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Book for Ann Cooley 2010

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S: Cooley Family 2010

BC: is our | You are a grandmother to 44 Grandchildren, 25 Great-grandchildren and more to come

FC: Families are Forever | 2010

1: Mike

2: Jared & Shelene Jordyn Jonas Ganon Micah | Jason & Shelly Kacie Costen Garron Tatum Cavan

3: Debbie & Alex

4: One thing you could always count on living at the Baseline house was a good meal! Cracked Wheat, Pancakes, Waffles, Stacked Enchiladas – and the Sunday dinners were always the best! Mom spent a lot of time in the kitchen making sure we were all well fed. And then there were the Christmas’s Mom always made sure the Christmas Tree was the most beautiful Christmas Tree, and there were Christmas presents everywhere I miss the Baseline days Those were very special days Thanks Mom . for loving us and taking care of us and making the Baseline house a very special home. I Love You So Much, Mike

5: When I think of Mom, I think of her love of children and how she was/is always there for them. I also remember the delicious aromas wafting from her kitchen. I always savored her homemade apricot jam on a Saturday morning. I can still taste that jam. I also the remember the smell of Aqua Net hairspray on a Sunday morning when all the girls were rushing to get ready for church. No one left the house looking less than perfect. I remember trips to the Arizona State Fair, Disneyland, and having fun at Seventies Camp. We kids always had fun and we were well looked after. Thanks, Mom. - Debbie

6: Bill & Barb | Leah & Jason Colte Charlianne

7: Randy & Julie Tyler Destiny Kirsten Jade Melanie | Ryan & Gina and Alexander

8: Greg & Lacie | Eddie & Kara | Roscoe & Tia

9: John

10: I love you, my Angel Grandma. I have always enjoyed spending time with you. I've love going to lunch at Matta's and holding your hand. You are the most special Grandma in the world. I am glad you are mine. -Leah | I always loved to go to grandma's house as a child. It was such a wonderful time for us a kids. We would all jump on her trampoline and drink all the diet rite they had in the fridge in the pantry, not to mention the stash of Popsicles and ice cream treats. I remember climbing fruit trees to pick fruit and eating nuts from the pecan trees out back. I remember going to the store for our birthdays. That was always a special time to spend with Grandma and the most fun of all was getting to sleep over on those nights. I remember my Grandmother for the kind, sweet and gentle woman that she is. I try my hardest to get to see her when we come to visit, the chances that we get. I still love to share my joys in life with her when I can, probably much like I did with her on our special birthday outings which probably count too many to remember. Know that we love you Grandma and think about you often. - Ryan

11: Hi mom !!!, it's johnny. Thanx for always loving me. I'm really lucky that you're my mom...thanx for singing to me so many times, "Oh, Johnny, oh, Johnny, heavens above, oh, Johnny, oh Johnny how you can love. You make my whole heart jump with joy...." It was just a little embarassing once in a while but I really liked it. And thanx for giving up the new carpeting you were saving for so that I could have a new trumpet when I was 13 years old. We had a really worn out floor and everyone had to wear earplugs. But you were happy for me. That was really nice. And, of course, when that crazy guy broke both my legs, you let me stay with you while I healed. And I kept thinking...well, it was worth it just to be with mom. Ya, you're the best. When I hear other people talk about their moms, I know they ain't got nothin' compared to MY mom. I LOVE YOU !!!!!

12: Terri & Bruce | Sara, Chad, Brielle, & Brooke | Jen Scott Cali and Isaac

13: Casey | Alisa | Ashley

14: We love you, Mom. You are an inspiration to us. You've kept our family together with your love and never ending goodness. -Bruce and Terri | We love you Grandma. I still remember when we all went up to the cabin and in the morning we would all climb in your bed and you would tell us stories. I loved that. We love seeing you. Love, Sara & Chad | Grandma, we love you so much. You are the sweetest Grandma ever with so full of love and joy to bring. We can't get enough of your smiles and love coming to visit you any time we have. WE LOVE YOU! -Salmon Family

15: Dear Grandma, I love you so much! I love to come and visit you. I really miss when we used to live with you. It was a lot of fun! You're the best grandma ever! Love, Ashley Jones | Dear Grandma, You're the greatst, I love you so much. You put a smile on my face every time I see you. Love, Casey Jones | I remember growing up being so excited when someone told me we were going to Grandma's house because I knew a great day was in store. Whether it be a family gathering or just some of the grandkids playing in the family room, there are so many great memories with you. So Thank you for always greeting me with a smile and a big hug! Love always, Alisa

16: Cindy & Guy | Aubrey | JJ, Kim & Jacob

17: Alicia, Xavier Anabelle, and Cayden | Jeff

18: Mom, We love you so much! We're so thankful for the wonderful example you've always been to our family. Thank you for being such a sweet and loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to all of us. We love you! -Cindy and Guy | Dear Grandma, I remember all the times we went up to the cabin and played in the snow with you. How you would always be there for all of us and help us with anything we needed. I want you to know how much I love you and I thank you for everything you have done for me. ~Jeff | Hi Grandma, We appreciate how loving and kind you have always been to us and our family. You have always put the needs of others above your own and have been such a great example to us. We love being around you because you are always so positive and happy, and you always make us laugh! We are so excited to see you this Christmas. We love you! -JJ, Kimberly, and Jacob

