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Bobby & Sienna - Landscape

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Bobby & Sienna - Landscape - Page Text Content

S: Bobby & Sienna Wilson May 2006 - December 2010

BC: Thank you...... Bobby and Sienna are thankful for their Mommy& Daddy, Grammy & Pappy Tobias, Great Grammy Staples, and Grammy & Pappy Wilson. They are also very thankful to have spent time with their Great Grammy Tobias. Bobby often speaks of her and things that he got to do at her house. From teaching them to walk, helping them to learn and taking wonderful care of them to having fun and laughing at their silliness you have been there for them. (Actually, Mommy and Daddy wouldn't know what to do without the help!) Bobby and Sienna are great kids and full of energy and love. Thank you again for each being such a special part of their lives, especially when we are not able to be home with them. It is a comfort to know that they have Grandparents to provide the guidance, patience and love when Mommy and Daddy can't be there. Love, Tara, Jason, Bobby & Sienna

FC: Bobby and Sienna Wilson May 2006 - November 2010 | Robert Ernest May 27, 2006 | Sienna Jane November 24, 2009

1: Bobby has been a great big brother. Having Sienna has been a life changing event for the little boy that wanted 3 sisters (we are pretty sure that he decided that 1 sister is enough)! | Big Brother | Little Sister

2: May 27, 2006 (8:11 PM) - Bobby was born. Our lives have been changed forever. He was 8.2 pounds and 20 1/2 inches long. | Delivery Room | Hospital Stay

3: Mommy and Bobby were discharged on Memorial Day. Grammy & Pappy Tobias had a picnic to welcome him home! | Bobby's 1st bath | Bobby's 1st Doctor visit

4: Bobby's first 4th of July. | Bobby visited Plainfield Farmer's Fair | Swimming was fun from the beginning | Bobby got to meet Aunt RoseAnn

5: Bobby was baptized on August 16, 2006. His Godparents are Chris and Tara Hill. | Normally there is a big Labor Day Picnic at Grammy and Pappy Tobias' house.

6: Washington DC and Baltimore Vacation | Can you see the planes?

7: Bobby helped Pappy Tobias with his birthday cake.... | Bobby's first visit to Steamtown was great. He loved to look at all of the trains. | And no one can forget what a cute A-- Bobby was for his first Halloween...

8: His 1st Thanksgiving was fun. | Great-Grammy Tobias turned 90 and Bobby got to spend time with both of his Great-Grandmothers and Uncle Barry. | Bobby's 1st Christmas was fun and exhausting! | Daddy soaking Bobby's toe after an ER visit.

9: Bobby helped Mommy & Grammy Tobias with their cakes. | Bobby was Daddy's Birthday helper | New Year's Eve was also a good time. We couldn't wait to give Bobby his first kiss of 2007 | He was a heartbreaker for Valentine's Day

10: Great Grammy Staples has help from Bobby with her birthday cake. | Bobby could barely walk at the York Train Meet and Lancaster. | Bobby was the cutest bunny for Easter.

11: Well, we did it! We made it to May 27, 2007, Bobby's 1st Birthday.

12: Collage of additional events before Bobby turned 1 that didn't need a page, but the pictures are too cute to not be included.

13: Between Bobby's 1st and 2nd Birthdays, life was filled with adventure.... | Chilling with Alex... | Reading Phillies Game | Beer Salesman at Cascario's Anniversary Celebration | Knoebels | Tractor work at Great-Grammy Tobias' | May 2007 - April 2008

14: Plainfield Farmer's Fair | Jacobsburg Park | Just being silly | Bobby's Hospital Stay 8/2007 | Labor Day 2007

15: Bar Harbor, Maine | May 2007 - April 2008

16: Pappy Tobias' Birthday | Helping Daddy & just chilling out | York Train Meet

17: Strasburg, 1st Train Ride | Halloween | Helping Mommy | Looking for an "unlively" Christmas Tree | Pappy Tobias & Daddy used most of the snow in the yard to build this snowman

