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BC: Boxer died two days ago. He had a very tragic death. He fell and hurt himself. Napoleon sent him to the doctor to look for a cure. He was incurable.Unfortunately we cannot bring his body back from the doctor. His last words were "Forward, comrades! Forward in the name of the Rebellion. Long live Animal Farm! Long live Comrade Napoleon! Napoleon is always right." Continue in Boxers wishes. Do not let him down. We miss you Boxer! Rest in Peace! -Squealer and Animal Farm

FC: Boxer's Journal | By Charlotte Office

1: Journal One: Yesterday Old Major died. It was a very sad day. We had a funeral for him. I wish he didn't die. He had just given a very inspirational speech about Animalism, which is going to be our new way of life. We are going to rebel. We are exiling Jones.

2: Journal Two: We did it! We rebelled! We finally chose to rebel when Mr. Jones didn't feed us. After Jones and all of his men left, we weren't quite sure what to do. Luckily, two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon stepped forward and said that they both could read and write. With there help we condenced principles of Animalsism into the Seven Commandments. We wrote them out and hung them on the barn door.

3: The Seven Commandments: 1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. 2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. 3. No animal shall wear clothes. 4. No animal shall sleep in a bed. 5. No animal shall drink alcohol. 6. No animal shall kill any other animal. 7. All animals are equal.

4: Journal 3: Life on the new Animal Farm is great. Everything is perfect. We are all equal. We get a good amount of food, and there is no work on Sundays! Why didn't we think of this earlier? This is the way to live! On Sunday mornings we have meetings where we discuss our problems and what we want to happen. We also have debates. Snowball and Napoleon have been having lots of debates lately.

5: Foxwood Farm | Pinchfield Farm | Animal Farm | Journal 4: Today is Sunday, which means its meeting and debate day. Lately we have been debating over weather or on we should build a wind mill. These discussions have been very intense. Snowball has been all for the windmill while Napoleon has been completely against it. At the debate after Snowball had stated why he wanted the windmill and it was Napoleon turn to talk. Napoleon didn't say anything. Instead he gave a sharp high pitched whistle and in ran nine enormous dogs with studded collars. They ran right towards Snowball. They chased him out of the meeting and off of the farm! Everyone was very suprised. We all liked Snowball. Why had the dogs chased him off the farm?

6: My Motto: "I will work harder!" "Napoleon is alwasy right!"

7: If you don't work on Sundays, your food is rations are cut in half. Most people choose to work on Sundays. I always work on Sundays. During the week I get up three quarters of an hour earlier than everyone else to start working. | I always work as hard as I can. I like working. I feel good when I accomplish something. | Journal 5: Now that Snowball is gone, things have changed. Things like there is now voluntary work on Sundays!

8: Journal 6: Today, Squealer came into the barn to tell us that we were going to build the windmill. He told us that Napoleon was always for the Windmill and that Snowball had stolen his plan for the windmill and claimed them as his own. We were all in shock! Why would Snowball do that? He was so nice. I guess not, he was just a fake. Some of the other animals doubted Squealer and what he told us. But, he was hopping side to side when he told us that which is always very convincing, and I just pased it off with a "Napoleon is always right." | JJour

9: Journal 7: On Monday we started working on the windmill. It was really hard work. First we had to drag rocks up the hill then, we would let go of them and let them fall and break so we could use them to build the walls. | @We all worked so hard on the windmill. Even accationally the pigs would help us drag rocks. We couldn't wait to fonish the windmill and put it to use. We put so much effort into that windmill. | Building the Windmill

11: Journal 8: When I went to bed last night the wind had started to pick up. By midnight it was raining a blowing madily out there. In the morning when I went out side to work on the windmill, I saw somthing terible. I gallopped back into the barn to tell Clover. She came out and stood next to me looking at our hard work lying there in ruins. The windmill was gone and so was our hope.

12: Journal 8: Napoleon came running out screaming that this was all Snowballs fault. He come over night and broke our finally finished windmill. We were all very mad. I personally was confused. Why did Snowball do that? I still didn't understand why we made him leave. I had always liked him. But, Napoleon said he was bad so it must be true. Anything Napoleon says is true and right because he is our faithful leader.

13: Journal 9: I have been starting to feel old. My legs are achy, my hoofs hurt and I am very tired. I cannot wait until retirement. I will graze in the fields all day and enjoy my long life day by day. I have one years until retirement. Retirement will be a nice change to working.

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