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FC: Romeo and Juliet

1: What things are introduced during the first prologue? Why do you think Shakespear chose to tell us what he did in the prologue? | He tells us that people fight on the streets, and that the name of the town is Fair Verona and

2: Setting doesn’t just include the location. It also includes the time, the circumstances of the characters, and the social structure, and many other issues. Summarize the setting of this story as outlined by the prologue. | He tells us that the montagues and the Capulets fight on the streets often, and that it is at noon and that the Prince is sick of the killing and murdering each other becasue of names .

3: Choose three words or phrases that you encountered in the prologue that seemed confusing or difficult. Explain what they mean. | Over throws- to remove a person or group of people from a position of power by force. Toil- to progress slowly and with difficulty Mutiny- a rebellion against legal authority, especially by soldiers or sailors refusing to obey orders and, often, attacking their officers.

4: What does the fight between the servants tell us about the fued in romeo and juliet? | They t don’t like each other. First it starts with the servants then Benvolio joins in . Then Tybalt joins just looking for trouble and he wants to fight. After random people start joining the fight and killing wach other and there is blood covering the street.

5: What does it mean to “walk the wall” It means that he is not the one to be pushed around and he will not be tyhe gentle man to a lady and let her take the wall he will push her off and take the Wall for himself becasue he does not want human waste on him.

6: In the first scene when both sevants meet they bite their thumbs at each other what does this mean ? It means that they are swearing at each other and are being sarcastic.

7: What is the punishment for fighting on the streets as decreed by the Prince? How is that ironic? | The prince was sick of the fighting and he had different punishments but non of them worked so he decided that if there was one more fight the person or people that started it would be killed .

8: Why does it bother the Prince so much that there is civil unrest in Verona? | In his eyes it is almost is an insult and is getting really frustrated and mad. All the prince wants was peace and they are not agreeing with him and they keep on fighting and that is all that the prince had to say.

9: What is your first impression on Romeo? Why is he acting the way he is? How does this set up Romeo for the rest of the play? | He is love sick and won’t get over the fact that she is going to be a nun and he thinks that he is totally in love with her yet he doesn’t really know her and he is also very shallow.

10: 1.What are the boys about to do in this scene? They are about to crash a party but Romeo is being slump and doesn’t really want to go to the party because he had a dream that he was going to die. | 2.Why does Romeo feel jumpy? He feels jumpy because he had a dream that he was going to cause his death and he doesn’t feel like going to this party because he is still love sick over Rosaline.

11: 3.Describe the type of person that Mercutio is. Use clues from his behavior and his speech. He is a party type of person and may have a crush on Romeo and that’s why he was giving Romeo the Queen Mab Speech because he may like Romeo and he doesn’t want him to be such a grump. Also when Mercutio gets into a talk it is very hard to stop him .

12: Act 1, scene 5 1. Why did Shakespear include the scene with the servants ? ( two main reasons) He did that so the other actors could get ready for the scene and so that the viewers could get a idea of how both families. 2. What is ironic about Romeo's entrace to the party? Becasue all he talks about is Rosaline and then when he gets to the party and sees Juliet then rosaline is out of the picture and all he can think about is how beautiful julliet is . 3. What happens when Tybalt hears Romeo's voice ? Tybalt tells Lord Capulet and wants to fight him and get mad at him but Lord Capulet says no becasue he dosen't want to ruien the party.

13: 4. How does Romeo convience Juliet to kiss him so quickly ? He says to her that his is driving him crazy and wants to kiss her but she says holding hands is good for now , but then he ways that he just has to then he just lays one on her . 5. What is foreshadowing do we get at the end of Act 1 Scene 5? Juliet gets her nurse to find out if romeo is married or not and then she says that if she is she will be dead at and maybe before her wedding .

14: Act 2 Scene 1 1. What does mercutio and Benvolio belive where romeo is hiding ? they think that he is doing dirty things in som bushes with Rosaline . 2. What is romeo actually doing ? He is hiding in the bushes watching julliet on the balcony basiclly spying on her and watching every move she makes and is dreaming of her. 3. What things does Romeo compare Juliet to? he is comparing her to the sun and compares hewr eyes to the stars. 4. More Irony : why does Shakespear make mercutio and Benvolio talk about ' physical love' in the scene right before the balcony scene , where Romeo and juliet talk about emotional love? Mercutio thinks that love is all ' physical ' but it is not and Romeo thinks that love is mainly emotional and that it shows that you really care about juliet and he dosen't agree with mercutio.

