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Bryce's 1st year

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Bryce's 1st year - Page Text Content

S: Bryce Gavin Irby (year 1)


FC: Birth to age one

1: REMEMBERING THE JOURNY AND JOYFUL EXPERIENCES OF THE BIRTH & LIFE OF OUR BABY | DATE: march 25 2010 | me on mommy's shoulder: 3/25/2011 | me and nanaw: 3/25/2011 | me and grand daddy briggs: 3/25/2011 | Brought baby home date: 03/25/2011 what did the baby wear home? the smallest of the two outfits i packed for him months ahead of time was your baby crying or quiet on the way? he was crying at first but he did eventually calm down did you drive slower than normal? sort of but i wasn't driving his daddy was

2: FIRST PEEK | march 27th 2011

3: First outing date: 03/28/2011 where did you go? we went to see where mommy worked who was with you? nanaw did strangers stop to say "ooh"and "aah"at your baby? oh of coarse | First doctor visit date: 03/28/2011 what was your baby's length and weight? 21 and a half in long, 8 lbs 2 oz what did the doctor say and do? she just checked him over then gave me some tips what questioned did you ask? the general ones any mom would ask

4: First bath date: 03/29/2011 Where did you bathe your baby? in a big bowl that my mom had nanaw had

5: DATE 3/28/2011 | umbilical cord fell off : ) | baby bath tub Were you nervous? not How did your baby react to the water? he didn't seem to like it to much lol

6: YOUR PARENTS | MOMMY AND DADDY'S NAMES: Amanda Hill and Bryce Irby

7: Me and Pa | giving Adam the "tard" hand lol | Me and my buddy drew | Me and granny | Me and Ashley

8: MOMMY'S WISHES FOR ME | _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | asleep in mommy's arms | hopes

9: DADDY'S WISHES FOR ME | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | sleeping with daddy | dreams

10: First family portrait | DATE: 3/24/2011

11: 1st time you sucked your thumb: 3/31/2011 | First smile date: 03/30/2011 Where were you when you saw that smile? i was laying in the bed right beside his bassinet how did it make you feel? it was pretty cool. he was so cute with that big gummy grin has he repeated it? oh yes several times

12: 3/30/2011 | me and me paci: 4/4/2011

13: 4/5/2011

14: 4/8/2011 | cutie pie: 4/6/2011

15: me in a hat: 4/20/2011 | asleep in the swing: 4/13/2011 | dancing with my imaginary girlfriend: 4/14/2011 | First time rolling over date: 04/21/2011 was it from tummy to back or back to tummy? from his back to his tummy did your baby seem surprised? not really although he didn't like the fact that the blanket he was laying on went in his mouth a bit were you surprised? oh of coarse he was on his back and the neck time i look at him hes on his stomach spitting out his blanket

16: 4/24/2011 | we love you | First Easter date: 04/24/2011 how did you celebrate? we took him to go see his family for easter and went easter egg hunting even though his only a month old did he wear a special outfit? i wish he would have fit in to the baby chick costume i had for him but he was too small for it where was the easter egg hunt? at my aunt robins house

17: Happy Easter Gavin

18: asleep in my car seat: 4/29/11 | cutie in a ducky towel: 5/2/11 | First Mother's Day date: 05/08/2011 how did you celebrate? with family can baby say "mama" yet? no, he's still got a few more months before he'll be able to say anything did you get a mother's day gift? sure did

19: silly hat mommy: 5/13/11 | picture time with my aunt and uncle: 5/13/11 | Slept through the night date: 05/12/2011 How many hours in a row did your baby sleep? 6 hours Were you able to sleep through the night, too? oh yes and it felt great How'd you feel in the morning? awesome

20: where's the leak nanaw?: 5;14/11 | both daddy and granddaddy wore my blue onesie: 5'21'/11

21: quack quack, im a duckie: 5/28/11 | put 'em up: 5/28/11 | precious baby boy: 5/28/11

