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Butlers in Newfoundland

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Butlers in Newfoundland - Page Text Content

S: Butlers in Newfoundland 2014 by Linda Parker Woodward

BC: Dedicated to Newfoundland Mariners who protect its coast in war & give safe harbor in peace.

FC: 2014 | Butlers in Newfoundland

1: BUTLER memories | June 2014 | Newfoundland Motto: QUAERITE PRIME REGNUM DEI (Seek ye first the Kingdom of God)


3: Itinerary June 19-24, 2014

4: Landed 30 minutes late due to heavy fog; cold & about 40 degrees, raining hard in sheets. Barely found the car in the parking lot; pushed the wrong buttons & set off horns, flashing lights & seat got hot. Fog so dense I missed turnoff to Comfort Inn 5 minutes away & ended in airport tarmac zone. Next, a cab driver said to follow him; I did & ended up on Trans Canada 1 superhighway with signs to Gander 300 miles north. Called Comfort Inn from cell & they guided me back by phone. Then they sent a van & driver to find me 2 blocks from the motel as it was down an alley one couldn't see. Harrowing entry but appreciated why our Butler line moved south to Boston! Easy to understand all the shipwrecks in coastal fog.

5: St. Johns

6: St. Johns

8: jellybean row | "St. Johns was laid out by a moose." --Joan Butler

9: Drove to downtown St. Johns to see the famous colored houses, painted so fishermen could find them on return from sea. Stopped at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist (1855, largest in St. Johns) & found myself accidentally in line in a funeral procession for a mile with a Queen's police escort. | Streets change names every few blocks & meander down steep hills; I was always lost mostly. Most names were Irish or royal--Bishop, Queen, Duckworth. Ocean freighters lined the harbor; most serve the oil fields in the Grand Banks, north of NL.

10: icebergs in june

11: National War Memorial Park on Water Street in the harbor with tributes to the Newfoundland & Curly Coated Laborator Retriever dogs & St. John's history. Icebergs visible behind tankers & folks flocking for phos through links in security fence.

12: St. John's memorial park

13: Memorial Park honors early settlers, seamen & soldiers.

14: Panoramic Views of St. Johns--the Great Fires of 1846 & 1892 destroyed most of the historic buildings.

15: Downtown Souvenirs & Heritage Shop

16: The Rooms, Regional Provincial Museum & Archives

17: exhibits | National Flower: Pitcher Plant

18: THE ROOMS WWI Exhibit Honor Roll of Soldiers, Camp Pleasantville Memorabilia & Wind Ship Disasters | HISTORY

20: View of the Narrows from Archive Room | The Rooms | Exhibits record histories of ancient peoples, geology, tectonic uplifts, animal migrations, ship & fishing industries & their disasters. And war. Book by Florrie Snow mentions Butler boys.

21: Butlers are included in the Archive Room; wall maps help researchers pinpoint family sites.

22: ancient man

23: Newfoundland history starts with ancient tribes of hunters & fishers who moved with herds & seasons. Life was hard & short. The first burial mounds were found in Newfoundland.

24: fishing & Hunting

25: View to The Narrows Harbor from The Rooms

26: iceberg quest

27: Booked on the Iceberg Quest boat trip through the Narrows & to see icebergs in the Atlantic Ocean for Day 1 (June 20). Owner gave me priority boarding & was able to get a great deck seat for better photos. Maersk & other tankers lined the harbor; they supply oil field parts for the Great Banks. Cruise ships come to port but were forbidden that week due to the harbor icebergs--the most in many years locals said. It takes 3 years to create an iceberg--they float down Iceberg Alley from Greenland and melt by the end of July. It's a very narrow window to view them. I lucked out & also saw the first Humpback whales. They played Newfie fishing songs featuring fiddle & accordian. The Captain told many funny stories, but also history such as the decoy fort on the rocks in WWII made of old fishing shacks and oil drums painted to look like cannons. The Nazis were deceived & did not attack St. John's harbor.

28: Atlantic Ocean | The Narrows of St. John's

29: I | E | C | ice quest boat tour | Ice Calving

30: icebergs & Humpbacks

31: Cannons on the hill protecting St. Johns; Humpback whales had just returned from Greenland & a baby was playing in the ocean. They weigh 1 ton per foot.

