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Brynne Elizabeth, Volume 1

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S: Brynne Elizabeth Russum: Volume 1

BC: Made by Mommy, with love!

FC: Brynne Elizabeth Russum | Volume 1 Birth - 6 Months

1: Mommy and Daddy found out we were expecting you on October 1, 2008. We were both so excited! You were very modest and didn't let us know whether to buy pink or blue. | Love at first sight...

2: Brynne Elizabeth Russum You were born at Easton Memorial Hospital, in Easton, Maryland on June 11, 2009, at 3:29pm. You were 7lbs 14oz and 21.25 inches long.

3: Labor and Delivery On Wednesday June 10,2009, I went to my regular Wednesday check up appointment. I saw Dr. Patrick O'Brien, who thought my blood pressure was too high and it was time to get you out. I was induced around 3:30pm that day and Grandma and Grandpa arrived from New York at ten after midnight. I was in labor for almost 24 hours before you were finally born. Your Daddy was too queasy to watch, so he sat in the corner. After you were delivered, they put you on Mommy's chest, for me to see that I had a little girl. Except for Mommy and Grandma, everybody thought you were a boy!! What a surprise!

5: Your First Day Home! | We came home from the hospital on June 13, 2009. You watched your first Baltimore Oriole's game with Daddy. It looks like you both enjoyed it!

6: Off to see the Doctor!! | Your 2 week well visit was July 1, 2009 at Dr. Langfitt's office. You weighed 9lbs 10oz and were 22 inches long. The nurse practitioner said you acted older than you were because you were lifting your head and looking around so well

7: July 2, 2009

8: Mommy and Daddy gave you your first bath on July 2, 2009. You didn't mind the tub when it was dry, but your first reaction to the water wasn't a good one. You only cried for a few seconds, then decided it wasn't so bad. You weren't too fond of Mommy scrubbing your head but you didn't mind the water over your face! The worst part seemed to be getting out and drying off!!

10: Your First Month! You had so many firsts your first month that you amazed me! Not only did you watch your first Oriole game, you also watched your first NASCAR race with Grandpa, and you sunbathed on the porch with Grandma. Your first doctors appointment was June 15, 2009 and you were already up to 8lbs 4oz! Considering you lost 5oz at the hospital, this was quite the weight gain! While Mommy was pregnant with you, you had the hiccups all the time and you were quite the wiggle worm. Their was no difference outside the womb! You had the hiccups at least once a day and you wiggled so much that you could push yourself across your crib or in circles in your crib if you were on your belly. You loved to lay on the floor and wiggle for a little while, just as long as you could see someone! | 6/13/09 | 6/16/09 | Flowers from Aunt Maria and Uncle Chuck and balloons from Uncle Kris

11: 6/12/09 | 6/30/09 | 6/11/09 | 6/13/09 | 6/12/09 | 6/14/09

12: Your first road trip!!!! When you were 6 weeks old we took a road trip from Maryland to New York so you could meet your family. We left on July 23, 2009, after Daddy got out of work and Mommy had her 6 week check up. You slept most of the trip but you did wake up to let your Daddy know you weren't happy about the slow traffic!



16: On July 25, 2009, Mommy took you in the pool for the first time. You loved it!! You loved it so much that you even kicked your feet. All that swimming must have pooped you out because afterwards you dried off with Daddy and then fell fast asleep! | P | O | 0 | L

17: F | U | N

18: God Bless Brynne Elizabeth

19: You were baptized on July 26, 2009, at St. Paul's Church in Whitesboro, NY. The mass was at 11 and you slept right through it. You didn't even care when Fr. Durant poured water over your head. You woke up the minute mass was over. Mommy and Daddy chose Uncle Kris and Briana to be your Godparents. After your baptism we went to Valentino's for your NY baby shower/ baptism party. You got so many nice things. You were held by so many different people wearing different perfumes and colognes that you certainly smelled unique

20: Your Second Month... | Yay! You're 2 months old now! As a 1 month old you started staying up longer between your naps. While you're awake you like to play with Mommy on the floor, or swing. Your favorite "toy" now is your bouncy seat! You love talking to that lion! In the mornings you love to look up at the ceiling fan in Mommy and Daddy's room. You love ceiling fans! You had such a busy month! You went to New York and loved swimming, you met your extended family in New York, you were baptized and we had a party for you! This month Grandma and Grandpa came down to visit you August 6-10. Grandma and Grandpa skipped going to Watkins Glen to come visit you! You're getting so big so fast! It's so much fun to watch you grow and develop. You have such a wonderful personality already!

21: love | On our trip to New York you met a very special family member. Your Great Grandfather "Papa". You two bonded instantly.

22: LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!! | On August 12, 2009 you reached out and grabbed the lion all by yourself. Mommy was cooking dinner and it was such a surprise to hear the lion's music! You were surprised when you made it make the music all by yourself! Mommy was so proud of you! | 8/12/09

23: . 8/20/09 | Once you grabbed one you had to grab the rest of them!! Sometimes you got mad because you couldn't get your hand off. You were generally happy to hear the noises when you shook them | 8/24/09

24: On August 17, 2009 you had your two month check up. Both Mommy and Daddy took you. You weighed in at a 12lbs 15oz and were 23.5 inches long. You had to have several shots at this appointment. You only cried when the nurse was giving the shots. You went right back to smiling as soon as Mommy picked you up! After your appointment you slept most of the day, waking up only to eat. You were one tired girl! | 2 | Month | Check Up!

