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BC: It all started with a dream.....

FC: The Calgary Stampede A collection of information by Grade 3 and 4 students at Elbow Park School (2009)

1: This scrapbook that the grade 3 and 4’s have done is about the Calgary Stampede. The three things that we wanted to know about the Calgary Stampede were: how it came to be, why does it hold such importance, and who was involved. Every person’s job was to learn about the Calgary Stampede and put his or her knowledge into a paragraph. We then chose photos that matched our written work. We got our information from books, videos, and websites. We would like to give special thanks to Lesley Stang who is the Senior Manager of Consumer Marketing for the Calgary Stampede. She visited our school and helped us with our research! Please enjoy our book! By Noah

2: The White Hats are the traditional hat to wear at the Stampede! | The Calgary Stampede was first called the Frontiers Days Celebration. It was changed to the name Calgary Stampede because the name Stampede hadn’t been used before for a celebration of such importance. Josie

3: At the time of the Calgary Stampede, Calgary was turning into a western city. This was before 1912. Settlers went over to Calgary, farmers went over and business people went over to Calgary because of the growing economy. Farmers came when the cattle boom happened. All of these people moving to Calgary plus the agriculture industry made Calgary a good place for the Stampede to happen. By Oliver

4: The point of the Stampede today is mostly for people to learn about other people, but Guy Weadick (shown top left) also wanted to show the talent of cowboys and to let people know that they aren’t trouble makers. Another point of the Stampede is to give people of all different ages and abilities the opportunity to perform in the Stampede. Guy Weadick wanted Canada to have a big show to showcase the two main events, which are saddle bronc riding and calf roping (top right). Cameron

5: Guy Weadick started the Calgary Stampede to celebrate western heritage. He did it because he had a western family background and brought it to life in Calgary. Guy thought it was important because Calgary would go western and he would live in a city with the same heritage as him. It would be a lot better than living in a city that totally disagrees with your beliefs. Weadick encouraged kids to stick with their heritage by making the Stampede. Guy was a successful man. By Spencer

6: The Stampede gives people a chance to show what they can do, have fun, and enjoy the true west. people love to see the Grandstand show but most of all the loved Aggie days. But the real reason why people go to the Stampede is to meet new people. Ariel | The Stampede is best at night when all the lights are on and the smell of donuts are at my nose, and the screams of children gives me the shivers as it goes past my ears. By Ariel

7: Some of the things that the Stampede started off with were saddle bronc riding, calf roping, chuck wagon races and a carousel. They made a Stampede parade. They also had prize money for the cowboys. One big thing that they had was the Grandstand show. Almost all of the people in the show are young Canadians. Now they have prizewinning games, bull riding and also they still have the Grandstand show, barrel racing and calf roping. Then the First Nations started dancing at the Stampede. That is only some of the things that they have at the Stampede. The stampede breakfast is one of the things that the stampede has. They serve pancakes. People come to celebrate the old west.By Cassidy

8: People call them the Big Four because they made such a significant contribution towards the Calgary Stampede. The Big Four took a risk to donate money because they did not know if people would come and the money could be lost. People thought that Guy Weadick who started the Stampede was crazy, but the Big Four had faith in him. The Big four had faith in Guy because they wanted the Stampede to happen and they thought Calgary might need it. A.E. Cross's daughter continues to volunteer today at the Calgary Stampede.Photos: top left shows A.E. Cross, bottom left is Patrick Burns. by Isabella and Rachael

9: George Lane (below) and Archie A.J. McLean (left) were two of the sponsors of the earliest Calgary Stampedes. Each of the Big Four donated 20,000 dollars. Several well known companies now sponsor the Calgary Stampede today. by Rachael

10: My paragraph is about the different struggles that have happened at the Calgary Stampede . One of the struggles in starting the Calgary Stampede was that the price to get into the Stampede was too high, and people didn’t want to pay. So they went to Scotsman’s Hill to see the rodeo for free. Another struggle was that people didn’t think it was fair how the Stampede treated the animals. Just to let you know the animals are not harmed in any way.They actually get to go to a big barn in the summer that is like a 5 star hotel just for them. I got this information from Lesley Stang, a lady who works at the Stampede. The weather is also a problem when it rains because it is hard for the animals. They will slip and fall. It’s no fun for people to sit in the rain either. The Stampede was and still is a celebration, although it was not a good time to celebrate after World War 1. It was a sad time and people lost some family members and did not want to come. By Chanel