32: Cape Spear Lighthouse | The Narrows | Cape Spear Lighthouse--Easternmost in North America & fort which defeated the Nazis in WWII with decoy cannons; Maersk tanker headed to the Grand Banks with oilfield supplies; black-tipped Gull

34: Baby Humpback Whale footprint

36: Rugged coast near Cape Spear & Signal Hill

38: St. Johns

39: Around St. Johns: Street Musicians, Fish & Chips, Clancy's at Comfort Inn

40: conception bay south Trans-Canada 1

41: Lost in fog again on way to Conception Bay South; took winding coastal route; called cousin Joan Butler (Cyril's wife; he was son of Walter) to guide me in to 11 Uplands Road. A wrong turn & ran across old cemetery with Butlers in it. | Cousin Joan Butler-Botanic Garden Volunteer, Memorial University, St. Johns, NL

42: Joan & Cyril Butler's Home | 13 Uplands Road

43: J | C | & | 13 uplands road conception bay south | Cyril built this house with his own hands. He is buried with war comrades in St. Johns.

44: butler home 11 Uplands Road

45: Susanne Blackmore inherited the old homestead when her father died in 2000; it is across the street from Joan. Her brother Bill shared old memories; he & his wife Joan have a 32-ft. motor yacht & have circumnavigated Newfoundland. She gave me cards & a key fob she found int he attic, 1920 Remington posters, and five old books. Her parents remodeled the house in the 50s. She said it even had servant's quarters. The bathroom was Victoria's bedroom.

46: original butler furniture 1900s & Upstairs sea view

47: Manuals River Hibernia Interpretation Center trip with Cousin Joan, one of 7 children who lost their mom young; she & another sister raised them. She had 4 children of her own. & married Cyril after her husband died. Exhibits explained geologic history.

48: Attic finds at 11 Uplands Road--Victoria's cards to her dad. She married Jack Harmon. A small key tag with initials J. H. Butler was also found. | Susanne Blackmore has lived in the 150-yo Butler house since her birth in 1959; her parents bought it from Harry (Jabez's son who is named Jabez Henry, Jr.) in the mid-50s. In the spring of 2015, it will be torn down & Senior Condos built. She's dancing with her dad, above.

49: 11 Upland Road conception bay south, NL | Original Butler Homestead 150 Years Old Circa 1920s-1940s Left: Gertrude Peet & Eleanor Butler & Jabez Butler | Incorporated in 1973, Conception Bay South consists of nine communities (Topsail, Chamberlains, Manuels, Long Pond, Foxtrap, Kelligrews, Upper Gullies, Lawrence Pond and Seal Cove) all of which follow the coastline of Conception Bay.

50: BUTLERS The Way They Were Photos: Butler Ancestor Mixbook, 2012, Uplands Road area. Right: Grandparents Gertrude Peet & Harold Gear Butler's wedding photo. Married in Boston, July 31, 1912; age 23; res. 168 W. Brookline St., to Lillian G. Peet; age 23; res. St. John's, NF. Children, left: Eleanor Butler Wilkins & Margery Butler Parker. | admirals coastal trail

51: Julia MoyesButler & Jabez Butler | 1922 Flag Day, St. Johns

52: butler cemetery | Overview of cemetery at the Topsail United Methodist Church ("The Church by the Side of the Road"). It features a spectacular view to the sea. The Butlers walked to church many times--nearly 2 miles in Sunday clothes. Bell Island is visible in the far left background. The Butlers are buried in front next to the right side of the church.

53: JABEZ BUTLER 1835-1924. From the collection of Anna Elton Morris, now held by the Centre for Newfoundland Studies (CNS) at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. Anna passed away in 2011 and bequeathed her collection of genealogical material, focussed largely on the Winsor family of Aquaforte, to the CNS. Below : Jabez & John Henry (Harry) Butler & family. | A list from of Butler sites—some are minor: 1.Port Elizabeth Island Upper Cemetery—many Butlers 2.Old United Church---lower cemetery-Flat Islands 3.Avondale 4.Bay Roberts—5 Butlers in a small family plot 5.St. John-s; General Protestant Center—4 graves 6.Bauline United Church, St. John’s East, 8 graves 7.Bonavista-Old Anglican Cemetery—7 graves 8.Topsail Methodist Cemetery, 2426 Topsail Rd (between Monument & Spruce Hill Rds)

54: United Church Cemetery | Butler Graves

55: Butlers: burial beside the sea, forever overlooking Bell Island, at the Topsail United Church. Below: cemetery fence with views to Little Bell & Bell Island.