22: play day at the park: 6/16/11

24: Granny feeding me: 6/19/11 | helping mommy propose to daddy: 6/20/11 | asleep in my crib: 6/21/11 | Started solids date: 06/16/2011 What did you serve your little one? cereal Did much get eaten? the whole thing was eaten Did your baby make any funny faces? at first but he loved it. it satisfied him more than the milk did | Nose kisses with daddy: 6/17/2011 | First Father's Day date: 06/19/2011 How did you celebrate? we went to grannies house for a cook out Can your baby say "Dada" yet? he hasnt said it yet What was your gift to Dad? hug and a kiss and a picture that says i love you daddy | Said "mama" or "dada" date: 06/22/2011 Was it "mama" or "dada"? ma Was your baby looking at you when it happened? he was calling me to come get him How did it make you feel?awesome

25: sitting in my rocking chair: 6/30/11

26: my 1st | First Fourth of July date: 07/04/2011 Where and how did you celebrate? we hung out with a few friends up town and watched the fireworks Did your baby wear red, white, and blue? nope he wore a green and white striped onesie Did your baby like fireworks, or was the noise scary? he just looked at them

28: playing on the couch: 7/5/11 | watching daddy play video games: 7/22/11 | First laugh date: 07/13/2011 What caused the laugh? tickling him or doing something silly Did you get it on video? sadly no Was it simply the best sound ever? sure was

29: fun in my walker:7/22/11 | 7/25/11

30: me in my house coat: 9/2/11 | yummy juice in my sippy cup: 9/2/11 | First time with babysitter date: 08/04/2011 How did you find your babysitter? his first baby sitter other than family was a friend of my parents Was it hard to leave? no not really i trusted who i was leaving him with How many times did you call to check in? not once, i didnt feel the need to. i knew he was safe | 9/29/11

31: the apple of my eye | 9/29/11 | 10/06/11 | 9/29/11

32: 10/08/2011

34: Play date with Wyatt | 10/15/2011 | First play date date: 10/15/2011 age: 6 months old: Week 4 Who was the play date with? Wyatt foster What happened? they met for the first time Were there any battles over favorite toys? nope | First time crawling date: 10/18/2011 Did your baby crawl to anyone? nope just to a toy that was a little out of reach Did you get it on video? im still trying Do you need to do some additional baby-proofing around the house now? yea

35: Said "dada" date: 10/23/2011 Was your baby looking at you when it happened? he was smiling at his daddy How did it make you feel?great knowing that now he knew three words. hey ma and dada | First time sitting up date: 10/26/2011 How did it happen? he just rolled over one day and found out that he had a butt to sit on Where were you? sitting in front of him Did your baby seem to like the new perspective? i dont think he noticed

36: Gavin's first Halloween | First tooth date: 10/29/2011 Which tooth is it? bottom Has there been lots of drooling? all day long Do you feel or see more teeth coming in? he has two coming at once

37: First Halloween date: 10/31/2011 What was your baby's costume? he was Charlie brown Your costume? Did you take your baby trick-or-treating? yes but we trade the candy he got for baby stuff so he could enjoy the holiday in his own way

38: 11/03/2011

40: Gavin's 1st thanksgiving

41: First Thanksgiving date: 11/24/2011 Where did you celebrate? at my aunts first then at gavins great grandma pearlies Who was there? almost the whole family Did your baby try any Thanksgiving foods? what ever he could grab

43: First Christmas date: 12/25/2011 How did you celebrate? with all sides of the family Did you get a photo of your baby on Santa's lap? wanted too Any favorite presents? his puppy Sadie and his remote-control car

44: Babies are such a nice way to start people. Don Herold | First waved goodbye date: 12/27/2011 Who did your baby wave to? to pa What kind of wave was it - side-to-side with an open hand or one hand opening and closing? he opened and closed his hand palm facing him Were you proud?of coarse it was something new

45: January | First steps date: 01/20/2012 Who saw those first steps? mommy and granny Did they scream? no but we were excited Was your baby walking to anyone?towards mommy

46: Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt | 2/05/12

48: Every baby needs a lap. Henry Robin

49: Park Fun | 2/24/12

51: A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on. Carl Sandburg | Pre-birthday Fun

52: Cut the Cake! | First birthday date: 03/23/2012 Who was at the party? friends and family Was there a favorite present? no not really Did you let your baby dig into the birthday cake? yep he had his own smash cake

53: Make a Wish! | happy birthday Gavin

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