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FC: Lasting Memories Happy 80th Birthday

1: To their surprise the Epps were blessed with twin girls, Ortha Mae, and Gener Rae on August 14, 1929.

2: Gener Rae and Ortha Mae's older sisters, Rachel and Gracie would each have a baby to care for on the farm. This upset Thurman their older brother, who asked "Where is mine?" Micky | They are very handy with their hands; quilting, embroidery and crochet. Joan | I remember when I helped Aunt Gener Rae step out of the car and we became best friends. I am now her "buddy." Dustyn

3: Being children on the farm, the kids wanted berries off the mulberry tree. Gracie was throwing a chunk (maybe a pine knot) into the top of the the tree. She had told all to stay out from under the tree but Ortha Mae did not wait. The pine knot came down and now she has a scar on her head. Gracie | The girls' stockings were long and they would have to wear them up to their knees. Gener Rae rolled her stockings down, while waiting for the bus and used red crepe paper to color her lips. Gracie | Ortha Mae gave me a new dress to wear to my 12th grade graduation. I owed a bill at Raymond Yarbers Dry Good store. Everytime I got paid, I went to pay on the bill. This time I didn't owe anything. The bill had been paid in full by Ortha Mae Brown. I said NO. They showed the bill to me. That is what a sister does. Your sis, Nellie Ann | I remember when Gener and Ortha Mae gave me my first watch for my 12 grade graduation. I thought these Epps girls were really somebody. Nell

4: Gener Rae, One of my memories is with you trying to teach me to dance at the family reunion. Brett | Ortha Mae and Gener might not have learned to swim because the Epps girls were not allowed to go to the creek or the river, but they learned to dance and enjoyed going dancing. I bet all the boys wanted them as their partner! Joan

5: The Epps Family | Once I was trying to wash Ortha Mae's head, but Ortha Mae did not want to be bothered so she started crying so our mother could hear her. So mother made me leave Ortha Mae alone. Gracie

6: On a trip to Florida to see Pat and Grant-I was hungry... I wanted to stop at Krystal Burgers. Well of course Ortha does not like Krystal Burger and Aunt Gener Rae wasn't hungry. Well inside Gener Rae just said "give me #1" well this was a combo of four burgers, fries, dessert, and a big drink (About half a gallon). She said, "I didn't order all that" and I told her she did... her face was so funny! I laughed and laughed! Happy Birthday TL

7: The BEST looking Epps girl and the BEST dancer is my wife. Happy Birthday! Love you, TL | My memory of Gener is of the night Haley was born. We were at the hospital and she told me to go home. She said that Ortha Mae, Regina and herself would be fine. I needed to go to work the next day. Shearl

8: The One and Only Trip to the Beach

9: A Few Memories of My Mom: Rocking me with rhythm along with a pat and a song until I drifted off to sleep in the living room. (I must have need a nap.) Thanks for being so loving. The smell of bacon and clanking of dishes on Saturday morning while I watched my favorite cartoons, you still make the best chocolate and biscuits! Saturday morning breakfast was always a treat! Thanks for being a good cook! Traveling to Mississippi to spend Christmas with the family was always a great time. Mama always chewed gum with us after we left Young's Truck Stop, I don't know why that sticks out in my memory. She packed all our presents and special things to have on Christmas morning. Thanks for being a great Santa Claus! When I had surgery or was sick, I would always get extra special care with some chicken noodle soup, jell-o and cold wash rags. Thanks for being a great nurse! When I got caught sliding down the windshield of JR's car, Mama never told Daddy. Thanks for being so kind! Taking me shopping for my prom dress and making small payments every month until it was paid off. Thanks for being a hard worker! Teaching me how to live by the "Golden Rule" of life and taking care of the one's you love. Thanks for being a good role model! These are just a few memories that come to mind. I have lots more... Mama I love you and I am thankful for having you in my life. Happy Birthday Love your baby daughter, Renea | A Few Aunt Gener Rae Memories The "Howdy-Dos" and hugs I was certain to receive upon arrival at Aunt Gener Rae's house every time we came to visit is always a sweet memory. Aunt Gener Rae, your house was like a home away from home. I have a lot of good memories hanging out with my cousins, playing basketball in the driveway, shooting fireworks at night, chasing lightning bugs and playing kick the can are a few. Skating on the frozen lake and sliding down the leaf-covered hills was a lot of fun. (I am not so sure we had permission to do that.) Aunt Gener Rae would always be cooking up something good to eat, the smell when you walked in the kitchen door was.... well "mmmmmmm." She still cooks up some good food. I will always treasure the items you have made for me over the years. (By the way I am running low on wash cloths.) Over the years I have seen how awesome it is for two people to have such a special bond. Unconditional love and support for one another. Mama and Aunt Gener Rae have that bond that is so special! Even with 500 miles between them they have managed to stay close and in touch with each other and their families over the years. Aunt Gener Rae I admire your courage and strength to move forward with your life no matter what events take place. You are a strong woman with a lot of character who I will always treasure in my heart and memory. Thank you for being a special part of my life. Happy Birthday! Your Favorite Niece, Renea