56: Veteran Graves Honoredwith Flags | Butlers

58: PORT DE GRAVE Butler Beginnings Drove 30 coastal miles to near Port de Grave; small fishing towns, small homes hand built & small forests. Lupine everywhere & tulips in bloom in June. Clancy's dinner of Yorkshire Pudding & Prime Rib superb. Lobster trap garbage containers lined the roads. Maps show overview of Butler Homestead to the ocean, both road & satellite views. Clancy's waitress gave me a going away partridgeberry cheesecake drizzled in chocolate--on the house! | admirals coastal trail

59: Butlers are buried in front right churchyard. Chamberlains Park is across the road from 11 Uplands Road; Butler land extended nearly to the sea. Cyril & Harry inherited what is now 2 sides of the subdivision & both sold their property. This "Harry" is Jabez Henry Butler, Jr.

60: o'briens puffin tour bay bulls, NL

61: Drove the Irish Loop to reach O'Briens boats, south down the coast. Small farms & forests along the way. Cold & windy, but O'Briens had great coffee waiting, Newfie fishing songs playing & souvenirs. | Witless Bay WIldlife Refuge Boat Trip

62: Life Jacket Drill; Guide also Sang Newfie Songs & held a Screeching Ceremony to make a guest an official Newfie. Screech is 40% alcohol/bad rum. You screech when you drink it.

65: humpback whale, eagle, puffins, sea birds

66: seabird nests

67: Witless Bay Ecological Reserve--largest puffin colony in North America (260,000) pairs; 620,000 pairs of Leach's storm petrels; black kittiwakes, gannets & common murres also abound as well as gulls which prey on puffins.

68: 4 islands | Millions of Birds Nesting

70: puffins

76: nests

78: Cod , Crab & Salmon Fishing | Irish Loop | Small fishing village on way back to St. Johns from O'Briens & Witless Bay. At Keith's Diner, had French Fries & Brown Gravy on a cold day & it was fabulous!

80: railroad museum

81: Coastal Railway Museum on Water Street: Extensive History of RR & Ships with Dioramas

82: Railway Museum It's laid out with train tracks--just follow the tracks into history. Very small children were in wonder at the old uniforms & telegraph cabin. The sad stories of ships that were lost are detailed as well as intricate models of the ships. Wonderful replicas/dioramas of life as it was with models & costumes. A pho of the German U boat that sunk the Caribou is also included. An elaborate model train with the Canadian line was in working order--kids were fascinated as it sped past lighthouses and farms. | trains

83: A German U Boat torpedoed the passenger ferry the Caribou in the Gulf of St. Lawrence on Oct. 14, 1942. It sank in 5 minutes; 127 were lost.

85: By 1836, an estimated half the population of Newfoundland was from SE Ireland and SW England.

86: signal hill: Kite Power launches revolution | Signal Hill is 500 million years old, as time goes. But Marconi's signal was broadcast from an antenna rigged to a kite & reached England. If he had only had Facebook, just imagine how many Friends he would have had overnight. Signal Hill shared space with a Fever Hospital also & military garrisons in the wars. The US had 5 based in NL then & still has a presence. Cabot Tower was built later, in the 40s I think. Panoramic views on a sunny day were great & the sightings of the icebergs and view of Cape Spear without being rocked on a boat were great too. George Lake is on the way up; its rocks were covered with sea gulls. When I came down, they all decided to fly away--it was feeding time I think. I had no wi fi for 2 days until I got back to St. J. Imagine that--little fishing villages with no wi fi. This hotel has no password; you just get on-line. Gas station says pump your gas; we'll worry about the CC later. Kids dress somewhere between Hippy & Goth. They'll have red or purple hair and foot tattoos but then a 60s Panama Jack top & Hippy beads.

87: marconi

88: signal hill | Marconi's First Radio Signals, the Letter "S" on Dec. 12, 1901

89: Cabot Tower is at the hill top, a vantage for spotting German U-Boats in WWII. They had women & children march up there to fool the Nazis that soldiers were patrolling the cliffs. It worked.

90: GEOCON science museum

91: Geocon is down the road from Signal Hill, & very easy to visit. | Incredible exhibit at this museum--both of the earth and man's history on his planet, but also of outer space exploration with artifacts. They featured a powerful Titanic exhibit with panels of all the things that went wrong, the iceberg maps, the failed telegraph messages, the insouciance of the Captain--all displayed midst actual ship bells, 1st class table settings, and newspaper headlines of the 1500+ lost. They also had several auditoriums with educational videos playing.