18: Getting Ready for Christmas | Christmas visit to Hershey | May 2007 - April 2008 | Bobby just being a kid | Bobby on Christmas Eve Day trying his new tricycle before Grammy & Pappy Tobias Santa brought it | Bobby on the end table watching it snow | Bobby & Daddy trying out the blow-up in the yard

19: Christmas Eve at Grammy & Pappy Tobias' | Christmas Day at home | Christmas night at Great-Grammy Staples house | Our Special Snowman

20: "Playing" the day after Christmas | Playing with Mega Blocks | New Year's Eve | Bobby just being cute | Little Engineer | Bobby & Daddy soaking their feet | May 2007 - April 2008 | Bobby calling Santa Mickey at Great Grammy Staples house

21: Bobby at Great Grammy Staples house | Alex & Grammy Tobias' Birthday | Pictures with the 4 grandkids | Mommy's Birthday | Misc. Moments | Grammy & Pappy Tobias got a pony for Valentine's Day | Bobby's 1st haircut

22: May 2007 - April 2008 | Daddy's Birthday | Bobby's 1st time bowling | Bobby in the snow | Easter | Easter

23: Feeding the ducks at Bushkill Park | York Train Meet & Lancaster | Great Grammy Staples Birthday | Bobby playing at Grammy & Pappy Tobias' house | Playing in the backyard

24: May 2007 - April 2008 | Dingman's Falls | Just Chilling.... | Bobby's 2nd Birthday

25: The adventure's continued after Bobby turned 2. | Bobby played at Knoebels | Bobby being a kid | Bobby playing in his whale pool | Bobby at the filming of Transformer's at Bethlehem Steel | Bobby eating at the Iron Pigs | Bobby and Grammy Tobias on the back porch | May 2008 - April 2009

26: Bobby mowing grass at Grammy & Pappy Tobias' house | Bobby "the builder" watching the construction | 4th of July | Playing at Schmitty's | Bobby playing at Great-Grammy Staples' | Bobby sharing a blanket with Pappy Tobias

27: Camden Aquarium | Battleship NJ | Steamtown | Plainfield Farmer's Fair | May 2008 - April 2009

28: Bobby as a Mexican | Bobby being a race car driver with Great-Grammy Staples | Bethlehem Blueberry Festival | Blue Valley Farm Show | Just hanging out | Labor Day 2008

29: Williamsburg, VA | May 2008 - April 2009

30: Bobby playing at McDonald's | Day out with Thomas | Bobby driving his truck | Bobby at Pen Argyl Park | Bobby at Wind Gap Park | Grammy & Pappy Tobias' 40th Anniversary Party | Grammy Tobias bathing Bobby in sink | Bobby at Bangor Park

31: Civil War Train Ride | Bobby with scarecrow man at Great Grammy Staples' | Apple Blossom Village | Bangor Park Train Ride | Bobby playing with his train at Great-Grammy Staples house

32: Pappy Tobias' Birthday | Halloween | Misc. pictures at Great-Grammy Staples house | Atlantic City

33: Playing in the leaves | Misc. Pictures | Tying ties with Pappy Tobias | Santa Clause Visited our house | Bobby helping with decorations

34: Santa Claus Train Ride | Bobby on the platform | Bobby in a helmet | Bobby shoveling snow | Christmas Eve at Grammy & Pappy Tobias'

35: Christmas Day at Home | Christmas night at Great Grammy Staples | December 27th at Grammy & Pappy Wilson's house | New Year's Eve

36: Bobby in his car | Misc. January Pictures | Bobby helping Mommy decorate for Grammy Tobias' surprise 60th birthday party | Mommy's 30th Birthday | Daddy and Bobby checking out the bird nest that was in the Christmas Tree

37: Bobby looking at Great-Grammy Staples trains | Bobby in the snow | Daddy built this "bologna" snowman | Bobby eating strawberries | Jungle Fun | Bobby wearing Daddy's socks | Daddy's 34th Birthday