15: 5. A famous line from this we call a scene is " that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet . " What does this mean ? It means that if you call a rose a daisy or a sunflower you can always tell it is a rose becasue of the smell of the rose. | 6. What does Romeo swear his love by ? Why does Juliet not like this ? He swears by the moon and she dosen't want him to swear by the moon because the moon is always changing and she dosen't want him to change she wants him the way he is not any other way . | 7. Who proposes ? What is the plan for the wedding ? At the balcony scene Juliet makes it seem that it was Romeo's idea but she is sneaky and basiclly proposes and then he leaves and says that he was going to get teh Friar and convience him to mary them .

16: Act 2 Scene 4 What has happened to resault of the party crashing ? Romeo has been as to a duel by Tybalt because he showed up to the party. What does Mercutio call Tybalt and why? He calls him the Prince of cats and he says that he is really good at sword fighting . Why is Mercutio so crude when Describing Romeo's night? He thinks that Romeo was out with Rolaline all night doing somthings in the bushes . How does Mercutio treat the Nurse ? He calls her an old lady a couple times and treats her pretty bad and he just doesn't like her .

17: What is interesting about the way the Nurse and Peter speak one anouther ? The way Peter tralked to the Nurse was almost like he will do anything for her like when she said that if a man was being rude to her and if she couldn't fight him she would get somone else to fight him and peter saud that he would have already had his sword out and how he was always beside her .

18: What happens in this scene ? In this scene Juliet is getting mad because the nurse isn't back and she wants to know what romeo said about the wedding . Why does the Nuse torture Julliet the way she does ? The Nurse tortures Juliet becasue she wants to play games with Juliet's mind for making her go and find Romeo and ask | Act 2 scene 5/ 6

19: What happens in this scene ? Romeo and Juliet are going to get Married and they meet the Friar at a church and he married them . Analzye Friar Lawrence's speech to Romeo - not really a Bubbly type of pre- wedding type speech is it? The friar tells Romeo to make sure he knows what they are in for and what they are doing and he married them becasue he willl think that it will end the fight between both Families . | Scene 6

20: Act 3 scene 1 1.What happens between Tybalt and Mercutio ? Tybalt meets mercutio and wants to battle or fight him becasue he crashed the Capulet's party. And Tybalt and Mercutio get in a fight and Tybalt kills mercutio . 2.What does Romeo do in retaliation ? He is mad becasue Tybalt killed his friend adn he says that one of us is going to join him weather it be both or one of them he is mad and wants to fight so Romeo kills Tybalt . 3.How have Romeo's own choices led to his down fall ? They have led him to his downfall because he is the one who does things but doesn't think it through and gets him into messes .

21: Act 3 scene 1 4.What creates a tragic hero ? What creates a tragic hero is when they don't think things through becasue Romeo NEVER thinks things through . 5.What is Romeo's fatal flaw? Romeo's fatal falw would be that he never thinks things through and just gets himself into stumps . 6.What happens after the fight between Romeo and Tybalt ? During the fight Romeo is really mad at Tybalt becasue he just killed his best friend and then Romeo kills Tybalt and runs away . 7.How is this the turning point in the story? This part of the story is very important because if Romeo hadn't killed Tybalt then he wouldn't have been banished and Juliet wouldn't have had to fake her death.

22: Act 3 scene 2

23: eautifb 1. What is the confusion in this scene ? When the Nurse comes to tell Juliet about how her dear cousin Tybalt got slayed by her husband/Romeo who she has only been married to for an hour, the Nurse makes it sound like Romeo is dead and that Tybalt is alive. 2. List 4 examples of antithesis that Shakespeare uses in this scene ? Why does he use them here? -Damned saint - Fiend angelical - beautiful tyrant -honorable villian

24: 3. What does Juliet feel about what Romeo has done ? She feels that is in a way good that Tybalt got killed instead of Romeo but is also sad that Tybalt is dead . 4. How does Juliet react when the Nurse scolds Romeo? What did this say about Juliet's view on her marriage? Juliet tells the Nurse off . Juliet says that she shouldn't talk about Romeo the way she was only Juliet is allowed to becasue she is Romeo wife. 5. What does the Nurse decide to do? She decides to go and find Romeo becasue she is sick of Juliet complaining about how she can't see her husband on her wedding night.

25: Act 3, Scene 3

26: 1. What is the relationship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence? The Friar thinks that Romeo dosen't think things throught and just gets himself into trouble becasue before he even seen Juliet he was in love with Rosaline and then when he went to the party he saw Juliet and says that he wants to marry her . 2. How does Romeo show that is still foolhardy and willing to put emotion before logic? 3. What is the Friar's suggestion to make things right ? The Friar's suggestion is to sneak Romeo over tonight . Then the next day the Friar would make things right and Romeo could come back and live with Juliet happily ever after. 4. How does the scene end? The nurse leaves to tell Juliet that Romeo is going to be coming tonight and to tell her the plan that the Friar made.

