 200 students. There were only 10 students in 7th grade, five girls and five boys. That’s why it was boring and I had only 3 friends. I was so happy when I got my report card at the end of the school year because my grades were really good for an English learner. | "I am very excited, and i want to see the school. I don't know how I am going to communicate with other people. I hope everything is going to be all-right."

20: I started 8th grade in Romania. Over the summer my family and I moved from Bulgaria to Romania. I was very excited on the first day of school because I had to start a new school again. I had no friend in the first week of school but at least I understood the language. After a while I started talking to people and I had more friends. At the beginning of the year I got lots of homework and they were very hard. But then we started getting less homework and I had more free time. It's the end of the year now, the ‘exams period’. Everyone is nervous and stressful; they all worry about the exams. I wish it was summer now, the end of the school, no exams, just relaxing and having fun. But, that's not the reality, it will happen, but not now. Now, I have to focus on studying and getting good grades.

21: "Another first day in a new school. I am excited to see the school, and I hope that it is better than the school I had last year"

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