10: As far back as I can remember the Brown family and the Parrish family have always gathered together and when they got together it is always a fun time. When I was very, very young I remember "Creepy Crawly" and "I'm going to count your ribs." These were Aunt Ortha Mae's favorite things to do. All of the kids loved this. She has done this to all of her grandchildren, her nieces, and her nephews on down the lines to her nieces' and nephews' children. I remember the toys in the den at Aunt Ortha Mae's house! You can play but you have to clean up your mess. The snacks- double stuffed oreos, Bryer's ice cream, Pepsi, and of course Nestle Chocolate Milk. Always at Aunt Ortha Mae's house. The Parrish family and the Brown family always coming together in the summertime in Mississippi. Playing in the playhouse, homemade ice cream, homemade lemon-aide, Grandma's Tea Cakes, pitching washers, swinging on the swing in the tree, running and jumping off of the porch. Oh, yeah I will never forget the words, "yall better quit jumping off of the porch because someone is going to get hurt!!" Running in and out of the screen doors and letting them slam-more than once we would hear, "stop running in and out, either stay in or out, the next time it slams you are getting in trouble." Needless to say, sometime we would take our chances and maybe we wouldn't get caught! Walking to Ben Franklins 5 & 10 cent store-walking to the park-sleeping on the feather bed at grandma's house after a full day of fun. While living in Ohio memories of going to the Statue of Liberty, Niagra Falls, grilling out and going to Lake Erie came to mind. Oh yeah, Martha throwing up in my hair. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk! But I guess you have to take the good with the bad. HaHa! When the Parrish family visited the Brown family there were always things to do- Six Flags, Stone Mountain, Lake Hartwell, and who could ever forget the camping trip to Myrtle Beach! Fun, Fun times. We even had our own rooster on that trip. HaHa! Do you remember who the rooster was? Aunt Ortha Mae had a special way of getting Martha and myself up!! After 4 or 5 fitmes of Martha Lee and Regina Kay get up, she pulled out the dreaded rubber band off the morning newspaper! Needless to say we would get up! Remember?? Once again the Parrish family and the Brown family would gather at Grandma's in Mississippi for Christmas. There would be a huge dinner, men sat at the table,all of the kids in the middle room, moms always ate last! After lunch all of us kids would gather in the front room which had a burning fire place and we would play. Some of the older kids would sneak off to town! Remember who would sneak off and who got left behind? Of course who could ever forget the breakfast million dollar question? Who wants more eggs? As we all sat around that huge table in the kitchen. Renea and Carol would answer, "we are done" Both Martha Lee and Regina Kay. We want more!!! Even more and more, more eggs!!! Aunt Ortha Mae and mother finally say, "if we cook them you are going to eat them." We would say more eggs and believe me we did have to eat them! I guess that I have said all that to say this, "Thanks for the great Memories." Gathering together at least twice a year-allowing us to have a great childhood growing up together-putting forth the effort for us to know each other and become the close family that we are. It is because of what you did that made use who we are today!! Some families have family members who they don't even know or haven't seen each other in years. Thank you again for all of the great memories of growing up together, the Brown Family and the Parrish family. Happy 80th Birthday! Regina