11: Some of the athletes at the Calgary Stampede are Will Lowe, Ryan Gray, Jess Davis, Travis Whiteside and Kelly Sutherland (left). Most of the performers I named are bareback riders except for Kelly Sutherland. Kelly Sutherland is famous for Chuck wagon races at the Stampede. Kelly has won 18 races. Kelly is also famous for wearing an eagle feather on his hat. Every race he wins he gives the thumbs up signal to the audience. My personal connection to the Calgary Stampede is my cousin Miles. He is a roper at the Calgary Stampede. By Kate

12: I asked Lesley Stang who works at the Calgary Stampede year round the question why do people attend the Stampede? Fortunately, they had been doing a survey on that exact question. Their research shows that the top reason that people come is that they like to see each others’ cultures and traditions. The people that come to the Stampede also learn about and meet different people. The second reason is that the people that participate and perform can win over $1,000,000 dollars in prize money today. To the left, you will see a poster advertizing prize money to be won at the Calgary Stampede in 1919.

13: The third reason that people come to the Stampede is that the Stampede carries on the western tradition. People also come because they don’t want the Stampede to go out of business. If we didn’t support the Stampede every year they wouldn’t get money to run it again the next year. And of course it’s FUN!! This picture to the left represents the Wild West that the Stampede has kept alive. By Harrison

14: Farmers and ranchers were the first to start rodeos. The photo above shows a farmer doing the calf-roping event. | The farmers and ranchers started rodeos before the Calgary Stampede was made. The farmers and ranchers did their rodeos on the rancher’s plains or the farmer’s farms. They raised their horses themselves for their rodeos. Instead of doing some of the rodeos as a tradition, they used some of the animals for food. Guy Weadick got the idea to have a rodeo in his stampede from watching the farmers and the ranchers. He passed through the farms and plains and saw that lots of people enjoyed watching and riding horses. By Kendall

15: There’s some people to thank if you enjoy the native culture of Alberta. The Stampede and the natives paired up and brought the western native culture back, because they realized that the western culture isn’t just about Rodeos and ranching, it’s also about our native culture. Both the Stampede and the First Nations people worked together to recreate part of the native culture on the Stampede grounds. There were also native dances at the grandstand show. All this is very important because the First Nations background of Alberta could have been lost forever! But now thanks to the Stampede and the First Nations People you can enjoy the beautiful dresses and dances of the native culture at the Greatest Show On Earth, The Calgary Stampede! By Rory

16: The cowboys are a big part of the stampede. About 800 cowboys perform at the Stampede each year. | There are over 1,000,000 people who came to watch the Calgary Stampede every year! Did you know that about 800 cowboys perform at the Stampede each year! They all ride a wild horse or bull, and they tried to stay on for more then 8 seconds. Did you know that there are 20,000 volunteers that donate there time all year long? They volunteer to help with things around the Stampede like organizing for the next Stampede and finding horses for the cowboys to ride. Over 400 entertainers work all year long to entertain the people who come to the Stampede. By Liza

17: They have had rides at the Stampede since 1912. But not the Drop of doom or The Zipper. They had a simple Ferris wheel, a Merry Go Round, and some other attractions like Physics and a Haunted House, and of course food. The Mary go round from 1912 is now at Chinook centre. It needed some repairs and some flashy lights, and lot of new stuff, but the base of the Merry Go Round still survives. Today the Stampede ground is very different but still has great rides. By Connor

18: Many things have changed and stayed the same since the first Calgary Stampede in 1912. For example some things that have changed are that the cowboys had to ride the horse bareback until either the horse bucked them off or the horse gave up. The riders today only have to ride the horse for 8 seconds. Another thing that has changed is that it used to be called the Frontiers Day Celebration but they changed it to the Stampede because no other celebration that big was named that. The photo above shows the Stampede when it was a wartime air base before the Calgary Stampede was made.

19: Some things that have stayed the same in the Stampede are the chuck wagon races that were started in 1923 and we still have them today. The Stampede has had bull sales for almost 100 years, and we still have saddle bronc riding and calf roping. Those are just a few things that have stayed the same and changed since 1912. The photo below shows the Stampede grounds after they built one of the early Calgary Stampedes. By Jonah

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