26: bath time... | On August 19, 2009, while Mommy was giving you a bath, you reached out and grabbed one of Mommy's coffee cups. You have had your eye on that cup since your very first bath!

27: . | . | . | cute as a button | 8/23/09 | 8/20/09 | Mommy's Little Girl

28: On August 26, 2009, you saw yourself in a little mirror for the first time and smiled. You must have been laughing at your crazy hair! | 8/26/09 | 8/18/09

29: just | being | cute! | 8/21/09 | 8/20/09

30: your third month... | Your third month was an impressive month! As a 2 month old you started staying awake to play with Mommy even longer between naps! You got fussy every night at about 6pm and only wanted to be held by Mommy. You still got the hiccups everyday, but Mommy figured out that you get them most often when you're tired, right before your nap! You gained some control of your crazy hands and you are now grabbing on to everything! You like to hang on to your burp cloth while eating. You had your 2 month well baby visit on August 17th. You gained an impressive amount of weight for a 2 month old and you grew several inches. You were such a good girl for your shots that afterwards Mommy and Daddy took you to the store and bought you some bows for your hair! Your hair was pretty wild and you needed something to tame it!!

31: 8/30/09 | 9/1/09 | 9/6/09 | 9/10/09

32: super happy 3 month old... | 9/14/09 | 9/11/09 | 9/26/09

33: The past month was quite a busy one! The day you turned into a big 3 month old you started sleeping through the night. You would go to bed between 9 and 10 and you wake up at about 8am every morning. Once you started you never turned back! We moved you out of the bassinet at night and into your crib. You already napped in your crib every day so it wasn't too much of a change for you. You still rarely cry but you don't like it when anyone other than Mommy and Daddy holds you. You and your Daddy have really started to bond. You and him cuddle together every night. You fall asleep on Daddy's chest and then Mommy comes in and puts you to bed. It's a nice routine. The weekend of September 26, 2009, Grandma and Grandpa came down and helped us pack up the house and move back to New York. We stayed with Aunt Brenda and Uncle Paul until Daddy found work and we could find a place of our own. | 9/13/09 | Your fourth month...

34: Time flies.... | when you're four months old! | Mommy's busy 4 month old found her feet and got teeth!!! All while keeping the cuteness! | 10/14/09 | 10/25/09

35: so beautiful | While we were at the hospital Theresa and Briana decided they wanted to play stylist and do your hair. Isn't it beautiful! | 10/30/09

36: Your first Halloween!! | We didn't really do much for Halloween but we dressed you up on November 1, 2009 to help lift everyones spirits. It sure did work!

37: You were quite the busy 4 month old!! You turned 4 months old on October 11, 2009. On October 14th you discovered your toes!! On October 24th you got your first tooth and then on the 29th you got another one!!! On October 27th you giggled at Mommy for the first time!! On November 6th, you officially rolled over for the first time, both ways!! You are still such a happy baby! You smile all the time! You love any and all dogs and smile any time you see a dog. Since moving back to New York you've been held most of the time! You now hate to be put down! You've been spoiled by family! We spent the last week of October at the VA hospital in Syracuse. Your Great Grandpa was admitted there and we all wanted to make sure he was happy and comfortable. You were such a mood lifter!! Papa died on October 31, 2009. Which is why we didn't celebrate Halloween with you that day. We dressed you up and brought you over to see family the following day though and you really did make people feel better!! You're the happiest baby I have ever met! | your fifth month...

38: 11/14/09 | 11/20/09 | 12/6/09 | 11/13/09 | 5 months old

39: Your sixth month... You are growing up so fast! This month you learned how to sit up by yourself You are very grabby and you like to grab at everything!! You have also learned how to scream! You love to hear yourself. On December 1, 2009 we moved into our own place. We moved our stuff in on November 22nd. While Mommy and Daddy were doing that, Grandma and Grandpa took you to get your ears pierced! Grandma and Grandpa said that you only cried for a few seconds and you were mainly just mad that your head had to be held still! On November 29th you started belly scooting. You were pretty thrilled to be able to move around. On December 4th you made Mommy the happiest woman alive and you reached for me to pick you up for the first time! On December 6th Grandma and Grandpa bought you a bouncy seat! You were so excited and you loved it! | 12/5/09 | 12/6/09

40: MERRY CHRISTMAS | For Christmas Santa brought you one toy! Stacking rings! You really liked them! Thanks Santa!

41: Family Christmas

42: Family Christmas! Grandma and Grandpa gave you a toy phone! You were so excited, you loved it! Briana and Aunt Maria gave you a beautiful dress. Uncle Matt got you a ball that rolls away from you. You like it but you just don't understand why it keeps moving away! You had a super busy day! Everyone was so glad to see you! After dinner you were so tired that you napped with Briana. After dinner and dessert you had your first teething cookie! What a mess!!!! You loved it!

43: Your First Cookie! | messy | sweet | delicious

44: 12/16/09 | 1/9/10 | 12/24/09 | 12/22/09 | 12/29/09

45: Your seventh month... You were such and amazing 6 month old! You had a wonderful first Christmas! You got so many nice things from so many people who love you! Grandpa thought it was a good idea to let you play under the tree, you seemed to like it! You are such a happy baby! You are still trying to master crawling but you have officially mastered the army crawl! You learned to clap this month, you spent hours in your play pen practicing. You no longer let Mommy rock you to sleep. You like to just lay down and fall asleep on your own. You are a perfect sleeper and an all around perfect baby. | 12/12/09 | 12/22/09

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