12: Dressed as Santa and Mrs. Clause Christmas was Always a Special Time | Gener Rae was always putting on make up, fixing her hair, trying on dresses and playing dress-up. Doing things that a girl would do. Ortha Mae on the other hand would be barefoot and up a tree somewhere, doing things that a boy would do. Gener Rae would try to get Ortha Mae to come and play dress-up, Ortha Mae would say, "I'm not playing dress up." You come outside and play with me, Gener Rae would answer, "I'm not playing outside, up in a tree?" So even tho they were twins, they were different in a lot of ways, but on the other hand they were also the same in alot of ways! Thurman

13: Hey Mamma Rae! I just want you to know that I love you so much, and I hope you have the best birthday ever! The best memories I have had with you is when I spent the night with you we always had Frosted Flakes for breakfast! Happy Birthday! I Love You, Haley | It is hard to believe Ortha Mae and Gener Rae are turning 80! So many memories have been made with both families together! Vacation, Christmas and other holidays and summertime gatherings! Santa and Mrs. Claus, living room square dancing, watermelon eating, ice cream, making lemon aide and tea. These are few things that come to mind. But my memory of Aunt Ortha Mae, other than... "Creepy Crawley" is when I spent a week with them. Aunt Ortha Mae had a mission that week and that mission was to find a frog! A concrete frog for my dad's Christmas present. Every afternoon we went out looking for frogs! We failed to find what she wanted while I was there, but we had a good time looking and shopping! The main thing is she will be known and remembered for counting ribs! She could get me out of the bed with Creepy Crawley!!! Carol

14: Memories to share with My Mom-Where to begin? All of my memories from my youngest years to my adult years revolve around our family. We have had fun times, sad times, and lots of love. Mom was my nurse when I was sick-she gave me Jell-O, 7-Up, and chicken noodle soup. Mom was my driver as she hauled me (and my friends) to football games, skating rinks, and friends' houses. Mom was my defender when Mrs. Hudson (my 2nd grade teacher) said I had to try all the food on my lunch tray and Mom told her that I didn't have to eat anything that I didn't want to. Mom was my "dressmaker" as she sewed my clothes both dresses and casual. Momma was everything to all of us. I remember spending summer days putting up corn and beans in the freezer. Momma, Aunt Gracie, Bobbie Woodall, Donita, and all of us kids either in the back yard or between our house and Donita's with piles of beans and corn. Playing ball games and badminton games with kids and adults-Momma, Donita, Rex, and Marlene always played with us. Daddy and JR sometimes would join the fun. And of course summer always included trips to Mississippi usually for the week of the 4th of July. Lots of food, family, and fun. Again we did a lot of good eating and a lot of playing with cousins, aunts and uncles. I remember the washtub full of lemonade, fish fries, tea cakes, hamburgers, watermelons and home made ice cream. I remember "pitching washers," telling tales, and lots of laughing. Holidays were always special. I remember going shopping for our Easter baskets and dyeing eggs on the kitchen table covered in newspaper and of course egg hunting both inside and out. Halloween was also a big deal as Mom took us shopping for our costumes. We would come home with huge piles of candy and Mama would let us sort it like we wanted. We always had cakes and presents for our birthdays. And we had the best Christmas any child could ever hope for. I can only imagine how much time, patience and money it took to haul everything to Mississippi and back each year. Santa has always been very good to us even when we weren't always as "good" as should have been! I remember going to the NASCAR Car races with Mom and Dad. Mama would get so excited about the race and Daddy just wanted to win the "betting pot" we always had!! I remember going to several different races but I remember my first (Bristol, TN and Dale wrecked completely out of the race after about the 5/7 laps in pit row) and the time the whole family went. Even though I'm 52 years old, I still depend on my Mama and Daddy. They have supported me in everyway since the day I was born. I always know that I can count on them to be there for me in good times and bad. I remember that no one would ever love us like our family did and what a blessing that love is!! All my love, Maria