27: Act 3 scene 4

28: 1. What has been decided regaurding Juliet's fate in this scene ? No matter what Juliet's father has decided that Juliet is going to marry count Paris on thursday if she likes it or not and if she dosen't marry Paris then Lord Capulet doesn't care what happens to her and he will kick her out. 2. What was Capulet's only concern about this? What does this tell us about his relationship with his daughter? All Capulet cares about is that Juliet marries Paris. Capulet also says that he knows his daughter so well yet he doesn't know that Juliet is secretly married to Romeo.

29: Act 3 scene 5

30: 1 | 1. What is the significance about " larks" and "nightingales" in this scene ? Juliet doesn't want Romeo to leave and he says that he hears the Lark singing and the lark only sings in the morning or during the day . But Juliet says that he must have heard the nightingale which only sings at night . 2. What super obvious foreshadowing that shakespear is give us as Romeo leaves ? When Romeo leaves Juliet says that she has an odd feeling that this is the last time she will see Romeo alive . She says that she sees him in a grave. 3. How does JUliet reply to her mother's announcement ? She is mad becasue she really dosen't want to marry Paris and she is already married to Romeo and Juliet tells her Mother that except in a way of foreshadowing.

31: 4. How does Capulet reach Juliet's acceptace, or lack therefore? What is the ultimatum he gives her? Capulet gets mad and freaks out on her .

32: Act 4 Scene 1 | 1.Why is Paris at the church ? What does he tell the Friar? Paris is at the Churuch bec ause he is going to convience the Friar to marry Juliet and Paris . The Friar says that he is going to fast but Paris says that he is doing it fast because Juliet won't stop crying about how Tybalt died and how it is unhealthy her.

33: 2. How does Juliet use double entendres in this scene ? When Juliet enters the church she see Paris and then Paris starts saying wierd things to Juliet about how she is going to be a wife btu Juliet says that she is already a wife except she uses double meanings . 3. How does Juliet mirror the actions of Roemo , who was in the very same place just the day before ? Juliet almost mirrors Romeo becasue he always use to go and cry and he use to say that he was going to kill himself and then Juliet says that if she can't see Romeo or if the Friar can't solve the problem she is going to kill herself right then and there. 4. What are some things tJuliet would rather do than marry Paris ? Juliet says that she would rather live in the gutters or that she would rather be locked up in a den full of bears .

34: 5. Outline Friar Lawrence's plan , deep in detial and step by step. His plan is that She will go home and say to her dad thats she is sorry for acting the way she did and then he would forgive her. Then the night before the wedding she makes sure that nobody will interupt her when she takes the poisen , then her parents will do ehr funeral and then romeo will and save her . | Act 4 Scene 2

35: 1. Why is the servant man talking bathering on about cooks licking their fingers ? The servant has to find a cook who will cook for the wedding and the servant is going on about how if a cook licks his finger than the food is good because a cook who doesn't lick their fingers means that it is not good food. 2. What is an unexpected result of Julliet telling her father she'll marry Paris ? Capulet suprises Juliet by saying that since she has made up her mind that he is going to move the date up to tomorow .

36: Act 4 Scene 3

37: 1. Juliet is unsure to take the poison for a couple or reasons . Describe them. She is unsure to take the poison because she doesn't know if it will actually put her to sleep or if the friar gave her a real poison that could kill her . 2.What thing does she imagine when she conviences herself to drink the poison ? She imagines Romeo that's all she has to think of and how if she thinks Romeo everthing is gone .

38: Act 4 Scene 4 | 1. In this scene the household and the capulets are getting ready for the wedding for Juliet and Paris .

39: Act 4 Scene 5 | 1.How is death personified in this scene ? Capulet makes Death seem like a real person because when Paris arives Capulet says that he is too late because Juliet is already married to death .

40: 2. Are Juliet's parents unconcerned by Juliet's death, or are they angery that they didn't get to marry her to Paris ? They are concerned because Capulet says that his only happines is gone and Lady Capulet says that her dear daughter , her only child , now dead . 3. What deos the Friar tell the family to stop them from shouting out in grief? The Friar tells them that she is in a better place and that she didn't even want to marry Paris and that she is with Tybalt. 4. What is the reason for having the argument between Peter and teh Musician? The reason why they have that little argument is so that the actors can change scene .

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