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S: Princess Hayley

BC: The End!

FC: Princess Hayley

1: Princess Hayley | By:Teresa Cruz-Warner | Published in

2: Once upon a time there was a Magical Castle in a Magical Forest and who lived there was a princess named Hayley. She woke up from her bed one lovely morning. She yawned and stretched as high as she could. Then her friend, Cleo the rabbit tapped on her shoulder “Excuse me princess Hayley I found a mouse trapped in a cage on the steps.” “Can you help me please?” “Why sure Cleo let's go.” They went to get the mouse, she was very scared.They took her up to the room got her dressed and called her Alexis.

4: After Hayley was about to get dressed her step-father called her, “Come down here Hayley right now.” Her step-sisters Sara and Aria which she didn't like at all kept whispering behind saying “Ha Ha you're in trouble.” Hayley came downstairs and her step-father had a mean look on his face. “What did I do wrong now father?” “When I was gone yesterday you didn't do the chores I told you to do.” “I’m sorry father I will go do them right now.” “OK” then Hayley went upstairs, got some clothes on, fixed her bed, then came downstairs and did her chores.

6: Later on, she started on her last chore scrubbing the floor. Then soon heard a knock at the door. She went to get it was the messenger from the kingdom he handed her a letter. After Hayley read it she ran upstairs so excited and pushed open the door that her step-father and step-sisters were in. “What are you doing Hayley just barging in here like that, you're supposed to be working on your chores.” said her step-father. “I’m sorry father but this letter came at the door while I was working, It's from the kingdom.” The girls screamed, then they ripped the letter right out of Hayley's hands and started reading the letter right away.

8: “Father, can we please go to the ball?” said Sara and Aria “Of course you girls can go.” Thanks father." “Can I go too.” said Hayley “maybe if you finish the rest of your chores before tomorrow night I might let you go Hayley.” “Thank you father I will get them done I promise.” Hayley left out of the room as fast as she could she was so excited.Later on that night, Hayley heard a big racket going on downstairs.

10: When she got downstairs her step-father's dog, Russell the big black lab kept chasing around Cleo and Alexis. So Hayley yelled at him and he eventually stopped. Then Cleo and Alexis ran back upstairs quickly and went to sleep. Hayley went upstairs a little bit later and got her pj's on and went to bed. It was morning again, she was so excited tonight was the ball. She got up before her step-father and her step-sisters.She went to the kitchen and made them some breakfast and yelled for them, they soon came downstairs and were so amazed. They said, “thank you” and then Hayley went on with her day and she went upstairs and got dressed and fixed her bed.

12: After Hayley was about to go downstairs to do her chores she soon remembered that she didn't have a dress for the ball yet. So then Hayley started looking in her stuff and soon found a book of beautiful dresses to make. She started to look at the different dresses and she found the one she liked a lot. It was Hot Pink which was her favorite color. She soon was about to get things out to make it. Then her father yelled for her to come downstairs to do her chores or she is not going to the ball later on. Hayley went downstairs and started working on her chores.

14: While Hayley was working on her chores downstairs Cleo and Alexis started making Hayley's dress that she liked. So they can surprise her with a beautiful dress. But they couldn't do it alone so they got a couple of their animal friends to help them. Later on Hayley was done with her chores and she was sad because it's almost the ball and she has nothing to wear. So she walked up to her room and when she got there Cleo, Alexis, and their animal friends surprised Hayley with a beautiful dress, she was so happy. Hayley got dressed and went downstairs before her step-father and her step-sisters were leaving. Hayley said, “wait for me.” They all looked up and she was so beautiful.

16: Her step-father asked her, “did you get your chores done?” she said, “yes.” Then her step-sisters were so jealous of her dress because her dress was prettier than their dress. So then they decided to rip holes all through it. They said, “guess you can't go now.” Hayley got so mad at them, she started to cry. Her step-father said “I’m sorry Hayley maybe next time.” Then they left and Hayley ran all the way to her backyard to cry out her tears.

18: When Hayley was crying she saw a lady next to her. “Who are you?” she said “Why I’m your Fairy Godmother” “I’m here to make your wish come true.” Then she started to wave her magic wand and danced. She gave Hayley the dress that she wanted. Then she gave her some beautiful shoes that matched her dress, Hayley was so amazed. Her Fairy Godmother also made a beautiful carriage with horses.She then told Hayley to leave the ball by midnight before she changes back. So she went to the ball and prince Henry fell madly in love with her when he saw her. She danced with him and when the clock struck midnight, Hayley told the prince I have to go and he said, “don't leave.” She ran as fast as she could out of there in to her carriage and back home. When she got back home, everything changed back to normal. After Hayley got inside she went to bed before her step-father and her step-sisters came back home.

20: The next day, Hayley woke up and somebody knocked at the door. Her step-father went to answer it and it was the messenger from the kingdom. He asked, if he had any daughters because he was trying to find the girl from last night. He told him he had two daughters. Because he saw Hayley dancing with prince Henry and he never talk to her about it yet. So the man asked, if he could come in to see his daughters and he said, “yes you may.” Before he went to get his daughters, he locked Hayley in her bedroom. He went to get his daughters and the messenger looked at them. Then he looked at the picture he had of Hayley and it wasn't Sara and Aria. So he was just about to leave before Hayley yelled down the stairs, “wait” and how Hayley got out is she had a spare key in her bedroom. After the messenger looked at the picture, then at Hayley, she was the one. So he told her “we have to go to the kingdom right now.” So they left and Hayley never said goodbye to her step-father and her step-sisters. She took Cleo and Alexis with her. They got to the kingdom then princess Hayley and prince Henry got married and lived happily ever after.

23: My name is Teresa. I go to school at Cambridge Springs High School. I wrote this book so that kids could read it and enjoy it.

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