15: My memory is to see the excitement and joy in Mrs. Orthie's eyes when she gives out the gifts on Christmas. If I had half of the joy of giving that she does I feel like God would be extremely proud of me. Love, Brett | I remember driving Ortha and TL to Lyndsey's wedding reception. It was dark, cold, and rainy. I could not see very well but was trying to stay calm. I even ran off the road. Ortha and TL never said anything but that was a scary drive. Vivian Durham | My memory about Mamaw Brown is being introduced to chocolate and biscuits. I don't know if this is a family recipe or a southern recipe, but all I can say about it is "MMMMMM!" Now if I could just learn how to use a stove I could make them myself! Love, Sara

16: Happy 80th Birthday Aunt Ortha and Aunt Gener, You are both very special to me. I have great memories of each of you. Aunt Gener, one of my favorite memories is your family coming to Mississippi from Ohio on the holidays. We all looked forward to your arrival which made the holidays special. It was so much fun to get together with the whole family and now I know it couldn't have been easy to pack up and make that long trip. I remember how you always took time to talk to me although I was just a little kid. So now after all these years I still look forward to seeing you when I can. Aunt Ortha, I'll always remember how good you treated me when, without notice, I "dropped" by your house when on my way somewhere either on my motorcycle or later in my truck. You always took it in stride and fed me and sometimes gave me a place to sleep. It was always so good to see you and your family when I was far from home. I love you both and wish you a great Happy Birthday! Larry

17: Dear Ortha and Gener, Even though your unique individuality shows clearly, there are some things I have seen equally well in both of you and it is about those things that I write today. I am happy to take this opportunity to wish both of you a happy 80th birthday. Since I wasn't around during the time your families were young, I don't have any special memories of that time to talk about. However, I do have some good memories of you and this good family that I married into. Something I have noticed is your calm, easy-going manner, sweet smiles and kindness, good sense of humor, ability to have and share fun times, and your great love for your family. I also have noticed that you have raised some very good children which says a lot about each of you. It is very easy to see that your love for your family has been a motivating force in all you have done and continue to do. That is more precious than any costly heirloom you could give to them and your love will forever affect their lives in a positive way. So, on this special occasion I am very glad to have the opportunity to wish you each....... Happy Birthday Linda Winchester

18: Mawmaw Orthie is my yard work supervisor. My supervisor always treats us to a good meal. Sometimes it is breakfast other times it is a dinner but it is always a treat. Dustyn | I remember always having pictures taken at family reunions. Twins and twins, Mawmaw, Aunt Gener Rae, Dustyn, and me. Dylan | I remember when I told Mawmaw about her Christmas present. She asked me what the gift was and I told her it was something to clean with. The gift was a broom. Dustyn | I remember going to Mammaw's and having chocolate and biscuits. Dylan

19: I remember when I helped Aunt Gener Rae step out of the car and we became best friends. I am now her "buddy." Dustyn | Mawmaw dressed as Santa Claus and came to my house when I was a baby. I was scared to death and cried. Dylan

20: I am very blessed to have you as a grandmother. You have done so many special things with me. I remember playing Creepy Crawly which always brought laughter. I remember making biscuits on your counter. I remember spending countless nights at your house and you would always play games with me, Old Maid, and Checkers. I remember you and Pawpaw taking us to Freedom Weekend Aloft to ride the rides and watch the concerts. I remember the trips to the Baskin Robin's ice cream. Steven and I rode in the back of the truck. I remember you sitting with Stephen and I as we swam in the pool. You were worried to death but you let us swim because that's what we wanted. As I have grown I have noticed the generosity within you. Your family never wants or needs for anything. You and Pawpaw helped me with school loans and let's not forget all the lunches you provided when I stopped by on a break from college. You delight in special times. I always cherish our overwhelming but special Christmas. You are so excited and turn on all the stuffed animals that play Christmas music. I am so lucky to have you, to look up to you, and follow in your footsteps. I love you! Lyndsey