92: Titanic Exhibit | Maiden voyage; struck iceberg 375 miles south of NL on 15 April 1912; over 1500 lost

94: geocon

96: st. johns, Quidi Vidi Village

97: Of Bights & Barnacles & Bells M'Luv, M'Darlin Everywhere I go, people say ""M'Luv" or "M'Darlin'" as casually as drinking a glass of water. It's used ALL THE TIME, as in: "Have you printed your Boarding Pass, M'Luv?" "Would you like to see a menu, M'Darlin'?" or "M'Luv, I would give you directions but they would be clear as mud." Cookbooks feature moose & caribou recipes as well as cod tongue. O, the places you will go & the things you will see, M'Luv!

98: Foods | COMMON FOODS Partridgeberries Turnips Cod Tongues Gravies Savory Seasoning Cabbage Fish & Chips Eggs&Baked Beans Turnips

99: St. John's Sample Menus | Crispy Fried Cod Tongues 15 With scrunchions and citrus tartar House Salad 12 Local mixed greens, candied pecans, crisp applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese, dried cranberries, honey balsamic vinaigrette NL Organic Mussels 13 Garlic, white wine, grilled corn with charred scallion salsa and grilled baguette Spinach Salad 11 Young spinach, sesame seeds, almonds, raspberry red wine vinaigrette Seafood Chowder 9 Cod, salmon, shrimp, dill Seafood Platter 31 Cod tongues, pan seared cod, salmon, shrimp, scallops, butter poached baby potatoes Roasted Rack of Lamb 41 New Zealand spring lamb, Dijon herb rub, honey mint vinaigrette, roasted garlic whipped potatoes Seafood Fettuccine 27 Cod, salmon, black tiger shrimp, peppers, onions, Thai yellow curry honey cream Grilled Atlantic Salmon 29 Chive and dill rub with cucumber salsa and butter poached baby red potatoes Portobello Mushroom Wellington 25 Grilled Portobellos, havarti, baby spinach, phyllo, roasted red pepper purée, garlic mashed potatoes and vegetable gravy | Fish don't have tongues. Cod tongues are a delicacy from the back of the throat of a cod.

100: Harold Macpherson is credited with saving the Newfoundland dog from extinction. He bred both the dogs, as well as Ayrshire cattle at his large country estate, Westerland, on the northern outskirts of St. John’s. He gained an international reputation for his work with breeding Newfoundland dogs and was for a time vice president of Newfoundland Club of America (Newfoundland Dogs). From Macpherson’s work to save the Newfoundland dog breed, to the working dogs that were an integral part of daily life, to petitions to ban all dogs from the island, this exhibit explores the sometimes controversial role of dogs in Newfoundland and Labrador. | the newfie | During the Discovery Channel's second day of coverage of the AKC Eukanuba National Championship on December 3, 2006, anchor Bob Goen reported that Newfoundlands exhibit a very strong propensity to rescue people from water. Goen stated that one Newfoundland alone once aided the rescue of 63 shipwrecked sailors.

101: Iceberg Alley | Iceberg season is short--usually the end of May through July; on-line Iceberg Finder maps help one pinpoint locations. North NL in the Labrador corridor has the most as the above map shows. And, with icebergs, the whales come.

102: When sun rays crown thy pine clad hills, And summer spreads her hand, When silvern voices tune thy rills, We love thee, smiling land. We love thee, we love thee, We love thee, smiling land. When spreads thy cloak of shimmering white, At winter's stern command, Thro' shortened day, and starlit night, We love thee, frozen land. When blinding storm gusts fret thy shore, And wild waves lash thy strand, Thro' spindrift swirl, and tempest roar, We love thee windswept land. | We love thee, we love thee We love thee windswept land. As loved our fathers, so we love, Where once they stood, we stand; Their prayer we raise to Heaven above, God guard thee, Newfoundland God guard thee, God guard thee, God guard thee, Newfoundland. | Ode to Newfoundland

104: butler trees | The Butlers of Ormonde John Butler came of the great Butlers of Ormonde, one of the greatest families in the kingdom of Ireland whose titles included a Dukedom, a Marquisate, four Earldoms and a Barony - the Barony was the problem. Under the pressure of the penal laws, members of each branch of the family were forced to 'conform' to the Protestant religion in order to save the family's property. For example, the famous Catholic family, the Butlers of Kilcash, Thomas Butler, who fought for the Jacobite cause, died in 1738. Whatever difficulties oppressed Catholics during life, special penalties were reserved for them at the passage of their estate to their heirs. Thus, Thomas' son, John, 'conformed' in 1739.

