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BOM Final Project

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S: BOM Final Project

BC: The End

FC: Monica Kanchanakuntla BOM 4B Mrs. Hunte

1: Developing Integrated Marketing Communications | Chapter 16

2: IMC is the coordination of promotion efforts to ensure maximal informational and persuasive impact on customers. | Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

3: Promotion is communication about an organization and its products that is intended to inform, persuade, or remind target-market members. | Integrated Marketing consists of Promotion.

4: ... the particular combination of promotion methods a firm uses to reach a target market | Promotion consists of the Promotion mix which is...

5: Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations are the four major elements in an organization's promotion mix.

6: Advertising is a paid nonpersonal message communicated to a select audience through a mass medium. | Personal Selling is personal communication aimed at informing customers and persuading them to buy a firm's products. | Promotion Mix

7: Public Relations is a broad set of communications activities used to create and maintain favorable relations between and organization and various public groups, both internal and external. | Sales Promotion is the use of activities or materials as direct inducements to customers or salespersons.

8: Advertising | 3 Types of Advertising by Purpose | Primary-Demand Advertising = advertising whose purpose is to increase the demand for all brands of a product within a specific industry. | Institutional Advertising = advertising designed to enhance a firm's image or reputation. The picture to the right is an example of institutional advertising. | Aquafina launched their new "Eco-fina", which is a eco-friendly waterbottle.

9: Selective-Demand (or brand) Advertising = advertising that is used to sell a particular brand of product. | There are three different types of Selective Advertising | Immediate Response Advertising - aims at persuading consumers to make purchases within a sort time. | Reminder Advertising - aimed at keeping a firm's name or product before the public | Comparative Advertising - aims at comparing specific characteristics of two or more identified brands.

10: Advertising Media - the various forms of communication through which advertising reaches its audience. | The Different Advertising Methods | Newspapers/Magazine | Television | Internet

11: Advertising | Radio | Direct-Mail Advertising - promotional material mailed directly to individuals. | Yellow Pages Advertising - simple listings or display advertisements presented under specific product categories appearing in print and online telephone directories | Out-of-home advertising - short promotional messages on billboards, posters, signs, and transportation vehicles. | Infomercial - a program-length televised commercial message resembling an entertainment or consumer affairs program.

12: 5.Develop the Media Plan | 4. Determine the Advertising Appropriation | 1. Identify and Analyze the Target Audience | 2. Define the Advertising Objectives | 3. Create the Advertising Platform

13: Advertising | Major Steps in Developing and Advertising Campaign | 6. Create the Advertising Message | 7. Execute The Campaign. | 8. Evaluate Advertising Effectiveness.

14: Advertising | Advertising Agency - and independent firm that plans, produces, and places, advertising for its clients. | Advertising Agencies offer help with sales promotion and public relations as well.

15: Advertising is monitored by Federal and State Agencies. | Social and Legal Considerations in Advertising | Examples of these Agencies are the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Food and Drug Administrations (FDA), and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

16: Personal Selling | Kinds of Salespersons | Order Getter - is a salesperson who is responsible for what is sometimes called creative selling- selling a firm's products to new customers and increasing sales to present customers. | Creative Selling - selling products to new customers and increasing sales to present customers | Order Taker - a salesperson who handles repeat sales in ways that maintain positive relationships with customers.

17: Sales Support Personnel - employees who aid in selling but are more involved in locating prospects, educating customers, building goodwill for the firm, and providing follow-up service. | There are three types of Sales Support Personnel. | 2. Trades Salesperson - a salesperson-generally employed by a food producer or processor-who assists customers in promoting products, especially in retail stores. | 1. Technical Salesperson - a salesperson who assists a company's current customers in technical matters. | 3. Missionary Salesperson - a salesperson-generally employed by a manufacturer-who visits retailers to persuade them to buy the manufacturers products.

18: The Personal Selling Process | 1. Prospecting | 2. Approaching the Prospect

19: Personal Selling | 3. Making the Presentation | 4. Answering Objections | 5. Closing the Sale | 6. Following UP

20: Sales Promotion Objectives | To attract new customers. | To boost sales to current customers | To reinforce advertising | To encourage trial of a new product. | To invigorate the sales of a mature brand. | To increase traffic in retail stores. | To neutralize competitive promotional efforts. | To steady irregular sales patterns. | To build up reseller inventories. | To improve shelf space and displays.

21: Sales Promotion Methods | There are two types of Sales Promotion Methods | Consumer Sales Promotion - a sales promotion method designed to attract consumers to particular retail stores and to motivate them to purchase certain new or established products. | Trade Sales Promotion Method - a sales promotion method designed to encourage wholesalers and retailers to stock and actively promote a manufacturer's product.

22: Types of Sales Promotion | A return of part of the purchase price of a product. | Rebate | A gift that a producer offers a customer in return for buying its product. | Coupon | Reduces the retail price of a particular item by a stated amount at the time of purchase. | Sample | A free product given to customers to encourage trial and purchase. | Premium | A program developed to reward customers who engage in repeat (frequent) purchases. | Frequent-User Incentive

23: Point-of-purchase display - promotional material placed within a retail store. | Trade Show - an industry-wide exhibit at which many sellers display their products. | Buying Allowance - a temporary price reduction to resellers for purchasing specified quantities of a product. | Cooperative Advertising - an arrangement whereby a manufacturer agrees to pay a certain amount of a retailer's media cost for advertising the manufacturer's product.

24: Types of Public-Relations Tools | Communication in news story form about and organization, its products, or both. | Publicity | s | News Release | Captioned Photo | Feature Article | Press Conference | A typed page of about 300 words provided by an organization to the media as a form of publicity. | A piece (Of up to 3,000 words) prepared by an organization for inclusion in a particular publication | a picture accompanied by a brief explanation. | A meeting at which invited media personnel hear important news announcements and receive supplementary textual materials and photographs.

25: Apple Press Conference | News Flash | Event Sponsorship | The various names shown on these NASCAR driver's uniform, and on their cars, are of companies and brands engaged in event sponsorship. The highest proportion of funds spent on event sponsorship is for sporting events.

26: Promotional Campaign - a plan for combining and using the four promotional methods(advertising,personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity) in a particular promotion mix to achieve one or more marketing goals. | In planning a promotional campaign, marketers must answer these two questions. | 1. What will be the role of promotion in the overall marketing mix? | 2. To what extent will each promotional method be used in the promotion mix?

27: Promotion and Marketing Objectives | Developing the Promotion Mix - Once the role of promotion is established, the various methods of promotion may be combined in a promotional campaign. | Providing Information | Increasing Market Share | Positioning the Product. | Stabilizing Sales | Positioning is the development of a products image in buyer's minds relative to the images they have of competing products.

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