21: I was in Mississippi and I remember all the food. You never leave her house hungry. I also remember having a bump in my ear. It was really bothering me and you popped it without thought just to make me feel better. Love, Lyndsey | Gener Rae always has jobs for me to do. She keeps me busy! Shearl | I remember Aunt Ortha Mae playing Creepy Crawly with me. Lance

22: Ortha Loves BEANS.... Pintos, Butter Beans, Snap Beans, Blackeye Peas, Mississippi Peas, Green Beans, White Beans, Soup Beans. Thanks to her I now have a love for beans too!!! Robbie P.S.... She always likes me to drive her to the picnic. We get there fast | Mom-- What can I say-- You know I think you are the Best Mom EVER! You do not look a day over 65. I want to tell you I remember how hard you have always had to work and the responsibilities you have had while Dad was working hard too!! I want you to know that I believe my love for sports and being a "Tomboy" was a wonderful trait from you... I can remember you playing basketball with us. Coming to my softball games and telling me not to let this girl knock me down!! I have sweet memories of when we worked at Hardee's together.. even though I had to call you Mrs. Brown--you were always my Mama. I always enjoyed smearing butter on your hand and you saying "Martha"... Those were fun times! As a baby and a child you always had to take more care of me. I was demanding. "Sorry." You have made many, many, many trips to the doctors with me. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS TAKING CARE OF ME! Martha Lee

23: Mother has taught me that no one is better than me and I am not better than anyone else. We all put our pants on one leg at a time! Treat others like I want to be treated. If everyone else jumped off a bridge-would you? You have to stand up for yourself-No one else will. Everything has a place. (I don't use this one very often) If you have a sore throat gargle warm salt water. If you have a stopped up nose use Vick's Vapor Rub. If you get sun burn use sweet milk. Use peroxide to heal cuts. She taught me what the word "thought" means!! Thought he farted but he SH__ __ ! Happy Birthday!! I love you! Carol | What I learned from the years with Gener Rae... 1. A cordless telephone does NOT operate the t.v. 2. Water comes out of the spicket and not a faucet. 3. What the epizudic is 4. Everything is a bunch of mess 5. Dollar General light bulbs are as good as GE! Brad | Well, first off, I wanna say I love you and happy birthday! The best memories I have had with you would be you counting my ribs and playing peek-a-boo with me! I always had so much fun! Well I hope you have a great 80th birthday. Happy Birthday! I love you, Haley

24: My Precious Memories of My Mom and Aunt Gener Rae There are many but I will say the ones that stand out are the ones when we spent our family vacations together. All of our summer and winter vacations were together! I think the first one I remember was our flight to Ohio. It was the first time Maria, Renea, Mom and I had ever flown.. (Dad wanted us to have the experience) I remember landing and Uncle Ray picking us up at the airport (It was COLD!) Aunt Gener Rae was so excited to see us! Carol was a little bitty baby. That was our last flight from then on we drove. It would take us two days to get to Ohio.We would stop at rest areas and sleep. On one trip we went to Niagra Falls with Aunt Gracie. We went through customs all piled up in the back of the pick-up.. I am surprised they let us through. That was the night I was sick and threw up in "Tammy's" hair.. boy she was mad. I couldn't find my mama. On that trip we went to see the NY side and the Canada side. I know they had no idea the memories they were making! Tweetsie RR-- Cherokee Reservation-- Six Flats-- Carowinds--Swimming at Joans's sister-in-law's house (always getting sunburned) Lake Harwell in a boat--- Uncle Ray was always a trooper! I cannot leave out our camping trip to Myrtle Beach. This was a camping trip we were so excited about. We pulled down this small camper.. set up camp.. went to the beach (Regina always in her styling white swim cap) swam and came back...Aunt Gracie slept with all of the kids in the small camper. Mom, dad, and Aunt Gener slept in the back of the truck and Uncle Ray slept in the cab.I am sure the other people thought the Beverly Hillbillies had moved in especially when Aunt Gracie opened the camper door that morning and crowed like a rooster! I remember when Aunt Gener Rae and Uncle Ray moved back to Mississippi. Mom and Dad took us over to serenade them... Aunt Gener sticks her head out the door and says.. "yall come on in here!" We had cakes and drinks. On one of our vacation trips to Mississippi Regina and I decided to have some eggs for breakfast. Mom and Aunt Gener Rae cooked them for us. We wanted more and more...well the last eggs they cooked they made us eat because they told us we would have to. Boy, I did not eat eggs for a long time. As my mind thinks back there are so many wonderful memories of our families together. I can't leave out Dad, Uncle Ray and Aunt Gracie in there! Thank you Mom and Aunt Gener Rae for making our childhoods so special! Martha

