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1: I think Shakespear chose to tell us the ending so we would better understand the struggles and the extent of the fued between the two families that these two people would be driven to such lengths. | This story is set in the city of Verona were there are 2 waring families. I belive its set in the 160's because there weoponry is blades and such, also there language and way of speaking is modern for the time period.

2: Act 3 scene 3 1. The relationship between the friar and Romeo seems to be that of close friends with the friar playing something of the advisor to Romeo. 2. When he is told he is banished instead of killed he just gives in and refuses to see the bright side of it and wants to kill himself. 3. He suggests he goes to spend the night with Juliet then there is towns not too far away were he’s going to wait for everything to blow over. 4.It ends with Romeo leaving for Juliets house.

4: If I were to have trouble with any of these phrases it would be 7 and 8 It basically calls Romeos and Juliets atempts at making peace pathetic and unsuccesful.

5: 1.We learned this feud is spread out through the city and even strangers will take sides in the brawl. 2.Means to walk by the all to avod the open sewer in the streets. 3.Biting your thumb is equivalent to flipping them off. 4.He is out to keep the peace and stop the killing, while Tybalt just wants to fight and to kill his enemies. 5. The penalty was death, and it was ironic because you are killing people to keep the peace. 6.He wanted it stopped because it was wrecking the city and his pride. 7.My initial impression of Romeo was he was over dramatic and treated every little issue as if it were the end of the world.

6: Act 2 scene 4 1.Romeo is exited, hopeful, and Tybalt issues a challenge to Romeo for a duel. 2.He says he is better than the Prince of Cats {A well known sword fighter} 3.He believes that Romeo was out with Rosaline or some other maid doing the deed. 4.Treats her like she is a pervert out to lure Romeo away, Mecrutio doesn’t know about Juliet. 5.They are the servants therefore they’re speech is not poetic but merely spoken word. 6.They decided that that day they shall be married and there will be a rope ladder in Juliets Balcony for him to climb for his wedding night. 7.The mood of the is seen joyous.

7: 1.Paris is an older gentlemen who is wanting to marry Juliet . 2.We get the impression that he cares about his daughter and wants her to keep her innocence longer than age 14. 3.She has only a small amount of power over her own affairs as of yes. 4.He’s illiterate and high strung, insults the Mantegues without knowing he is talking to one. 5.He chose’s to go there because Rosaline was to be there. He fore shadowed by telling us it is Capulet party and Juliet is a Capulet.

8: 1.To give the other actors a chance to change, and to provide comicality. 2.He immediately sees Juliet and forgets Rosaline. 3.He immediately asks after his weapon, intending to kill Romeo, but before he could his uncle intervened and threatened to take measures should he go through with it. 4.He doesn’t he just plants one on her, He uses trickery of words. 5.That there is going to be great difficulties and trickeries, also there will be deaths.

9: Act 2 scene 1 & 2 1.Mecrutio and Benvolio believe that Romeo is in the bushes with a certain maid {Rosaline}. 2.Romeo is hiding under her window listening to her talk. 3.Romeo compared her to the sun, and the stars, but he also says she looks green and sickly because of her virginity. 4.Shakespeare puts that scene their so we realize Romeos intentions aren’t only for sex but he is actually stupid enough to believe he is in love yet again. 5.It means no matter what we call something it’s name doesn’t change anything about it. 6.He swears by the moon but Juliet doesn’t like this because according to her the moon is inconsistent. 7.Juliet is the one that actually purposes Romeo is manipulated into the situation.

10: Act 2 scene 5 1.Juliet is waiting for the nurse to get back with news from Romeo and when the nurse gets back she tortures her by stalling on the good news 2.She tortures her because she knows it wont matter, Juliet will love the news anyway.

11: Atc 2 sene6 1.Romeo and Juliet meet at Friar Lawrence’s cell and leave to get married. 2.The speech is basically a warning that if Romeo did this to fast there could be negative repercussions.

12: Act 2 Scene 3 1.He goes to arrange the wedding with the friar. 2.He thinks he wasn’t in love with Rosaline, and that this so sudden he thinks it can’t be real, he thinks it’s just physical. 3.He thinks Rome changed his mind about Rosaline too fast for this to be completely genuine, but he agrees because he feels this could end the feud.

13: Act 3 Scene 1 1.They Trade words and end up in a fight which ends when Romeo tries to break them up and Tybalt stabs Mecrutio under Romeos arm. 2.He challenges Tybalt to a duel, and slays him 3.His choices to go to the party, to marry Juliet, to do all these things lead to his banishment and his own death as well as Juliet’s. 4.A hero that is only acting out of sorrow and remorse for that which is lost. 5.Romeos fatal flaw is that he lets everything affect him in negative ways which he takes very seriously, and his impulse is to simply end it. 6.Benvolio urges Romeo to flee which he does somewhat reluctantly. 7.It is the place where all Tybalts threats and all Mercrutio’s frustrations come to bear and later on Romeos rage at Mercrutio’s death and the subsequent death of Tybalt.

14: Act 3, Scene 4 1.Her father decides she is to marry Paris whether she wishes it or not. 2.His only concern is that they will be seen poorly for having a happy occasion so soon after Tybalt's death.

15: Act 3, Scene 5 1.The significance is that one {the lark} sings in the morning and one at night {the nightingale}. 2.They both say they look dead when the say goodbye. 3.She refuses to marry Paris. 4.He says that she will either marry Paris on Thursday or she will be cast out and disowned. 5.“You pale face” Capulet is actually insulting, and calling his daughter ugly. 6.She tells her that she is going to confess but she isn't shes going to kill herself.

16: Act 4, scene 1 1.Paris is at the church arrange the wedding ceremony for himself and Juliet. He tells the friar that Juliet is grieving and has not had time to woo her. 2.She uses them on Paris by saying she may call her “his” wife when she is, and when she says she will tell the friar that she loves “someone” 3.She mirrors him by blowing the situation way out of proportion to the point where she wants to kill herself. 4.She would rather be buried with a fresh corpse, she would rather be thrown in a pit with snakes, and she would rather work on the streets than marry Paris. 5.The Friar’s plan is for Juliet to go home and acts happy with the arrangements, then when she goes to bed make sure she’s alone and take the poison. In the morning she will for all intents and purposes be dead so her family will bury her in the crypt where Romeo will remove her and they will runaway to another city.

17: Act 4, scene 3 1.If a cook licks his fingers then his food is obviously good enough for him to like himself. 2.He moves the wedding up a day. Act 4, Scene 4 1.She is unsure because she thinks the friar might want to kill her, or that it will work and romeo wont come to get her out and she will go nuts or suffocate. 2.What convinces her to do it is the thought of Romeo. Act 4 scene 5 1.Lord Capulet is preparing for the wedding with the nurse and its late at night

18: Act 4 scene 5 1.Death is personified in this scene as tragic until the friar gets there and throws it all into new light. 2.Her mother is devastated, and her father is sad that he doesn’t get to marry her off. 3.He tells them that she is probably happier dead than under the constant pressure her family put her through. 4.The argument was basically there so that the main actors could change, and for comic relief. k

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