38: Bobby playing | Christmas with Eric and Shawna | Easter | Great Grammy Staples Birthday | Bobby and Pappy Tobias watching the Iron Pigs | Working at Great-Grammy Tobias'

39: Bobby helping Pappy Tobias cut grass | Lancaster Getaway | Bobby's 3rd Birthday

40: When Bobby turned 3, he was excited about welcoming his new baby sister. He also got to spend a lot of time with Grammy & Pappy after Mommy got "hurt!" | Iron Pigs Baseball - Bobby got to run the bases | Bobby riding his tricycle at Grammy & Pappy Tobias' | Potty time at Grammy Tobias' | Swinging in the backyard | Bobby getting sink baths in Grammy Tobias' bathroom | Sink bath at Great-Grammy Staples | Pappy Tobias and Bobby at Zack's graduation | Bobby and the kids at Great-Grammy Staples

41: Bobby being handsome | May 2009 - November 2009 | Roseto Big-A-Time | Plainfield Farmer's Fair | Working at Great-Grammy Tobias' | 4th of July at the Lang's

42: Bobby & Pappy Tobias shoveling gravel for the driveway | Bobby (in the rain) waiting for Daddy | Bobby picking blueberries | May 2009 - November 2009 | Bobby and Mommy in the pool | Labor Day

43: Halloween | Atlantic City | Just chilling... | Pappy Tobias' birthday | Bobby hugging Mommy before she leaves for the hospital. The next time he sees Mommy, sissy will be here too! | Bobby at Great-Grammy Staples

44: Sienna Jane Wilson was born on November 24, 2009. She was 7.5 pounds and 19 inches long. | Delivery Room | Special hospital visitors.... | Pappy Tobias with his princess | Chris Hill, Sienna's Godfather | Tara Hill, Sienna's Godmother | Unfortunately, due to Swine Flu, Bobby was not able to visit. Great Grammy Staples was caring for Bobby and not able to visit either. Grammy Wilson visited, but the camera wasn't charged. | Grammy Tobias

45: Bobby got all dressed up in his "Big Brother" shirt to bring home his sister, and Mommy! | Daddy getting the little "Turkey" ready to meet her brother & go home. | Sienna getting a last nap before the big adventure | Bobby also helped Grammy Tobias and Great Grammy Staples to decorate for his sister

46: At last, Sienna was discharged and got to meet her Big Brother for the first time. He was so proud. He wanted to see her and love her. He even helped to carry her out of the hospital. | Mommy got to visit and bring him some goodies, but sissy wasn't discharged yet. Bobby didn't want to let Mommy go back in without him. | Due to restrictions, he was not permitted on the maternity floor at the hospital, but he waited anxiously at the doors | Bobby got to see Mommy and his new sister for the first time on Thanksgiving Morning. | The life changing event.....

47: Bobby did an "apple juice" toast with the guys to celebrate Sienna's 1st Thanksgiving. | Bobby and Great-Grammy Staples got to spend some time with Sienna before heading to Grammy & Pappy Tobias' for Thanksgiving Dinner.

48: Sienna liked to rest in her co-sleeper. | 1st doctor visit | Sienna dressed for her first trip "out" | Sienna not so happy | Bobby & Sienna on Mommy & Daddy's bed | Sienna had a quick visit with Great Grammy Tobias

49: Sienna's 1st Bath | Bobby being happy | Bobby visiting with Santa | Bobby, Sienna & Daddy on the floor | Bobby & Sienna chilling | Bobby in the snow and getting his truck ready for the weather | Sienna bundled up

50: Bobby, Sienna & Daddy looking at the trains and working on the platform | Bobby & Sienna hanging out | Bobby helping Mommy bake | Sienna dressed up for her 1st Christmas Eve | Bobby, Sienna and their family | Bobby helping Pappy Tobias with grave blankets | Bobby & Sienna helping Grammy Tobias decorate | Pappy Tobias with Bobby & Sienna