25: Ortha has always been a very special friend to me. I still have the Easter egg with the rabbit in it she gave me in 1981. We worked together at Pleasantburg Mfg. and I have great memories there!! Edna Collins | Ortha Mae put mud in Gener's ears. Joan | I remember pitching washers with Ortha Mae the night before Haley was born. I also remember T.L. and Ortha being at our wedding because they happened to be in Mississippi. Shearl

26: It didn't matter whether we were in Mississippi, Greenville, Ohio, Six Flags, Myrtle Beach, or Niagara Falls we always have a good time just being together. I remember going to visit ya'll in Ohio. I remember my first airplane trip going to Ohio (Mama was a nervous wreck and spilling her Pepsi) and I remember thinking that I was going to be a lot closer to the North Pole at your house so Santa would probably stop by there early. I remember rocking Carol to sleep. And snow. I remember our little (one to two days) vacation trips-the famous Myrtle Beach camping trip, the trip to Six Flags, and the trip to Niagara Falls. The Myrtle Beach trip was only one day but every one of us still remember it and talks about it. Six Flags, I remember it being very, very hot and all of the rides, especially the boat ride through the Okefenokee Swamp with all of the musical animals and lights ( and it was the only cool spot we found that day). Besides seeing Niagara Falls, I remember crossing the border. I had never been outside of the United States before and I remember the guard looking at us sitting in the back of the pick-up truck. This was also the first time I had ever had "soft serve" ice cream. We were always excited when we found out that ya'll were coming to Greenville for a visit. It was always a good time. Aunt Gracie and all of her kids would come over and we would always eat and just be together. I remember cooking out in the back yard- Daddy and Uncle Ray drinking a couple of beers and talking about everything. I remember all of us kids taking turns sitting on the ice cream turn and playing games until dark. We couldn't understand why Carol and Regina said "Pop" instead of Pepsi. After you moved back to Mississippi, we always stayed at your house. I remember square dancing in your living room the first year David and I were married. Uncle Thurman called and Aunt Nita tried to show us what to do. I remember sleeping with Martha in your front bedroom. Martha and I would be whispering in our bedroom and we could hear you and Mama talking in your bedroom. Sisters sharing secrets with sisters. We have been blessed with a large, loving family. I could not have picked a better family to belong to if God had given me a choice and I thank God for giving you to me every day. Love, Maria

27: Ortha, you and I have been friends for a long time. We have spent many hours talking about my children, your children, and all of our grandchildren, some that we share. Those times were the best. I have always admired you for the way you care for your family, the girls, your son-in-laws and their children, and of course T.L. Ortha, you have helped me so much when I was in need. Everytime I was sick at home or in the hospital you always brought wonderful food. I know that was when Bill fell in love with you. One of the biggest and most giving things you did for me was wrapping all of my Christmas presents for my family when I was not able to do it. We both know what a big job that was. You did this many times. Ortha, I guess what I'm trying to say is that you are always a wonderful and giving person. Ortha, We Love You! Friends Forever, Sue and Bill