105: Butler Captains & Ships | Key NL Family History Society & Archives at the Public Library (300 pp.+ Bibliography)

106: David Alan Rose's Butler Family Tree | From LIsa Wilkins:1/25/14:" Attached are photos I received from Matthew Smyth, who is a distant cousin of ours (I will have to find the letters he sent as it has been some time since we have corresponded). The one of Isaac Daw(e) is from St. Luke's Anglican Ship Cove in Port De Grave Nfld. The one of the three graves was taken at the U C Cemetery in Topsail, Nfld. The others are John and Susan Butler in Port De Grave, Nfld and Matthew included the writing from the headstone. "

107: family trees | Linda Woodward Tree in Progress 1/14, | Port de Grave photos from cousin Matthew Smyth via Lisa Wilkins ~2004

108: wiki dynasty

110: wiki dynasty | NL area 43,008 Sq. Mi. Coast 7,176 mi. Pop. 550,000

111: Nearly 3 million references for "Butler" on | June Butler Miller Early Butler Research by June Butler Miller. Her husband Ed died in 2013 & she lost her sister Janis on June 10, 2014, age 76. Sisters Judy & Joyce survive. June's help has been invaluable over the years. She has corresponded with many Butlers & traveled to Topsail for advanced research. | Laboradite, precious gem from Newfoundland

112: Thomas Butler 1640-1701 | Left: Large Remington posters found in attic of 11 Uplands Road, 1920 Colliers-Portfolio Cover. A child's drawing of the Lusitania inscribed to Jabez Butler & a portrait of the King were also found. Right: Facebook group on Old Conception Bay memories. | Port de Grave is one of the oldest and historically most successful fishing communities in Canada. Although there is evidence it is much older, its recorded history goes back to 1675, when the main planter in the community was Thomas Butler. In 1675, Thomas was living at Port de Grave with his wife and three sons. He employed 20 servants and owned five boats, 50 cattle and 20 sheep. Thomas is believed to be the grandson of Samuel Butler, who was a member of John Guy’s colony in Cupids Cove, which was settled in 1610. | 2) BUTLERS OF NEWFOUNDLAND Whence did they come? A lot of Butlers were Newfoundlanders. The Rev. A. M. Butler of Ontario tells us that Samuel Butler was among the first immigrants o land with John Guy at Conception Bay in 1610 and that Thomas Butler, who had three sons, was living at Port de Grave in 1675. This Thomas was probably forefather of the James Butler who with his brother, George, was granted a moiety of Little Belle Island, Conception Bay, by Governor Richard Edwards in 1757. James's son, John I, married Jane, nee Giles, and had two sons. John II and Joseph (who is believed to be Rev. A. M. Butler's ancestor). John II by his wife Elizabeth, nee Bulley, was ancestor of Miss Kathleen Brocklebank who in 1956 wrote from The Home of Comfort, Victoria Grove, Southsea, Hants, on behalf of herself and her sister, Miss Florence Ellen Brocklebank: `There is an old Family Bible in the possession of one of our cousins. We have lost touch with him.' Can anyone help to trace the 'cousin' and this Family Bible? Miss Brocklebank's grandfather, James Henry Butler (born c. 1816) used a bookplate which suggested a descent from the Ikerrin branch. Thomas of 1675 may have been the Thomas who was born c. 1640 to James, son of the 1st Viscount Ikerrin (Funeral Entries, 4820, p. 47).-- | Example of a message board discussion--one of thousands

113: Novigating NL | Trails & Loops

114: Butlers

116: Butlers | National Plaid

117: Rev. Melvin Arthur Butler was a Founder of the Butler Society. He wrote a 25-pp. paper on "Butler: One Old Family Name" that resides in The Rooms Archive Room. June Miller met & corresponded with him.

118: Butlers

120: Butlers

122: bell island

124: bell island

125: Guard Newfies Outside Geocon

126: Bell Island

127: Saw Bell Island & Little Bell Island driving to Conception Bay South & from the Topsail United Church cemetery; ferry runs between towns regularly. Dicks is iconic for ferry travelers. | Jabez, John & Esau Butler

128: wreck of the mary

130: butler society

132: butler society

134: Coat of Arms | From Margie Wilkins Collection via Harold Gear Butler

135: 1653 Newfoundland Coat of Arms, Shield & Flag, 10th Canadian Province 1949. Discovered by John Cabot on St. John's (Cabot 500) Day, June 24, 1497

136: history

137: Bibliography In Progress for Research

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