19: You are the sweetest little grandma ever! I have so many great memories of you, and I love all of the memories we are sharing now. I am such a better person now because of you. I will always love you so much. Thanks you for your example. Love, Aubs | Hey Grandma! I just want you to know how much I love and appreciate you! You have always been there for me growing up, and I will always remember that! I love your free spirit and bright energy you carry with yourself everyday! Everytime I think of you I always remember staying the night at your house and the next day we would go to the mall or "uptown." You would always take me to Robinsons May and then go eat at Chick-Fil-a! I will never forget the times we spent together and the times to come! I love you! - Alicia

20: Carla & Mark

21: William | Gracie

22: Dear Mom, You are such a wonderful mother. I could not have asked for any better. You were always there for me when I was growing up. You made my growing up years so fun. You were more than willing to host all our parties and sleep overs and you didn't complain about the work. You just made it all seem so effortless...and we always had an amazing time. I still remember when we first got that great big microwave oven from Grandma and Grandpa Wright. We thought we had won the lottery with that gift. You hosted our cast party for the play that I was in at Gilbert High School and you made plate after plate of nachos in that new microwave. They got eaten up really fast! You were always doing things for all of your kids and for others. You are such a great example of every characteristic that I admire. I am proud to be your daughter. You have been through a lot in your life and I am so proud of my mom for enduring the trials of life with dignity, grace and a steadfast testimony of the gospel. You have always known what is right. Your Heavenly Father has always been right beside you guiding your every step. I am so thankful to have been sent to such a wonderful mother and a fantastic family. We love you very much. Carla and Mark

23: Dear Grandma, I love you and all the funny things you do. I love your hugs and your smelly perfume. I don't remember a lot about the townhouse you lived in, but I remember playing there with Mary and watering all the plants on your flagstone patio. I love coming to visit you and playing with Rex and Charlie. I like it when you come to the movie with me and we get to eat popcorn. Merry Christmas. Love, William John McCain | Dear Grandma, I like all your pretty things. I would love to look at all your jewelry sometime. I like to play with Rex and Charlie when we come to visit you. You are funny. I like to hide in the back seat of our truck when you go for a ride with us and make you think that Will and I are not there. I like to watch the Shirley Temple movies you gave us. Thank you for being such a fun grandma. My mom always talks about how you used to come over to our house when Will and I were babies and you would help clean and give us baths. I loved to hold your purse and your keys and pretend that I was a big girl. We would always go to McDonald's and get a little lunch. You would leave right in time for mom to put us down for a nap. I love you Grandma. Love, Gracie Ann McCain

24: Freeman & Michelle | Shanae

25: Ciera | Free

26: Mother, I have loved you with all my heart. Thank you for everything you taught me. Sorry for all the accidents I had over the years. Thanks for being a wonderful grandmother too. Love, Freeman | Love you and appreciate you! Love, Michelle | Grandma! I love you so much! I love how silly you are and how you like to dance around and sing. You are amazing. Thank you for raising my dad to be awesome! Love, Shanae

27: Hi grandma, I love you! I love how we always hug you when we visit you. You're so awesome. Thanks for being my grandma and my dad's mommy! Thank you! Free Cooley Jr. | My dearest Grandma, I love you sooooo much! You are the prettiest, sweetest, nicest, best grandma ever! You are so fun to be with! I love you!! -Ciera Cooley

28: Chrissy | Jessica & Spencer | Brianna & Trent

29: Joshua | Alyssa

30: Mom, You truly are an angel mother. I appreciate all you have done for me and the Christlike example you have set. You taught me to love unconditionally! You have given so much service to your family, church and community. I know you will have a glorious mansion in heaven awaiting you. Thank you! - Chrissy | Grandma, You are truly an angel, I have known that for a while now. You are one of God's elite and he loves you so much. I have so many memories of when I was little, being at your house. You always took care of me and always made me feel loved. I love you so much and I look forward to making more special memories with you. Love, Jessica Nicole Drew

31: Grandma, I love you so much. I am so glad that you are my grandma. You are one of the sweetest people I know. I love it when you give me hugs and kisses. - Josh | Grandma, You are my angel. Thank you for everything you have done for me over the years. You have taught me many valuable things that I will pass down to my children. I want to be just like you someday. I love you sooooo much!! -Brianna Beth Yardley | Grandma, You have always been there for me. You are so sweethearted to all of your grandchildren. I love and admire you so much. You are the best grandma anyone could ever ask for. I love you grandma, with all my heart. Love, Alyssa Ann Whaley

32: Sharron & Darren | Austin

33: Jacob | Annie

34: Mom, we love you so much. I have so many good memories of you when I was growing up. You were the best mom! Darren and I are so blessed to be able to have you live with us. Thank you for all you have taught us and for your example. We love you. -Darren and Sharron | Hey grandma! It's been really fun having you live with us the past few years, and I look forward to the many more to come. You've been a great grandma and I love all the memories I have of you. You're pink house at the farm was so fun! I love you grandma! -Austin

35: Dear Grandma, I love you so much! I love having you live in our house. You are so funny and you do the funniest things. Love, Jacob | Dear Grandma, I love you so much and I appreciate all you do and I am so glad that you live with us. I have so much fun watching movies with you. Love, Annie

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