28: Dear MawMaw, When I was smaller I remember going to Wilson 10 Cent Store with you and picking out little toys and things to make when we got back to your house. You would help me with little crafts. I still have the little pocketbook we made on one of those days. I remember spending the night with you and playing Guess Who and any other board games I wanted to play. Eating breakfast at Crackle Barrel and then going to meet Stephen at the Columbia Zoo was a real fun day. I really loved the zoo. Thank you for making my Dutch Doll and butterfly quilts that I will always keep. Happy Birthday MawMaw! I love you, Anna P.S. I want to try these awesome "Chocolate and Biscuits" that everyone is talking about. | Dear Ortha, It is hard to believe how quickly 26 years have gone by. Thanks for helping us over the years you have been a good mother-in-law..to me. Happy 80th Birthday! Kelley | Happy Birthday I love you. Jake

29: While these are in no particular order nor do they scratch the surface of all the wonderful memories I have, these represent some of my most fond memories of my Maw Maw. "Mountains of Presents" Have you ever seen what a living room looks like after a full year of shopping? While most people would respond, "No.", I am blessed and privileged to say that I have seen what it looks like for almost 25 years. Stacked from floor to ceiling it is an amazing sight! No matter how many times I've seen it, I still can't believe it. I love when people ask, "How was your Christmas?" I simply smile and humbly say, "It was good." Of course the very next question I am presented is, "What did you get?" After I rattle off item after item, I see myself looking at a person who is completely and utterly stunned. At that moment I am reminded how incredibly blessed I am to have a Maw Maw like Ortha Mae Brown. "Trips to Baskin Robbins" It was always a special treat when Lyndsey and I would climb into the back of the Blue GMC pickup, eagerly awaiting our arrival at the Baskin Robbins located at McCallister Square Mall. We would go up to the counter and Paw Paw would say, "Get whatever you want," while my eyes always told me I wanted all 64 flavors they had to offer and don't be mistaken, Maw Maw and Paw Paw would have let me get all 64, my small tummy would settle for just 2 scoops of Yellow Custard ice cream EVERY time. "Creepy Crawly" This was a staple at Maw Maw's house. I would climb up into her lap and as the Creepy Crawly meticulously crawled from my toes to my chin, I knew exactly what was going to happen, but the anticipation never changed. I will never forget the knot that existed in my stomach and the gut wrenching laughs that only the "Creepy Crawly" would produce. "Green Eggs and Ham" I could probably recite most of this book by heart and I have to credit that to the 3,782 readings by Maw Maw. No matter how many times I asked, she would read it like we were hearing it for the first time. "The Witch Comes to Visit West Curtis St." I'm just glad that I lived to tell this tale. It was an early evening on Halloween night when there was a knock at the door. My parents told me to see who it was. I opened and within seconds I was stuffing my small, 4 year old frame into the limitedspace present between my Dad and the back of the couch where he was sitting. They kept saying, "It's just Maw Maw," while you would think I would relax, I was not convinced and refused to be coaxed out with candy and I didn't move until the witch made an exit. I was scared and confused at the time, but now cherish this memory and will never forget it. I look forward to the day when I get the chance for payback on Grandchildren of my own, and I will be sure to let everyone know that I am simply passing on the same "scare" that Maw Maw gave me on that Halloween evening. "Chocolate and Biscuits" Ah yes, a sweet succulent treat of homemade buttermilk biscuits smothered in hot homemade chocolate, whipped up in the kitchen at 224 Vintage Ave. While this treat is meant to be enjoyed as a breakfast item, Maw Maw would make it for me any time I asked. When I would come home for visits from college I would normally go have breakfast on Saturday mornings with Maw Maw and Paw Paw and I never had to ask. I could smell Chocolate and Biscuits from the driveway and I knew I was home. "Badminton" Maw Maw was picking me up from school! I was very excited for a change in the routine. We got to her house and enjoyed a Pepsi and some peanut butter crackers. After we got done with our snack I confidently challenged Maw Maw to a Badminton match in the back yard. The competition was fierce! It came down to the last point and Maw Maw gave me her best shot and I knew I was going to have to go all out for this one or else I would lose. With my back to her I swung as hard as I could to return the shot. When I turned around I was surprised to see Maw Maw laying flat on her back, she was a victim of my pinpoint accuracy that I displayed with a badminton racquet in my hand. We both laughed so hard we cried and still do every time we recollect that day after school. Wouldn't you know it; roughly 10 years later I was crowned Badminton singles champion for 11th grade. I owe that title to my Maw Maw for pushing me to game point when I was just 7 years old. Thanks for being the very best Maw Maw that anyone could have ever wanted. I love you, Stephen

