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S: Boy Oh Boy!

FC: Brahman

1: One day some long time ago in ancient India, a young couple, Ishnu and Samsara were worshipping in a temple when the young man, Ishnu, got a frightening vision from Varuna. Varuna said “Ishnu, you are not following your dharma. You are a farmer. Why do you not tend to your fields? I will give you a second chance to change your ways. To please the gods you must farm in your fields, raise your cows and chickens, and give twice as many sacrifices each holy day.” Ishnu was frightened and so he followed the advice of Varuna in order to save himself from bad karma. He tended his fields and raised his chickens and cows. He even gave twice as many sacrifices than usual on the Holy day. One day when Ishnu was in his fields he noticed a small flower he had never seen before. Curious he picked it and gave it to his wife Samsara. Samsara planted the flower near her window in a little pot. Each day the flower grew and each night the flower would glow and sparkle. One day while the couple was in their field, the flower burst open and gave forth an amazing light. Again Varuna appeared to Ishnu. “Ishnu you have done well and restored your karma. As a gift the gods have given you this flower. You shall raise this boy as your son and you shall name him Brahman. He will become a powerful leader and since he was born from the gods and raised in your fields he shall be half god half human. He shall be immortal and no one man may harm him.” And so from that day forth Brahman became a man and his mother and father,Ishnu and Samsara, fulfilled their dharma and reached moksha. Story by Courtney

2: upper left hand corner: the lotus flower from which Brahman was born. lower left hand corner: Samsara. lower right hand corner: Ishnu

4: On a gray, cloudy day, Brahman went to go visit his dear friend, Shaksur. He knew Shaksur's mother, Bailish was very ill. She caught a disease from milking her cows. Later on, she had a stomach ache and a head ache, until it got worse over the past few days. She started to get red bumps on her body. This sickness was unrecorded in the cities time. Since none of the people knew what to do, Shaksur tried everything possible to make her better. With his father away, he had to take charge of her. He would bring her fresh water twelve times a day, cook the finest foods the had in store, made sure the clay plates where spotless. Shaksur had grown weaker, barley eating himself. Skinnier than before he looked unkempt. Brahman was going over to cook for them both. Brahman raised a hand to the door and paused. Through the rough wood, he heard Bailish couching hoarsely.

5: A voice cried "don't leave me!" Brahman slowly entered himself. He walked through the house, rushing to see what was happening. He noticed the place was a mess, items where on the floor while uneaten food laid on a table. Probable from Bailish, he thought. He quickly entered the room. Brahman was shocked at what he saw. Bailish laid in bed, blankets drawn over her weak body tucked all the way up to her chin. Bright red bumps and marks her usually soft face. She created weird noises with her mouth, then stopping. Her body shook softly. Shaksur knelt beside the bed, holding one of her hands, she laid there motionlessly. Shaksur glanced at his friend, "Shes gone.." he muttered his eyes blank. Brahman bowed his head and woke up somewhere else. In front of him in a large room was a god holding a person. The person was Bailish restored. He gasped. " welcome, i am Rudra, the god of disease and disaster."

6: Brahman replied. " that is my friend. Do you think you could send her back to the real world?"

8: Brahman reached out for his walking staff, and walked out into the suns warming rays of light. He walked into the field, lit up by a cloudless blue sky, strolling next to a pregnant cow and patted her back-side gently.He gave her some grain he brought out from the barn and carried on with his journey. He then approached his trees area and dipped his head in respect, sat down and meditated by the Arabian Sea shore. The sound, smell, and gracefulness of the waves crashing ashore made the area peaceful, and perfect for meditation.

9: Brahman quietly meditated when something disturbed his peaceful ground-lands. He looked up to see Agni. Agni showed Brahman his powers and to Brahman's fascination he awed the beautiful blue flames. He then showed Agni his powers and they both went to The Himalayas and tested their powers. | By: Adriana Orr

16: A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

17: My friend has a baby. I'm recording all the noises he makes so later I can ask him what he meant.

19: Children reinvent your world for you.

20: precious first moments

21: M

23: A baby is born with a need to be loved -- and never outgrows it.

25: It is the nature of babies to be in bliss. | Every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last.

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