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Blizzards on the edge

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S: Blizzards on the edge

BC: Logan, Mikaela, and Kaitlyn inc.

FC: By Logan perreira Mikaela Milanes, and Kaitlyn pike | Blizzards on the edge | By Logan perreira, Mikaela milanes, and Kaitlyn pike | Blizzards on the edge

1: Blizzards are a force of nature. They are a natural disaster that destroys many things. They are harmful and dangerous but that is what nature gave us. They may not sound dangerous but they really are. So beware the power of the blizzard.

2: What is a blizzard | Blizzards happen when snow falls and wind speeds up to at least 35mph blows it. When the wind blows really hard panic starts. It can also happen with the snow on the ground. This is called a ground blizzard. Either way blizzards are very cold and can be below 0F. Blizzard kill at least a 1000 people a year. | False alarm Sorry folks. Always be prepared for a blizzard. Go back to what you were doing

3: A blizzard is coming | During a blizzard you should stay in your house. All ways be prepared for a power outage. Put a towel under your door so the room stays warm. But never drive during a blizzard. Your car will get stuck in the snow or your car might skid and crash.

4: Logan: OMG! My family and I were on the front porch. The wind whistled and everyone ran to the basement. My family sat in the basement. Was I dreaming or was this real? “What's happening mom?”, I asked. “It is a blizzard Logan”, she responded. It lasted a week. We had to mail food. We each had to put on ten coats! Then are power went out. Luckly we had our flashlights! It was a long night. It felt like a year. But it wasn’t! Why was this happening? I’m scared mom. There is no need to be scared. She said. Why because blizzards don’t last long. Oh! It lasted a week!! I had just survived a blizzard. OMG!!!!

5: Mikaela: I trudged along the snow boot by boot. Each coming up from a pile of snow and diving back into it. I was wearing my winter jacket but Chicago’s breeze somehow trickled its way in. I walked a long way not even realizing where I was. I was to deep in thought. I took in my surroundings for the first time. Dead trees, branches, a bird flying back to its nest, what I usually see. But for the first time this Winter something might actually happen. Something different and something dangerous. The wind was picking up and I lurched forward. It whistled in my ear until I heard something else something different. Then I heard a high panicked shriek “Blizzard!” My hands felt numb, my brain turned to ice and I panicked. The world turned upside down. Distant screaming was heard which brought me back to my senses. I ran and ran while the breeze played with my hair. I finally reached my house throwing the door open and closing it with the same force. Then I watched from the window as the blizzard made its way to town where the damage will be done.

6: Kaitlyn: I was outside playing and all of the sudden a gust of wind comes and it starts to snow really hard. I run in side. I tell my mom a blizzard is coming! We were stuck inside for a few days. When it was over in my head I said I just survived a blizzard!

7: Blizzard in the Making Blizzards are created cold air (under freezing) creates snow. For the snow to fall to the ground it has to be cold up in the clouds where the snow is created and ground level. For clouds to form warm air must go above cold air. This may happen when the wind either the winds pull cold air toward the equator from the poles and bring warm air toward the poles from the equator. Or when warm air and cold air are brought together, a front is formed and precipitation occurs. They get the water which turns to snow from water vapor. Warm air can rise and create clouds that store water which freezes in the cold air. The wind then blows viciously to create a blizzard.

8: u.s.a map

9: Where blizzards occur | Blizzards occur in Wyoming, Washington, Utah, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Alaska, Canada, New York, and any state in the north. Their also common where warmer air full of moisture is most likely to meet very cold air. These places are in far north or far south. This is because they have high altitudes- high above sea level. This might sound strange but it's rare to have a blizzard in north pole and south pole.

10: Blizzard adaptation | What is a adaptation? A adaptation is something that changes the environment or a way of life. | How do emperor penguins live through a blizzard? They have very thick fur so they stay warm. Emperor penguins also build body fat to stay warm. However farm animals don't have the adaptations they need so young ones don't last long during a blizzard. | Some other animals migrate to keep warm in a blizzard. But to survive migrating the animals have to get as much food as possible so that they get a lot of body fat to stay warm.

11: Map of where blizzards happen

12: Credits | Logan Perreira: Story, Describe a blizzard, Blizzard safety tips, False alarm intro, and Cover. Mikaela milanes: Title, Intro, Story, Flase alarm, Blizzards in the making. Kaitlyn pike: Story, title, intro, and false alarm.

13: Any question?

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