30: To Aunt Ortha & Gener "Mama Rae" My favorite memories of the twin Epps girls are from what my mother and your older sister, Rachel talked about. I always enjoyed hearing her tell about her childhood days with each addition to the Epps family. With her being next to the oldest she remembered when each of the five younger ones were born and I always enjoyed the story about going to the show at Belmont. In the many pages of her writing of which are treasured so much she wrote the following about both of you. I hope you both enjoy this and have many more birthdays to celebrate. Always know we love you both very much! Jan

31: Before Gener and Ortha were born the doctor came to our house to see Mama. We did not know why. Gracie and I loved sugar. Papa, took us in the Kitchen to stay. He give us each a spoon and a cup with some sugar in. We sat on a bench at the table and ate. When time came for them to be born we were over at our neighbors house. We looked out the window and wondered why a car was at our house. Then we went home. There were two baby girls. The doctor said, "girls I brought you a doll each." Thurman said, "where is mine." Yes, we were of help to Mama. Gener was Gracie's baby. Ortha was mine. We took good care of them as they grew and could crawl. Yes, they knew who to go to. Later, they walked to us. We were good mothers. One day I had plowed all day. Gener and Ortha took turns hauling the check lines. The free show was to be at Belmont, Mississippi street that night. They wanted to go. Papa said they could go if I walked went. I was so tired. Well, Gener and Ortha went to sleep. They saw very little of the show. It was just a picture, no sound. Look at us now, we still love each other, and stick together. A good bunch of children I think. I'm proud to be one of the 7. Papa and Mama would be proud if they knew. Wrote by Rachel (Epps) Winchester June 2001

33: The Parrish Scroll Once upon a time, two kissing cousins decided to play house. The ceremony took place on November 26, 1949 at Preacher Gober's house in Iuka. The witnesses were two close friends, James "Bud" Sneed and Nellie Armstrong. This story should date back to 1936, when eight-year-old, Kenneth Ray Parrish was stricken with polio. This would not slow this man down. The young couple began eyeing each other at community functions. They would enjoy an occasional move and square dance. This would turn into a long distance romance, when Ray moved north to work. The young couple would keep the mail man busy, with their love letters. After the ceremony, the couple stayed with family. Ray was laid off at this time. He had to borrow money to move Gener Ray from the "cotton patch" to the big city. The couple moved to Loraine, Ohio, in January 1950. Their first home was the "cabin." It did not have a stove, so Gener Rae had to cook on a two burner hot plate. This did not keep Mr. Parrish from inviting guests home for dinner. They had hominy and loaf bread. After only a month, Ray thought the couple had to move. They couldn't afford such a home. The couple then stayed with Uncle Fay for a short while. Then the couple moved to a two room apartment. This place had no refrigerator. They kept the Lorraine Ice Company in business, buying ice for the ice box. But luck was on their side. They found an upstairs apartment with more room. God added to their blessing, Kenneth Arnold arrived on the scene in 1955. This turned the couple into a family. The family moved to their first "real" house. It was six rooms and located in Amherst. Then in 1961, Regina Kay bounced into the scene. However, while that was a very blessed event, the couple later faced a real tragedy when Kenny was killed that same year. Carol Ann made her appearance, in 1966. The family later moved to Edgewood Drive and stayed there, till moving south, in December 1973. The family made two trips each year to Mississippi. One during the summer, when the girls enjoyed summer fun with their cousins. The other one was at Christmas. Regina and Carol were amazed that Santa could find them at the "cotton patch." The family made their home in Belmont. Both girls graduated Belmont High School. Mickey and Joan

34: Ortha Mae's Family

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