51: Christmas Eve at Grammy & Pappy Tobias' | Christmas Day at Home

52: New Year's Eve | Grammy Tobias' 61st Birthday | Daddy, Bobby & Sienna snoozing | Bobby got to play at BounceU | Christmas night at Great Grammy Staples house | Pappy Tobias with Sienna | Sienna in her carseat wearing fuzzy boots

53: Dr. Bobby checking Sienna | Bobby & Mommy in the snow | Bobby & Daddy at Grammy & Pappy Tobias' house | Sienna relaxing on her Valentine toy | Sienna on the couch | Bobby eating on the couch | Mommy with her little Steeler and Eagle for her birthday | Sienna in her fluffy pink snowsuit | Pappy Tobias holding Sienna

54: Bobby & Sienna helping Daddy with his 35th birthday cake | Sienna and Bobby with Sienna in Bumbo | Mommy, Daddy & Bobby snow tubing at Blue Mountain | Go Eagles | Bobby taking Sienna for a ride | Sienna playing in her highchair | Sienna playing in her Bumbo | Bobby playing in the tub | Sienna sleeping in her swing

55: Sienna being cute | Bobby picking his quilt at Great-Grammy Tobias' | Getting ready for a bike ride | Pappy Tobias taught Bobby how to ShopVac the lawn and rake the snow | Bowling | Sienna sleeping in her Bumbo | Sienna playing with Bobby in her exersaucer | Bobby playing

56: Sienna playing with Pup-pup | Bike ride to Grammy & Pappy Tobias' | Sienna napping | Sienna waiting for clothes | Easter | Hershey | Mommy with Bobby and Sienna

57: Prince Charming from Disney Princess on Ice | Bobby's 1st trip to Rausch Creek | Hershey cont. | Sienna got to meet Uncle Barry in April | Bobby sitting by the fireplace at Great-Grammy Tobias' | Dinner gathering at Aunt Pat's during work week | Bobby in his race car at Great-Grammy Tobias' | Bobby in Great-Grammy Tobias' cart | Sienna hanging out at Great-Grammy Tobias' | Can you fix it? | That's one way to get down | Iron Pigs

58: Sienna chilling at Grammy & Pappy Tobias' | Bobby and Pappy Tobias at Great-Grammy Tobias' | A visit with Great-Grammy Tobias at Gracedale | Bobby in the firetruck | Bobby on his "big boy" bike | Sienna relaxing | Bobby and Sienna in the chair with their Puppies | In the barn at Great-Grammy Tobias' | Daddy and Bobby mowing the back 40 | Bobby and Sienna with Grammy Tobias | Sienna flipped her car seat

59: Bobby and Sienna had a fun visit with Great-Grammy Tobias | Texas Roadhouse | Sienna on her Mickey blanket | Sienna and Daddy on the floor | Sienna playing with her purse | Sienna getting a bath | Sienna was baptized on May 16

60: The family with Sienna baptism cake | Sienna in Grammy Tobias' basket | Sienna with Mommy and Steph Kopko | Bobby & Sienna played in the courtyard at Gracedale | Imagination Zone for Bobby's birthday | Uncle Barry holding Sienna in Reading

61: Bobby's 4th Birthday | Bobby and Sienna in the garage | BounceU | Bobby helping put the pool up | Bobby using his wheelbarrow | 4th of July | Bobby being silly

62: Bobby unpacking his Chuggington Toys | Miniature Golfing | Mini train ride in New Tripoli | Playing in the pool | Plainfield Farmer's Fair | No. 9 Mine

63: Reading Phillies | Bobby started Preschool on August 30 | Texas Vacation

64: Camping at Raystown Lake | Bike riding | Pappy Tobias' Birthday | Petting Zoo at Pre-School | Sienna playing with Mickey at Grammy & Pappy Tobias' | Bobby & Sienna riding the toy John Deere | Bobby driving at Hershey Park

65: Bobby and Sienna at the pumpkin patch | Bobby and Sienna with the big pumpkins | Trick-or-Treat | Pappy Tobias, Bobby and Daddy decorating | Bobby wearing Daddy's boots | Bobby & Sienna with Santa | ADDED BONUS | Sienna 1st Birthday

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